17 September 2017, 我們 WO.MEN, Visual Dialogues XXI

Visual Dialogues XXI
Opening Sunday, September 17 at 3-6 pm

Visual Dialogues XXI – 我們 WO.MEN
Outer Beauty Is Inner Beauty Made Visible

Show runs September 17 2017 to October 7 2017

Artist Talk & Screening: 17 September 2017
 Featuring: Kristine Huang / Pragya Borar

Kristine and I (Pragya) are good friends, artists and believers of Girl Power!
We are putting up an art exhibition to express the inner and outer depths of being a women. We strongly believe in embracing the real you from within. And that Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. First you love from within, then you can love the world!

We Love it when Women Love themselves!
We Love It when Women are learning to love themselves!
We Love it when women inspire other women to love themselves!

Through our art we hope to inspire women to embrace their real inner selves.

Kristine’s work portraits woman’s inner struggle and desire, also these paintings are her life diary, record of her own growth.
Pragya’s work tries to do justice to the fact that as a women we need to embrace our rawness openly and try not to constrain ourselves in the box.

Also we both believe the way you can get meaning in your life is to devote yourself in loving and helping others as much as you can. In the present time of massive humanitarian crisis both of us have decided to create a compassionate ripple in the world of half-asleep people through our soulful art to help fellow Syrians in their journey towards happy and peaceful future.
**60% of the money collected this exhibition will be donated to White Helmets.

“ 在創作時, 有時候我會莫名落淚, 有時候我會莫名開心, 我這才明白原來繪畫是一段尋找自我的旅程….”
Kristine 在20幅畫中, 探索女人內心的掙扎與慾望, 卻也同時發掘這些畫便是她人生的日記, 記錄著她的成長。Pragya 試著透過她的作品,鼓勵女人勇敢懷抱與接受自己的黑暗面,並努力跨出侷限自我的框架。
台灣女畫家Kristine Huang 和印度女畫家Pragya Borar共同描繪出她們所定義的”女人與自我”兩位藝術家用年輕女性的視角不但訴說著自己的故事, 其實更道出了我們的故事。
兩位藝術家用年輕女性的視角不但訴說著自己的故事, 其實更道出了我們的故事。

Charity: White Helmets

Show runs from 9/17 – 9/ 2017
Red Room Gallery Hours 2 pm to 6 pm Tuesday to Friday 
or by appointment <>

Artists bios here Pragya Borar  Kristine Huang

Visual Dialogues 藝術對畫
between people, spaces and ideas
Artists from different cultures are featured in a monthly art show at the Red Room International Village, opening on the first Sunday of each month.

2 Sept 2017, Tribe Against Machine 紅房展覽

Sep 2 at 4 PM to Sep 15 at 6 PM

Tribe Against Machine e-Textile Summer Camp Taiwan 2017

這個國際工作坊是受e-Textile Summer Camp:一個歐洲電子織品的藝術家交流平臺的啟發,所發起的一個新策劃,本次亦邀請其中的多位藝術家參與這次與泰雅文化合作的Taiwan Camp。

This event aims to be an annual international 10-days e-textile workshop taking place within an Atayal community in Miao-Li, Taiwan. We are inviting e-textile artists, media artists, anthropologists, engineers, and tribe culture researchers to join in a dialog between technology and tradition. “The light from the lost past is being gazed upon once again and is expected to serve the future in dark.” The term machine was used in the 60’s as a synonym for the technology-driven future, whereas a tribe is a distinct, self-sufficient group that has yet to be integrated into the national society. “Tribe Against Machine” hopes for tribal communities and villages in remote areas to turn towards discussion about how future and traditions can help repair each other, and also aims to create a networking environment among these fading culture groups as an alternative to the furthering use of future technologies in society that will in the end only serve capitalism.
Selected artists will be paired into 4 groups and will be given a frame for discussion to proceed a 10-day long collaboration with Atayal traditional textile artists, using e-textile as the medium for collaboration.
This event is inspired by e-Textile Summer Camp which is an European artist platform created to share knowledge of e-textile. This year, we have invited several artists from the Summer Camp to join this Taiwan Camp to collaborate with Atayal culture.

