Charles Haines, VDXXIV

Artist Bio
Charles R. Haines has two spirits that work together in his art. One is the crow spirit that has been part of him for many years. The other spirit is an Indiginous spirit. These two fuse together to give him his creative energy. It is with this energy he creates his art.

Charles creates in many mediums, though these days mostly in acrylic and marker. He has been known to carve wood, work leather and shape iron. His artistic spirits are happiest when he is creating and so he draws everyday.

Artist Statement
The Crow Spirit has awakened.
It stirs inside me and speaks
Drives me to create.
It can not be silenced. It will not stop unless I put brush to canvas, pen to paper, or chisel to wood.
Only then is the spirit satisfied.
My art is a result of this spirit inside me.
I must listen to its call.

Charles Haines

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