Lai Mei-Chih 賴美智

[Designers 設計師介紹 ]- 賴美智
賴美智Lai mei-chih,服裝設計與天然染色工作者,除量身設計服裝和藍染外也從事服裝製作與天然染色教學,創作多以藍染服飾呈現,工作室位在台中市北區。因緣際會學習織布結緣尤瑪老師,多次合作創新泰雅服飾及裝置藝術,使創作方向拓大了許多,然而素材依然是以天然素材爲主,愛地球要健康為信念。
曾以天然染色的傳統漢服參加全球漢服比賽榮獲獎項, 色舞繞森林之心服裝秀合作3年青少年與童裝服飾設計與旅美設計師之服裝擔任打版師角色。

[ Designer Bio] Lai Mei-Chih
Clothing designer and natural dye artist who not only does bespoke clothing and indigo dyeing, but also teaches classes on clothing design and natural dye usage. Her creations present mostly in blue indigo, and her studio resides in the northern area of Taichung City. Having encountered her teacher Yuma through a cloth-making class, Lai has had the opportunity to expand her direction through collaborations on Atayal clothing and installation art. Still, she stays true to her credo of loving the earth and uses only natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Lai has won awards at the World Han Couture Competition with her naturally dyed traditional Han clothing, and has played the role of pattern maker for the Atayal Sear-Uraw Fashion Show’s teen and child clothing design.


Yuma • Taru 尤瑪.達陸

[ Designers 設計師介紹 ]-尤瑪.達陸 / Yuma. Taru
染織文化研究者 / 藝術家
29 歲時,放棄公務員工作回到部落種植苧麻,深入了解泰雅族的文化與大自然土地的關係,並向族老學習珍貴的文化編織技藝。尤瑪‧達陸試著將這些技巧一一解碼,成立「泰雅織物研究中心 / 野桐工坊」致力於傳統服飾之整理並完成『泰雅八大系統服飾研究論文』,1999年遭遇921地震,連結部落婦女成立『苗栗縣原住民工藝協會』,完成傳統織布技藝訓練,並完成500件傳統服飾重製出版『重現泰雅』一書。

[ Designer Bio ] Yuma • Taru

Dye Culture researcher / artist

“A race against the continuance of our tribe’s life and ways, an effort to preserve the ancient cultures.”

At the age of 29, Yuma quit her job as a bureaucrat and moved back to the tribe to grow ramie plants, learn about the Atayal culture’s relationship with the land, and to learn cultural weaving techniques from the tribe’s elders. Yuma • Taru, in her attempt to decode these techniques, has created the “Lihang Workshop” – which is dedicated to the preservation of traditional clothing – and completed her thesis on “Eight Main Atayal Clothing Systems.” In the wake of the 921 earthquake of 1999, Yuma also gathered the women in the tribe and formed the “Aboriginal Handcrafts Organization of Miaoli,” completed traditional weaving technique training, and created 500 pieces of traditional clothing to compile a book entitled “Atayal Again.”

Since 2010, Yuma has also linked together folk education with dyed and woven handcrafts, creating the “Sear-Uraw Folk Education School” to push child folk education. She hopes to pass on her knowledge and techniques, and hopes that her tribespeople will regain their confidence in their own culture.

Mhi Ji Gi Me 咪基琪米老師

[Designers 設計師介紹 ]- 咪基琪米老師
太魯閣族國寶.國際選美.台灣國服設計師咪基琪米・Golden Intl 國內,國際選美造型/服飾顧問・國服專屬設計師
[ 原美學工坊 ]

[ Designer Bio ] Mhi Ji Gi Me

Truku Tribe national treasure, international competitor, Taiwanese National Clothing designer Mhi Ji Gi Me, Golden Intl Domestic and International pageant stylist/accessories consultant, Specialty Traditional Clothing Designer.

