Red Cliff performs on 11.15.14

Red Cliff will be performing at the Red Room 5th Anniversary celebration on the 15th of November 2014.

Time: 3:30pm – 6:00 pm Music Bands Performance

Venue: 華山文創園區,中館3-1 Huashan Creative Park, Zhong Guan 3-1 (Above LibLab Library)

The Red Cliff is an acoustic Anglo-American trio currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Singers/songwriters/guitarists Mark Darvill and Caleb Cole met in the cruel harsh winter of 2009 and have been performing in and around Taipei on and off since early 2010. After a long time spent feeling that their sound was missing something, the duo recently recruited the drumming services of Moshe Foster. The result is an at times melodic, at times frenetic blend of folk and rock. Audiences have been known to leave shows feeling satisfied, contemplative or just downright good. One thing’s for sure, you will leave knowing you’ve just watched a band… or sometimes maybe not, because sometimes there’s only two of them.

Band members:

Mark Darvill: guitar/bass/vocals
Caleb Cole: guitar/bass/vocals
Moshe Foster: drums

Links to a few vidoes:

‘red room, all grown-up’…Apelles Johnson

aside-banner-webAside was a new experience to me. I feel as though I am a regular red roomer, but aside felt different. Before the show started, one woman described Aside as “red room, all grown-up”. I wrestled with this definition for some time. I hated the idea of Aside being the “high end” red room, or the red room for “us”. This mentality was what I had searched a long time to escape, and I found an escape from this in Red Room’s personability. I didn’t like the idea of it being a separate event where only the high-end people were invited.

But then the shows started. And Red Room did not let me down.

Aside soon showed itself to be a space where people were pushed to engage yet it was not the engagement of the usual stage time and wine. Manav was insistent on people speaking with the performers, and some of the more regular red-roomers egged the questions along. It then becomes a marvelous space for people to feel comfortable with “performers” and humanized us in a way that breaks down the barriers between the stage and the audience. It allowed me to be seen as a poet and then offered an opportunity to talk with a poet. And a black poet no less. If stage time and wine is like high school, then Aside is like college. Its a place where you are in the room with a professional and allowed to learn from their experiences as you build your own future. This, I discovered, is what was meant by the saying “red room, all grown-up.”

Apelles Johnson

Daniel Black, June 2014


The smoke filled room was dimly lit by hanging paper lanterns.

I had a tough time dealing with the smoke only cause it would periodically rise from my own cigarette and hover over my eyes, causing a slight sting but nothing unbearable.

She looked on across from me. Worrying thoughts flitting across her eyes. I could see her preoccupation with a thought. It was written in the way the emerald green of her eyes shone in the candle light .

The waiter appeared with our drinks. He placed them in the center of the table and moved back through the fog to service another couple.

I looked on as I reached for my drink.

The brisk smell of twelve year old Japanese whiskey filled my nostrils as I went about bringing the cup to my lips.

She stared at me for a moment. The tension building as I waited. We had spent the better part of the night talking about life, books we’ve read, places we’ve been and things we wanted to do.

I could feel the ebb and flow of our interaction, and now we were at a very pivotal point. All because of a question.

“ How are you really feeling?

She blushed slightly as the words left my mouth. I could see that she had anticipated my inquiry.

The cherry of her cigarette lit up as she inhaled deep. Biding her time to either make up a lie or to gauge if I was asking honestly.

I was.

“ Daniel, I –

The faint crack of her voice was noticeable. Her eyes became wrapped in a light film. Either because of the smoke or the truth of the statement that was about to leave her lips.

“ I’ve been so lonely since I’ve been here. I think the most alone I’ve ever felt”

She took another drag. The ash building up on the end. She tapped it lightly on the edge of the ashtray. It fell amongst the rest. I could also see that it wasn’t just the weight of the ash that had been lifted.

She breathed out the smoke, it billowed over our heads as I sipped on my whiskey. The red light fixtures adding to the confessional ambiance in our corner of the lounge.

“ Such a beautiful woman, how could you be lonely?

She laughed at the remark. The remaining smoke escaping in her laughter.

“ The men I’ve met want me for my body”

And a body she had.

5’11” with dirty blond hair that down over her tanned skin. A frame that insisted on recognition regardless of what she wore. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that a portion of my intrigue was to see what her dress was hiding.

