Roma Mehta, VDX


I grew up in Calcutta, a densely populated city where the entire spectrum of human experience was in plain sight everywhere you looked. From a very early age i found joy in art and painted every chance i got. It was a way to connect with my inner self and provided an escape from the sadness and misery around me. I could not fix what i saw, but i could create something beautiful.

I decided to study graphic design in college so that i could ensure a living while continuing to paint in my free time. Art and design merged as the years went by and became a way of seeing and understanding the world around me.

My art is a collection of episodes that afford glimpses into moments of clarity and have been essential in my journey.

Portraits, lines and shapes, energy, colours, all blend and become the lens through which I see the world. Art gives me the insights I need to understanding the world I have chosen to live in. India remains the vibrant inspiration, the chaos of my soul and my palette. It disturbs my senses and calls me to become involved. Taiwan brings order to the chaos of things beyond my control. Helps me linger longer in the creative space.

with the first brush stroke

the canvas becomes the master

and leads me through a spirit journey.

i remain receptive as thoughts unscramble and a story unfolds on a living canvas.

inspired by the energy of india,

the spirit of taiwan,

the beauty of our planet,

the embrace of its people.

Artist Bio:

Roma Mehta is originally from India. A graphic designer, an artist, and a committed community member, she has made Taiwan her home since 1987.

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