Wear your pride on your person
Express your intention as your intention expresses itself
The Eye of the Ancestor appears on your clothing, that is Aboriginal Culture
“Go with the Eye of the Ancestor, then you can find your root and recognize yourself.”

Seediq Tribes people wear mostly lighter-colored clothing with an Ancestral Eye pattern.
Truku Tribes people wear mostly white clothing that have Ancestral Eye Decorations to symbolize “purity.”
Atayal Clothing are more rich and varied in design, but mostly present with a red base which symbolizes passion, blood, and the life of connection and inheritance, which also wards away evil.

Lata Sita, 8-fest 2017

Lata Sita

LataSita 用一些美好的材料來再製成「零浪費」的衣物。在我們的經典系列中,您會發現經過精心挑選,剪裁和縫合的複古莎麗服(印度傳統服裝),與工廠批量生產的特性完全不同,LataSita 在每件作品中都投入了許多時間,精力和愛。由設計驅使,我們不斷受到新發現之面料的啟發。從高貴的絲綢和錦緞,到區域印度圖案的複雜手工編織,到柔軟和褪色的看似藏著什麼故事的手工棉布,這些與我們一起工作的材質布料都不斷地讓我們驚豔,讓我們感到愉快。

每一件紗麗服都是獨一無二的— 每一件都做的十分不同,你不會發現其他人有跟你一樣的樣式,創造出僅此一件,且具有為小碳足跡的衣物。這些美麗的服裝精神自由,剪裁精細,性感舒適。歡迎任何體型、大小、年齡的人來探索這些設計,帶走我們的這些具有歷史,故事的精美獨特的服裝。

我們所有的衣服都是在高度重視環境和裁縫師的加爾各答工作室所製作。加入這個行動 – 挑一件驚人的LataSita服裝,讓你的衣服成為你喜悅的來源!

LataSita creates zero-waste clothing crafted out of fabulous upcycled materials. In our signature line, you’ll find vintage sarees that are handpicked, cut and stitched in a process that is quite the opposite of factory mass production – one that puts time, effort and a lot of love into each piece. Driven by design, we are constantly inspired by the fabric we find. From rich silks and brocades, to intricately handwoven pieces in regional Indian motifs, to soft and faded handloom cottons that tell a tale, the material we work with amazes and delights us. We can’t get enough of it.

Each saree is unique – making each piece excitingly different so you won’t find yours on anyone else, resulting in a one-of-a-kind garment with a tiny carbon footprint. These gorgeous garments are free in spirit, exquisitely cut, sexy and comfortable. All shapes, sizes and ages are welcome to explore our designs and take away an exquisitely unique piece of fabric, with a history and a story.

All our clothes made with the highest regard for the environment and the tailors in our Calcutta studio. Join the movement – pick up a stunning LataSita garment and let your clothes be a source of joy!


2014年於下田窯向 徐興隆老師與 洪瑩琪老師拜師學陶兩年




1991 Born in Keelung City
2010 Join to the NTU mountain club
2014 Graduated from Department of Biochemical Science and Technology, NTU
2014 Learned potteries from 徐興隆and 洪瑩琪 in 下田窯
2016 Set up 迷你窯

As an adventurer, I go mountain climbing, river tracing, rock climbing. I enjoy doing what I love.

As a beginning of my life adventure after graduating, I chose a much harsher way-a thorny road to my freedom. In the last year of my college, I cast away all my own profession and devoted to a whole different art world. It’s literally like the gamble. Gamble on my dream, Walk through the life without regret and my heart burns again for creation.
Even though, I was once lost, confused, terrified, and even shed tears. Step by step, I lived, savored every difficulty and consumed. I believe that the more frustrated I am, the stronger I will be. Finally, here comes to my first show in this lovely place, not too grand but fragrant. Now it’s the time to create.

Without giving it a shot, there would be no today.






The price of the weeds

There are many unique plants, we cherish them. There are many unknown flowers and grass, we trample on them. In the world of plants, I may be the grass which means nobody. In the human world, I help nobody to be somebody by using pottery. Take nobody to the red carpet of the plant world.

