Rachel Chou, ABTGV

Born in Taiwan, Rachel Chou embraced her artistic ability from a young age. A fan of the outdoors, she enjoyed painting landscapes and murals. After her childhood, Rachel moved to Vancouver, where she studied animation at the Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound. She has freelanced as an illustrator and graphic designer.

Earlier this year, she explored Australia for six months. Since then, she has moved back to Taiwan and is immersing herself in art and music. Rachel thrives on the creativity that life drawing extracts from her. The unpolished figures she captures reflect a raw energy that photography cannot replicate. She also wants to use different media to express her views on society and the environment.

Rachel Chou rachelhchou@yahoo.ca

Ria Yang, ABTGV

Ria Yang

I am a fresh graduate. Passionating in both art and design, I specialize in graphic design and printmaking during schooldays. Creating arts teaches me an artistic way to convey my inner feelings and unique perspectives to the public. While designing graphics trained me an ability to interpreting complex ideas in an original way. I developed the love of pencil sketching and charcoal drawing these years. There is an amazing and colorful world in the black and white picture.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yellow_orange_planet/
Behance: https://www.behance.net/Ria0218

Felicia Rodrigues, ABTGV

Felish is an individual that does not like conformity. Her life is ruled by philosophy and rationality. Through the many twists and negative turns life has taken you, she has always believed that you are in control of your own outlook of life. Instead of caving in to the negative vibes, keep your head up and prove that stars do shine no matter how dark everything may be. She was born in the city of Mississauga, Toronto with a Goan (India) and Trinidadian ethnicity. She’s been an artist at the tender age of 14. Influenced by the surreal style of Salvador Dali. Her works have always been unique and original. Felicia is passionate about personalizing all her work. Her works unite image and color to a symbolic meaning. As individualistic as each person may be her art is a significant meaning to its beholder. Her works can not be categorized or labeled. Felicia’s style is fresh with variety and diversity. She breaks barriers and believes in expanding as an artist.

Felicia Rodrigues <felish.goan@gmail.com>

Tim Joel ABTGV


Tim Joel was born in 1971 in Isleworth, London. His parents, Paul and Judy Joel, are both artists and gallery owners in Cornwall. Growing in an artists’ family, Joel was brought up to appreciate all forms of art.
He graduated from Napier University in Edinburgh in 1999 with a BA with Honors degree in Photography and the moving image. He lived for a while in Germany and became involved with the Stuckists, exhibiting with them in London and in Germany. He then travelled widely, landing first in Thailand and then settling in Taiwan. He has held numerous exhibitions in Europe, Asia and Taiwan.
He is a member of the Association of British Naive Artists.
He published his first book, Poet Painter, in 2005, and was chosen by Discovery Channel to be the subject of a documentary about foreign people who find inspiration in Taiwan.

He admires the work of Ken Howard, David Hockney and Jack VETTRIANO whom he knew when living in Edinburgh.
Tim started drawing at an early age. In 1984 he designed graphics for the Thames television and in 1998 he was an art director in Edinburgh, Scotland.
His life as a full time artist began in the year 2000 while inspired by tropical island life in Thailand. His thirst for art and travel has led him to find the inspiration that is reflected in his works. His subject matter is extremely diverse, from delicate floral still life to bold, vibrant nudes and figurative mythological landscapes.
Tim has been living and working as an artist and art teacher in Taiwan since 2002. Tim paints in his studio, a serene retreat in the mountains of Taiwan’s east coast. Meanwhile he continues to organize exhibitions, art workshops and presentations.
His work is represented by two galleries in the UK and is present in private collections all over the world.

1984 Design the Thames Television graphics for “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole”. London, England.
1998 Art Director, Production Designer for award winning Fuji Scholarship student film “Station”. Edinburgh, Scotland.
2000 Begins oil painting in Koh Samui, Thailand.
2001 Sets up studio with German graffiti artists in Munich, Germany. Organizing various art vernissages, public installations and national TV appearances.
2002 Starts working on a black ink series: “Spirit Drawings”.
2003 First solo exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan: “Where you find yourself”.
2005 Published his first book “Poet Painter”. Launched at the Taiwan International Book Exhibition, World Trade Center – Taipei.
2006 Starts working on oil painted figurative ocean scenes series “City Escape Scapes”.
2007 Established “The Beat Studio” art exhibition space, to help launch the creative paths of other artists.
2003-2010: Numerous exhibitions in Taipei city.
2009 Starts working on the oil painted series “White Lilies on red background”.
2011 40th solo exhibition: “The Vermilion Stories Art Show” in Taitung, Taiwan.
2012 Awarded certificate of excellence from the Taitung Art Museum for the painting “Home in the east”, at the Austronesian International Fine Arts Awards.
2013 Created the 9L House art studio/school and gallery. Began private tuition for local children. Initiated work on the “Spirit Evolution Designs” a series of large format oil paintings.
2014 Established the “East Coast Creative” with a Taiwanese partner. Organizing art shows, presentations and workshops.
2015 Art exhibition “BLUE” at the grand opening of the “Gallery of Arts” exhibition space in Dulan, Taiwan.
2016 Works are chosen for regular collection by The Dulan Art Museum. Opening in the spring of 2020.

