Sound Footprint: Our Trash Remixed

The Red Room’s 8-Year Anniversary was an amalgam of imaginaries. Artistic luminaries gathered to share their creations with a global audience of wanderers, families, kindred spirits and community members. Navigating the rich intersections of painting, music, writing and dance, the Red Room led the way in an explosively inclusive and vibrantly warm festival of experiences.

As one of the participating artists, my partner Jonathan Sherman and I blended together the sounds of trash with environmental awareness. Our goal was to bring to light people’s respective waste footprints, using sound. The concept began with the realization that while you can look away from waste, you can’t turn your ear away from it; you can still hear it, even if you can’t see it, and therefore, you can musically understand your contribution to the waste ecosystem.

To reach this goal, we set up a trash station outside the entrance to the Red Room featuring five different bins composed of multiple categories– plastic, paper, food waste, glass, and landfill. Before people were allowed to “throw” out their waste, they had to make a sound with their rubbish. Crumpling paper, squishing plastic, shaking tea leaves out of a tea pot– many different types of sounds were collected as Jonathan turned on the microphone he designed and caught the sounds. All noises were then looped in an algorithmic-fashion, building the sound of trash via the individual sounds using what was captured.

We did this experiment twice and brought the “trash soundtrack” into the Red Room to stimulate conversation over trash, discuss proper sorting techniques and inspire the kids to sort, recycle, make music, and ultimately reduce of single-waste items.

Our signs for the exhibit were also made from Lovely Taiwan’s recycled materials, a nonprofit organization that collects bins of sorted, cleaned and separated waste for reuse by the public in any shape, way or form.

We are thankful for the opportunity to educate, inform and hopefully inspire using the sound of musical trash in the exhibition
Sound Footprint: Our Trash Remixed.

Lillygol Sedaghat
Storyteller, Fulbright – National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship
University of California, Berkeley | Political Economy, 2014

Reviews of The Essence, Charity Art event, June 2017

Charity event 060417

Photos from the charity art event can be viewed above.
A great event enjoyed by all who came, painted, and viewed the work.

今天有很多自閉症的朋友來到畫展現場一起在畫布上留下了屬於自己的獨特記號還有可愛的學員們在台上唱歌表演超級盡興能與學員們再次同樂看到他們開心大笑的樣子主辦人、社工與志工們、還有自閉症朋友們的家長都非常的感動每一個人都用力的幫大孩子們大聲鼓掌鼓勵他們一起到台上作畫與互動。好欣慰現在這個社會其實一點都不冷漠因為你我的愛與關懷自從昨天開幕大成功開始世界變得不ㄧ樣了。 -from Ting Hsu


今天有很多自閉症的朋友來到畫展現場一起在畫布上留下了屬於自己的獨特記號還有可愛的學員們在台上唱歌表演超級盡興能與學員們再次同樂看到他們開心大笑的樣子主辦人、社工與志工們、還有自閉症朋友們的家長都非常的感動每一個人都用力的幫大孩子們大聲鼓掌鼓勵他們一起到台上作畫與互動。好欣慰現在這個社會其實一點都不冷漠因為你我的愛與關懷自從昨天開幕大成功開始世界變得不ㄧ樣了。 -from Ting Hsu

這次到自閉症基金會陪他們畫畫覺得幸福的是自己。由於是第一次與他們近距離相處一開始其實很不知所措但後來在陪他們畫畫的過程中從他們選顏色的喜好、畫畫的步驟、中斷的頻率偷偷慢慢認識他們能感受到雖然他們都在自閉症基金會上課但每一位都跟我們一樣這麽獨一無二。身為一個設計工作者能夠參與到這樣的藝術志工活動真的覺得收獲很多對於往後要進修設計的我也有了更多面向的思考。很謝謝這次的設計師主辦的這場活動讓我能夠有這樣的體驗與學習也因為看到這麼多人參與這樣的活動讓我覺得心真的暖暖呀。-from Manping Chen

在這個公益活動進行之前 其實我滿心的緊張 沒有和特殊的小朋友相處過 心理頻頻擔心著自己該如何與他們溝通以及互動
由於本身比較容易缺乏耐性 更是讓我在參加志工前與Eva Lo 聊了一下自己的擔憂
到活動現場 已經漸漸感受到基金會是個很有愛的地方
志工們一起布置現場 準備好畫具 在活動進行時 也看到了許多情況不同的小朋友們 雖然他們缺乏大部分人所擁有的 但是他們卻擁有大部分人所缺乏的- 那份純潔的心 簡單的心 尚未受世俗所感染的內在美。
與其說是我們對這些小朋友付出的愛 倒不如說 其實是我們去感受他們所擁有的那份心
看到他們做完的成品 發現每個小朋友都很有藝術天分 也能從作品中看出每個人不同的個性
雖然 他們可能沒辦法讓你了解他們所想要說的 或是想要做的
但是從創作過程中 卻可以感受到他們內心的感受
這次的活動真的很美滿 很簡單的 就是一個從愛出發的想法
其實 簡單 就是生活最大的美學之一。
這次的畫展也將展出小朋友們創作的作品 希望大家能夠來一起感受他們那份單純的愛
-from Audrey Chen


I want to stay in this dream forever, June 2017

What is Red Room?
Red Room Guidebook Vol.1 is an new illustrated book that captures the journey of Red Room and tells the story of who and what we are.





Red Room Guidebook Vol.1 is an new illustrated book that captures the journey of Red Room and tells the story of who and what we are.

Imagine yourself in a dream: Beautiful, massive deep-red doors right in front of you. Would you be curious enough to turn the door knob or would you rather stand in front of the door, waiting for someone to open them for you?

I see my life as a dream or moving pictures in the cinema. Sometimes, I enjoy the moments of my dream so much that I would love to just live in that dream.
When I wake up, I always note to myself, “I want to stay in this dream forever.”

The Red Room experience is like a beautiful dream to me. Within the physical space, there are many corners or surfaces from which to where see and observe. You also need to feel with your heart and to knock on the doors with your ears. Otherwise, it will be like any ordinary red door to you.

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Inspirations 創意發想 | Ayesha Mehta
Organisation 策劃 | Manav Mehta
Design 設計 | Roma Mehta
Illustration 插畫 | Grace Hsu

Red Room Guidebook Vol.1

by Grace Hsu