Afroditi Psarra (Greece)
Audrey Briot (France)
Aniela Hoitink (Netherlands)
Claire Williams (France)
Luis Rodil-Fernández (Spain)
Jimi Mased (Australia)
Johnathan Reus (Netherlands)
Martin De Bie (France)
Mika Satomi (Japan)
Nukeme (Japan)
MolMol Kuo (Taiwan)
Shih Wei Chieh (Taiwan)
Tincuta Heinzel (Romania)
Ricardo O’Nascimento (Netherlands)
Yuma Taru and Lihang Workshop (Taiwan)

organised by 施惟捷 / Shih Wei Chieh

Pragya Borar, VDXXI


Pragya is a self-taught mixed media artist. She started playing with colors at the age of 5. Art is symphony of her life and her self expression. Through her art she likes to discover her boundless inner creativity and passion, as she constantly strives to communicate her inner self through it.


Pragya’s current work of art on watercolor paper and canvas is about women and nature. It focuses on the journey of being a woman and how everything about nature inspires her to keep doing what she loves.

She believes women need to be themselves in all the phases of life irrespective of what they are asked to be. They should embrace their imperfection because it makes them who they are.

Through her art, Pragya has tried to push herself to explore new boundaries. She hopes to inspire people to pursue their passion. Magic happens when you don’t give up even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.

Reviews of The Essence, Charity Art event, June 2017

Charity event 060417

Photos from the charity art event can be viewed above.
A great event enjoyed by all who came, painted, and viewed the work.

今天有很多自閉症的朋友來到畫展現場一起在畫布上留下了屬於自己的獨特記號還有可愛的學員們在台上唱歌表演超級盡興能與學員們再次同樂看到他們開心大笑的樣子主辦人、社工與志工們、還有自閉症朋友們的家長都非常的感動每一個人都用力的幫大孩子們大聲鼓掌鼓勵他們一起到台上作畫與互動。好欣慰現在這個社會其實一點都不冷漠因為你我的愛與關懷自從昨天開幕大成功開始世界變得不ㄧ樣了。 -from Ting Hsu


今天有很多自閉症的朋友來到畫展現場一起在畫布上留下了屬於自己的獨特記號還有可愛的學員們在台上唱歌表演超級盡興能與學員們再次同樂看到他們開心大笑的樣子主辦人、社工與志工們、還有自閉症朋友們的家長都非常的感動每一個人都用力的幫大孩子們大聲鼓掌鼓勵他們一起到台上作畫與互動。好欣慰現在這個社會其實一點都不冷漠因為你我的愛與關懷自從昨天開幕大成功開始世界變得不ㄧ樣了。 -from Ting Hsu

這次到自閉症基金會陪他們畫畫覺得幸福的是自己。由於是第一次與他們近距離相處一開始其實很不知所措但後來在陪他們畫畫的過程中從他們選顏色的喜好、畫畫的步驟、中斷的頻率偷偷慢慢認識他們能感受到雖然他們都在自閉症基金會上課但每一位都跟我們一樣這麽獨一無二。身為一個設計工作者能夠參與到這樣的藝術志工活動真的覺得收獲很多對於往後要進修設計的我也有了更多面向的思考。很謝謝這次的設計師主辦的這場活動讓我能夠有這樣的體驗與學習也因為看到這麼多人參與這樣的活動讓我覺得心真的暖暖呀。-from Manping Chen

在這個公益活動進行之前 其實我滿心的緊張 沒有和特殊的小朋友相處過 心理頻頻擔心著自己該如何與他們溝通以及互動
由於本身比較容易缺乏耐性 更是讓我在參加志工前與Eva Lo 聊了一下自己的擔憂
到活動現場 已經漸漸感受到基金會是個很有愛的地方
志工們一起布置現場 準備好畫具 在活動進行時 也看到了許多情況不同的小朋友們 雖然他們缺乏大部分人所擁有的 但是他們卻擁有大部分人所缺乏的- 那份純潔的心 簡單的心 尚未受世俗所感染的內在美。
與其說是我們對這些小朋友付出的愛 倒不如說 其實是我們去感受他們所擁有的那份心
看到他們做完的成品 發現每個小朋友都很有藝術天分 也能從作品中看出每個人不同的個性
雖然 他們可能沒辦法讓你了解他們所想要說的 或是想要做的
但是從創作過程中 卻可以感受到他們內心的感受
這次的活動真的很美滿 很簡單的 就是一個從愛出發的想法
其實 簡單 就是生活最大的美學之一。
這次的畫展也將展出小朋友們創作的作品 希望大家能夠來一起感受他們那份單純的愛
-from Audrey Chen


Russ Ronat, VD XIX


Russ Ronat is a multimedia artist and printmaker, a self-taught artist currently living and working in Taipei, Taiwan. He is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been a resident artist at galleries in Los Angeles, CA and Miami, Fl.

