Annie Hsiao-wen Wang, VDXIII


This project has been a two-year journey which began when my husband and I moved to Thailand in 2014. Living on the beach, we saw the dire state of our oceans and the extensive level of plastic pollution. Everyday, millions of tons of disposable plastic waste is generated in every corner of the world. Everyday, the remnants of these wastes are washed up on the shores, and into the sea.
It is estimated that 50-80% of sea turtles in the world have ingested plastic, mistaking them for food. These plastic bags fill up their stomachs but do not give them life-sustaining nutrients; and in the end, the turtles die of starvation. Worldwide, six of the seven sea turtles species are now classified as threatened or endangered.

This work is about questioning our disposable culture, and the excessive human consumption of our times.  It is a battle cry for our oceans, and for all the animals of our seas.

Born in Taipei and raised in Australia since 1990, Annie is an inter-disciplinary artist. She is the recipient of several art awards; and has exhibited internationally in cities all over Australia, as well as USA, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Her work has been widely documented in both the Australian and international press. Many of her works are now held in public and private collections around the globe.

This project is proudly supported by One Brown Planet:


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