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Red Room’s mission is to provide a platform for creative expression to the community, to foster inter-generational, cross-cultural expression, to cultivate a culture of listening, to promote values of celebration, acceptance, balance, and to transform lives.


To be an individual member, you must: 

Be registered or working in Taipei City, agree with the Association’s purpose, be 20 years of age or above and have legal capacity, and love the arts. Complete an application form, get approved by the Board of Directors, and pay the admission fee to join.

個人會員: 凡設籍本市或於本市工作,贊同本會宗旨、年滿二十歲有行為能力、愛好藝術者,填具入會申請書,經理事會通過,並繳納入會費後,為個人會員。

To be an organizational member, you must:

Be a private institution or organization of this city which is registered by a government authority, agrees with the Association’s purpose. You must also complete an application form, be approved by the Board of Directors, and pay the admission fee. An Organizational Member shall appoint one person as a representative to exercise its rights.


The signup deadline is September 27, 2017. Click the download links below for the official Call for Members document and the application forms for individuals and organizations.

籌備期間申請入會之截止日期: 即日起至106年9月27日止。請參見本頁附件徵求會員公告個人會員入會申請書團體會員入會申請書

Submit a hard copy of your application with an original signature by mail to Pamir Law Group, 7F No. 214 Dun Hua North Road, Song Shan District Taipei 10546 Taiwan – or deliver it in person to Roma Mehta, who can be reached at keeperofthefaith[@]redroomtaipei[dot]com.

請將入會申請書正本郵寄至帕米爾法律集團10546臺北市松山區敦化北路2147樓,臺北市紅坊文教藝術協會收,或遞送給Roma Mehta (keeperofthefaith[@]redroomtaipei[dot]com)。

Further contact information: 


Kai-An Yu – (02) 55881799.

Roma Mehta, 0933-762-077

Official Call for Members


Individual application form


Organization application form