Artist Statement:

His current work of large drawings on paper is titled “Endangered”. He has been drawing the animals on the World Wildlife Fund endangered list. These works are not a detailed illustration of these animals but rather aim to capture the raw beauty, impermanence and fragility of each subject. There is a sense of the animals spirit and movement in each drawing. The work is created in many marks and layers and evokes mystery and transience within each image. These large drawings bring attention to deforestation, the illegal wildlife trade and the other threats that these species face.
Also included with this work are select portraits, created with similar attention to heavily worked mark making and careful looking. All of the artists work shows a commitment to drawing and letting the ink, paint and charcoal of the drawing speak. These latest drawings bring into focus the fleeting nature of all experience.

Artist Russ Ronat layers charcoal, ink, oil, pencil, pastels, and watercolor in his series titled Endangered. Each large drawing captures the raw beauty and vulnerability of the selected endangered species.

Read more about his exhibit at the Red Room Visual Dialogues.

Russ Ronat Facebook

7 June 2017, Status/狀態 Visual Dialogues XVIII

Show runs 7 June – 30 June.
Closing Party Wednesday, 28 June, 7pm – 10pm


當下-Eva :「在我創作時的每一個當下的體驗和感受,都是非常真實。隨心所欲的表達當下的體驗與情感,在過程中進而得到一種昇華的平靜,靈魂的自在表現。」



Belong to these three girls with,
The three different state of mind.
Three expressions.
Three states.
“Lust Status”, “Now Status”, “Mental Status”

Interpreting the feeling and the benefit from creation of art individually, See through the delicate NOW status just like Morse code lay down in the painting.
Artist would love to invite audience to observe the painting through heart, use heart to decode it. To feel and to explore every status of the painting and every emotion of the artists’ mind.

“Now Status”
Artist – Eva Lo

“While I am in creating process, every moment and every experience are feel real to me. During expression the present moment of feeling and emotion through painting process, it elevate me to a serenity and truly freedom of soul.”

“Lust Status”
Artist – Lizzy Chiu

“Watch them unfold their body and the pleasure looks in from of me that never happened before. I can feel the lust were flowing between every sensory nervous. It drive me to immerse with the people relationship in the painting.
A litle bit of hopelessly obsess with that feeling.
A litle bit of melt into the moment without ego.
Just like the tangle of rational and emotional which I’m enjoy with.”

“Mental Status”
Artist – Amy

“My mental status is trying to illustrate the inner state of fear of mankind detailed. Trying to eliminate the anxiety in my mind. Just sit there quietly to feel the emotion flows. Or to feel the desperate of there is no way out, or stuck by the numbness even though trapped in the nightmare…
All of this thing that we are ignore frequently but profoundly impact our inner status, are those most realistic and precious.”
Visual Dialogues 藝術對畫
between people, spaces and ideas
Two artists from different cultures are featured in an art show at the Red Room, opening on the first Sunday of each month.


Yu Horng
Visual Dialogues XVII


YU HORNG借著用油畫媒材描繪空間的每個視角與錯位,讓整個畫面填滿,產生一種視覺上的錯視。Space- Misplaced今年來到第三次,揮別過去鮮豔強烈的色彩,想給觀畫者比較輕鬆,舒服的色調,也不像以往會對畫作不斷進行修飾,這次每張畫都是直接下筆完成。從過去的作品到現在的作品可以很自然地看出畫者心境上的不同,想繼續藉著空間這樣的主題,呈現畫者每個階段的改變與成長。

Yu Horng 洪妤




Places in memories, every perspective noticed in life, through the continuous collage and reorganizing of countless pieces of images to pursue my own color and express my own mental space.
YU HORNG uses oil painting to draw every angle and distortion of space, so that the whole picture is filled, resulting in an optical illusion. Space-Misplaced has shown three times and this fourth time is not bright colors as used in the past. Yu wants to give viewers a more quiet and muted tone. The last three times she continuously revised her work and this time she has not done any revisions. The difference between her past work and the more recent ones is very apparent, and she is really eager to continue showing the changes and growth in each stage of herself through the theme of space.