Have you ever been normal and weak? I know a lot of people hesitating to proceed, confused to their lives. In this generation, people give up dreaming and give in to money. Every day I pot, I keep thinking a lot about the philosophy of life. Life is truly hard to manage. When it makes no sense, then look up to the sky. When it happens again, then look at the ground. I am like the weeds in the gap, as the small dust to the world. Nevertheless, with a vase, the weeds can be seen. Turn bad into good. Turn nobody to somebody.

Life is short, at least we were once beautiful. Try to figure out who you are. We are not only nobody and let Nature heal you.

Carol Christie, VDXXIV


A self taught artist, Carol Christie is new to painting having delved into it only in the last 4 years.

Vibrant colour is her inspiration as well as texture. She uses acrylic, charcoal, chalk and oil pastel and collage techniques on paper and canvas.

As well as living in the beautiful and wild East Coast of New Zealand, Carol has travelled to many places in the world and has lived in Asia for more than 12 years – colour, texture, flavour, light and feel all have their influence.

Now living and teaching in Taipei.
Has previously exhibited at Café Vergissmeinicht in 2016.
Whatever will happen next………

Diving Deeper

I discovered the painter in me in the last few years……moving to Taiwan to start another chapter created a space to dive in and go for it

I have always loved colour and have always created …… it gardens, houses, writing, knitting, sewing, drawing and painting with 5 year olds but had never painted for myself

I have made up for lost time experimenting with any materials I can get my hands on – oil, acrylic, collage, pastel, charcoal, paper, canvas – large and small

You can never quite tell what will happen and what the end result will be as each piece has a life and story of its own as it unfolds before you

There is tension and struggle as you try to control the materials but in the end you must surrender to colour, the push and pull and the way it sings

Be bold
Be fierce
Dive in

Charles Haines, VDXXIV

Artist Bio
Charles R. Haines has two spirits that work together in his art. One is the crow spirit that has been part of him for many years. The other spirit is an Indiginous spirit. These two fuse together to give him his creative energy. It is with this energy he creates his art.

Charles creates in many mediums, though these days mostly in acrylic and marker. He has been known to carve wood, work leather and shape iron. His artistic spirits are happiest when he is creating and so he draws everyday.

Artist Statement
The Crow Spirit has awakened.
It stirs inside me and speaks
Drives me to create.
It can not be silenced. It will not stop unless I put brush to canvas, pen to paper, or chisel to wood.
Only then is the spirit satisfied.
My art is a result of this spirit inside me.
I must listen to its call.

Charles Haines

I-Chin Liao, VDXXIII

I-Chin Liao was raised in Taipei, Taiwan. She earned her B.F.A. in fine arts in Tainan Technology University in 2009. In 2013 she had graduated in M.F.A. from Academy of art university, San Francisco. She has studied Chinese ink, watercolor, printmaking, sculpture, curatorial practice, photography and oil painting. Now she is focusing on abstract painting and installation. She is the artist represented by Inno art gallery in 2015.

Throughout her life she has enjoyed traveling in lots of countries. While philosophy and psychology of art inspire I-Chin creative development, her experiences abroad interacting with different cultures, became a new type of inspiration. Combining the two inspirations helps I-Chin understand life in a deeper way through her daily practice of art. She is trying to explore and experiment more ideas to the variety of art forms. I-Chin has participated in exhibitions around Taiwan, United States and Korea. She also has attempted to have experience of artist residency. I-Chin would like to be able to show her work internationally and receive different feedbacks from this world.

I-Chin Liao

Charlie Kim, VDXXIII

Charlie Kim ( S.Korea )
lives in Seoul and Taipei
BOOK published  –  Seeing comes before word
2014 – KENMOS (ITALY) as a photography educator.
SPEKTRE GLASSES  as a photographer.

Kristine Huang, VDXXI