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Amy Tao

1993 出生於台北 曾就讀於國立成功大學政治學系,後因發現對藝術 的熱情與嚮往更勝於此,便休學投入藝術創作中。
雖然沒有學過繪畫,是所謂的“素人”身份;但我發 現藝術之於我似乎是一場永無止盡的自我拉力賽。 能從中不斷學習、自我更新的感覺很好!

My name is Li-ying Tao,I was born in Taipei on 1993, and was study in National Cheng Kung University, major in political science. Afterword I found my own interest in art,
so I dropped-out of National Cheng Kung University and involved myself completely in arts.
I’ve never learn painting before,which we called “ordinary person”. For me, art is a relay race which I race with myself. It’s great to seek constant renewal and growth of myself.

在創作中,我特別關注情感與身體性的面向,尤其當 人在面臨“恐懼”時所呈現的身體姿態都讓我著迷 不已;彷彿我也跟著得到釋放一般。
眼睛凝望遠方、我在獨自一個人時放鬆的表情、抱 著異常腫漲的頭腦獨自蜷縮在角落、充滿障礙的姿 態、頭縮進身體裡、三個人竊竊私語的詭異畫面、 自卑時的自己、依賴時兩人緊緊相擁、惡夢的場景 與纏繞的鎖鏈……。這些畫面是當我面對恐懼身體 所呈現的姿態,或是看到某些人做出某些動作,使 我內心投射出恐懼感。

When I was painting, I felt peaceful and I saw myself glistening. A kind of innate joyful in art support me stand taller, stronger and more confident than ever before.
How emotions are connected to our physical is my primary concern. Especially when I was in fear, my body posture are
fascinating to me, which make me released.
Gazing far away into the distance、how my face looks like when I was alone and relaxed、somebody was huddled up into the corner with his brain swelling、a human in difficult posture 、somebody’s head was folding up in his body、three weird
man was whispering、how my face looks like when I was self- abased、a hug between the two interdependent in roles 、the horror of nightmare and the tangled chain……The images which was my body reactions when I face the fear , or when
I saw somebody acted any movements I projected out my fears.
I expect l can try more art creation about my directions and values in life.
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