But believe it or not my penis doesn’t do all the thinking.

“ I just don’t want to feel this way”

She extinguished her cigarette. The small wisps of smoke rising up.

She looked me square in the eye,

“ I was thinking maybe…

I caught on immediately but I hesistated so as to not ruin the moment.

We go back to my place and finish this conversation over a bottle of wine?

She smiled. So did I .



The lavish marble designed with patterns that weaved in and out of each other. I stood in the hallway. Mesmerized by it. The wall lamps that shone with such a brightness that made sure to light the decadent nature of the place I was standing in.

“ How had I gotten here? ”

The questioned echoed in my head as I tried to keep my vision from swimming.

The champagne glass in my hand was no bordering on half empty. Although I’m a glass half full kind of guy I’m not unrealistic.

I walked down the hallway admiring the décor. The noise of the party in the distance quietly grazed my ear drums.

The gold curtains covered the windows. I touched them to feel the soft texture and to make out the subtle designs.

As I reached the end of the hallway and the bottom of my glass I looked around and saw a figure standing to my left.

I couldn’t make out a face. My vision started taking a dive in the deep end my champagne filled pool.

I grasped onto one of the tables next to me. Barely maintaining my balance. The sound of the champagne flute shattering next to me echoed in the corridor.

The person was saying something, I couldn’t quite make it out. I focused as hard as I could. Finally being able to make out a few words I heard

“ Not yet, You’re not ready for this yet”

I tried to respond but my voice was gone. I looked down at my hands but they were gone. I looked up and I saw that I was in my room. No lavish hallway, no marbled floors. It had been a dream that felt as real as my waking life. Yet I wonder still what it meant and what I wasn’t ready for.

Daniel Black  is a native of New York. Is in Taiwan teaching and working on his short film for release in October. He writes often from the memories of his own life. Hope you enjoy it.

Daniel Black

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© alex lee

Drew’s Drama Session, October 2013

rr drewdas oct 2013

It’s about 11:30 in the morning as Drew guides a group of kids through a imaginary swamp in the Learning Kitchen. He gradually picks up his feet off the oriental carpet and deliberately lands them slowly and carefully, as if afraid to ruin the elaborate patterns on the delicate Indian rug. What is amazing is that the kids are shadowing his lead; most of them seem so curiously amused that they can’t help but shriek with excitement. Max, a second grader who entered behaving shy and meek during introduction, now has become equally hyper as Kyle, also a second grader who occupied his sense of imagination by throwing mud at the young thespians from the carpet swamp. It is hard to imagine just an hour earlier, every kid as languid and exhausted.

“Shh… we have to be very quiet! There’s a sniper here! It’s nighttime and there are a lot of branches here in the swamp…” Drew vigilantly whispers to everyone. Conrad, one of the participants in the group, quiets down for a few seconds before he makes gunshot noises and falls down on the swampy ground. This cautious whisper from Drew was intended to calm the kids down, but rather managed to open another gateway to their imagination. Soon the kids are pretending to shoot each other.

“No, no, no… I am not going to allow people getting shot in this class! And no shooting at other people either!” Andrew says, and I can’t help but giggle.

Drew’s Drama Session is all about thinking about the small things in life and expressing them through movement and language. In one of the many exercises, Drew gets the children to think back on times when they were tired and hungry and act out these feelings purely through movement. As for language, Drew asks them to express movements such as a “dab” or a “slash” with the tone of their voice. Through these exercises, Drew hopes to have the kids understand that drama and acting is all about movement, language, and stretching one’s imagination as far as possible. A lot of times, the kids look like they are playing, but it is one of Drew’s subtle methods in getting everybody comfortable with expressing themselves. When everyone is up and alive, there is no time to think about being shy and timid!

This is Drew’s first of four drama sessions that are being held every other Sunday from 10:30am to 12:30pm at the Learning Kitchen, and everybody seemed to have enjoyed themselves—especially Drew. Considering how much everyone enjoyed themselves, there might be a possibility that the Red Room will offer more classes for kids from seven to fourteen years. And if anyone is interested, we are more than happy to open classes for fourteen and above!