2010 BENQ 真善美獎 獲獎者
2013 三月 Pipe 是岸活動現場創作
2013 三月 槩藝廊〈時空錯置〉個展
2013 八月 與服裝品牌Zspira.L設計師合作畫
2014 一月 能盛興工廠 開幕聯展
2014 三月 文水藝廊〈置錯空時之二〉個展



Visual Dialogues XVII

Jessie will be showing her work at the May edition of Visual Dialogues at the Red Room.


也就是有著這樣一顆逼著自己上梁山的決心,義無反顧的進入了服裝的領域,當停下來回想那最初認真三年級的我 帶著那樣的初心 繼續努力吧
因為我就是美的化身啊 !!!

15年入選實踐大學畢業動態展演時裝組,而15年年底亦獲選紡拓會時裝設計新人獎Taiwan Fashion Design Award 決賽15強最後入圍者之一。

“Because i am the embodiment of beauty!”, Jessie
When I understood that art is a personal expression for perfection, I realized that i have a strong desire to use art as a medium to bring beauty to the world.

After graduating from high school at seventeen, I began to study the women’s clothing manufacturing skills, while at the same time learning artistic creation with my sister.

“I think the best way for me to convey the beauty of things is through a person’s clothing. The clothes we wear are like a self-introduction, as each person’s own heart and mind both show their difference in their choice of dressing,” says Jessie.

2014 實踐大學服裝動態展演 時裝組 入圍
2014 上海國際服裝文化節環東華時尚周 系列作品 動態展演
2015 實踐大學畢業動態展演 時裝組 入圍
2015 北京服裝學院畢業生作品聯展 系列作品 動態展演
2015 紡拓會時裝設計新人獎Taiwan Fashion Design Award 入圍

11 March 2017 Visual Dialogues XVI, Celebrate Women

Visual Dialogues XVI, Celebrate Women
An art show about women. March 11 – April 1 2017
Opening March 11 2017 at 6 PM to 9 PM

Calling for Art: March 4th, 2pm-6pm.
March 11th, 11:00am
Opening: March 11th 6:00pm.

In Celebration of International Women’s Day Red Room with hold a day of activities March 11th. Attendees are encouraged to bring their art work and photographs to share and install in the show on the 11th.

If you would like to be part of the show but will NOT be attending the March 11th Day, you can bring your art into Red Room on March 4th, 2pm-6pm. Please then join us for the opening at 6:00 pm on the 11th. If you have questions please ask in the comments below.


26 February 2017, 紅房藝術工作室 「9」Red Room Open Studio [Vol.9]

紅房藝術工作室 「9」Red Room Open Studio [Vol.9] Sunday, February 26 at 2 PM – 5 PM

Red Room presents the ninth of our Sunday Afternoon Open Studio series!!

Welcome all:
Writers, poets, photographers, painters, sculptors, comedians, filmmakers, juggler, musicians, songwriters, dancers, designers. All artists and creatives welcome! Develop and play with ideas, or utilize this opportunity for second opinions on your work in progresses.

If you won’t be working on something and just want to hangout, please feel free! But we would like to remind you to respect those practicing/working on their art form.


This is a free event – for you, by you. Which means that the bar and cash register will be closed – so please bring some beverages and snacks to share. Sharing is caring!

Please inbox us to ask if you are uncertain about how appropriate the art form/materials you’d be bringing would be suitable for the shared space. Of course, power tools are discouraged (safety + noise), and fire is not allowed on the premises (sorry, metal-workers!).

Hope to see you there!
Love, Red Room






- 繪畫塗色 (材料提供)


這是一個免費的活動 。酒吧和收銀機將被關閉 – 所以,請帶些飲料和小吃分享。共享是關懷!



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