Charles Haines, VDI

Charles R. Haines is a Canadian artist who lives in Taiwan. He graduated from McMaster University in 2000. He is interested in crows and crow behaviour

“ It fascinates me that no matter where you are in the world, there is such a strong reaction to crows. Somone always has a story to tell about them.”  Says Charles.

Artist’s Statement:

All through my life I have been drawn to Indigenous art and culture. My fascination with crows came a little later. When I was very young I learned that my sister was part Native, I did not know at that time the influence this was going to have on me. Through her I learned many things.
Also when I was young, some of my earliest memories are of the masks, totem poles and paintings that were housed in the McMichael Collection. This wonderful art gallery was only a hop skip and climb over a fence away. There was not a day that went by you could not find me playing on the vast grounds of the McMichael museum or inside looking at the wonderful native art. Forests and meadows surround the museum. There is not a place I can call to mind that is closer to nature. I am influenced by the Indigenous art of North America and also the Indigenous culture of Taiwan. As an artist I do not want to copy, though a reference is ok. To me these influences are the air under my wings. It is my energy and the way I use these influences that keep me flying. I hope that when you look at my work you see these influences as well my hand and my eye, Thank you for your attention. I hope that you enjoy the show.

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