Adele Chen ABTGV

Owner at Lady Adelita Art Studio
Newcastle, UK | Taipei, Taiwan | UK B&D studio previous artist | art in synethesia artist | paper rose gifts designer & maker | mobile phone photographer |

Lady_Adelita is a visual artist used to base in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK but now stay in Taiwan for a short period. While her stay in Newcastle, she has been shortlisted on many local exhibitions and also accepted open calls from other European countries. She is interested in making music and color synthesia* works with tangled lines and brushes. By this way she creates an inner dialogue between herself, rhythms and visual paintings. Her inspirations come from all the music genre and worldwide, but she prefer vintage Jazz vocal, indie pop and rock, and heavy metal.

She has many experiences of exhibiting in the UK and Greece, the most recent one is Surprise8 in Earth 44, in Athens. Her music-color synethesia work “Rose-colored glasses” which had been shortlisted for and sold on this exhibition.

Her following works will be paint with local songs, it’s plan proceed with traveling.

*Synesthesia is a combination word from Ancient Greek word σύν syn, “together”, and αἴσθησις aisthēsis, “sensation, it is an idea refers to a sense induct to another sense while the first sense is happening. According to present researches, there can be few different types of synesthesia phenomenon, ex:letter v.s music, music v.s color, touch v.s color, no matter which one happened it’s all been a kind of rare experience.

陳悠嘉 (Sandy) ABTGV

陳悠嘉 (Sandy)







1995年joined Santam Interational Child Art Competition award


My name is Sandy Chen, and I love painting. I started out making images with pencils, color pencils, and charcoal. These satisfied me for a time, but it wasn’t until I discovered oil paints that I felt my creative juices really start flowing. With oil paints, I can put layer upon layer of color. When I paint, all my thoughts and feelings at the time go into the making of the picture—it evolves as I paint it. Each of my paintings, therefore, reflects a different stage of my life.

I love sharing my paintings with the people in my life. Through my works, I can make connections with people that I may not have discovered otherwise.
I hope that when people look at my paintings they will feel touched by them in some way.
I want people to know that painting is not as difficult as it may appear. Should you feel inspired, after looking at my works, to want to pick up a brush, I encourage you to do so. You won’t regret it.

[Designers 設計師介紹 ] Chi Hu

[Designers 設計師介紹 ] Chi Hu
Chi Hu is a native of Taipei, Taiwan, and a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City majored in fashion design. His design work has been sold in the top retailers around the world, including Barneys, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Fashion editorials of his work have been featured in Newsweek, InStyle, GQ, and Departure magazines, as well as in The New York Times and DNR newspapers. He is a past design director for Sanyo NY men’s and women’s collections, and was the design director of FutureTribe. He has been honored for his work with a American Design Award from Lord and Taylor store.

Lai Mei-Chih 賴美智

[Designers 設計師介紹 ]- 賴美智
賴美智Lai mei-chih,服裝設計與天然染色工作者,除量身設計服裝和藍染外也從事服裝製作與天然染色教學,創作多以藍染服飾呈現,工作室位在台中市北區。因緣際會學習織布結緣尤瑪老師,多次合作創新泰雅服飾及裝置藝術,使創作方向拓大了許多,然而素材依然是以天然素材爲主,愛地球要健康為信念。
曾以天然染色的傳統漢服參加全球漢服比賽榮獲獎項, 色舞繞森林之心服裝秀合作3年青少年與童裝服飾設計與旅美設計師之服裝擔任打版師角色。

[ Designer Bio] Lai Mei-Chih
Clothing designer and natural dye artist who not only does bespoke clothing and indigo dyeing, but also teaches classes on clothing design and natural dye usage. Her creations present mostly in blue indigo, and her studio resides in the northern area of Taichung City. Having encountered her teacher Yuma through a cloth-making class, Lai has had the opportunity to expand her direction through collaborations on Atayal clothing and installation art. Still, she stays true to her credo of loving the earth and uses only natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Lai has won awards at the World Han Couture Competition with her naturally dyed traditional Han clothing, and has played the role of pattern maker for the Atayal Sear-Uraw Fashion Show’s teen and child clothing design.