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Jason Hoy, September 2013

This was inspired by listening to the Beastie Boys one night, finding myself bored in the MRT the next day, and the headlines of September 2013: the Miley Circus, Taiwan politics, Middle East conflict, continuing ecological disasters, trade deals secretly negotiated with very insufficient scrutiny (such as ECFA and the TPP), internet surveillance, ubiquitous advertising…There is one invented word in here, “anthrobscenic” (from anthropocene + obscene). “Anthropocene” is a proposed name for a new geological era marked by human activity becoming an epic-scale force of nature, like a slow-motion asteroid hitting Earth. The term “pale blue dot” refers to a passage written by Carl Sagan upon seeing a Voyager 1 photo of Earth taken from the outer reaches of our solar system, worth a read on this page (click image to enlarge). I must also mention Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath (see youtube), whose guidance in Kriya Yoga meditation has helped me along the spiritual path (“the crack in my cave”).
So where shall we ride this stream of human consciousness?
September 2013
A rhythm’s in my mind but there ain’t no words yet
So I take my pen from pocket and the thoughts that come out I set
Down to the ground and on some paper too
With a beat and a brain to be bored there’s no excuse.
Where will I go with this poem – I don’t know,
Poetry’s more than parsing it’s also body flow.
Thoughts in my head like yarns in all directions
Pause and pick out one, now that’s an aspiration.
Do I choose some news to criticize and analyze
Or publicize just what my ears and eyes
Should keep to themselves as private porn
Not sell it to the world – but hey that’s the new norm!
Domestically Ma is slinging mud at Jin-pyng
Among all the ads saying “Buy more bling!”
Globally it’s Syria and World War Three maybe
Whatever happens there we’ll see on FB.
Don’t wanna start on melting icecaps and nukes, we
Just need a new diet to digest all that sushi
Which is now just a little more radioactive…
I tell ya someone’s mistaken if they think that we’re gonna live
By plutocrat rules nicely misnamed free trade
People power’s superior, we’ll show the NSA.
Voyager 1 leaves the sun and us to contemplate
The meaning since her launch of what’s become the anthrobscenic age,
Still on this pale blue dot we grope and grovel
Like adolescents solely governed from the genital level.
But who am I to preach and teach when I have yet to reach
Deeper for those higher thoughts, speech and deeds that each
And everyone of us has lurking someplace in our consciousness,
That some around this planet will insist we don’t possess
Though being born human believe that you are blessed
With a key you can use called creativity
Which beats waiting to be saved by Ironman Seventeen.
So that’s the crack in my cave that I share with you all today
From my higher self to yours I say for now, namaste.

Jason Hoy

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Aside@the Red Room, June 29 2013

aside-headerThe Red Room, organizer of Stage Time & Wine, cordially invites you to

Date: Saturday, June 29th, 2013
Time: 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Venue: Learning Kitchen (above Third Place Aveda Salon) : No. 117, 2F, Da An Road, Taipei 北市大安路一段 117號2F.

Join us for Red Room’s exclusive event “Aside” featuring seven performers

This month at Aside we witness a shift on our view of personal expression within the arts. Each presenter will share with us their individual and unique story as an artist, whether it be through drama, prose, music or dance.
This select group of presenters at ‘Aside’ have found inspiration and have in turn inspired others in their field of expertise. They use their art and creativity to spread the possibility of social change. At ‘Aside’, you will have the opportunity to engage in their passion in a more intimate setting, and to experience their work. The purpose? To connect with other people and organizations with similar ideas.

Opening: 朱平 Ping Chu, founder of Canmeng Aveda.
Master of Ceremonies: Manav Mehta


Katie Partlow
Claire Daelin
Sangpuy 桑布伊
Tammy Hsieh
Tina Ma
Ayesha Mehta
Rene Kamm

Tickets NTD500 each. Limited seating. Reservations required.
Please contact Manav Mehta to confirm your attendance:
Cell: 0910 947 307 Email: <>

Refreshments will be provided. Floor seating so please dress comfortably.

Supported and sponsored by

ripplem 肯夢aveda_Logo_out 99 NONZERO LOGO


The Red Room is a not-for-profit platform for creating community; for time to develop a culture of listening to each other, and what is around us. Our events are explorative, and have no separation between audience and performer.

ST&W sharing 3.16 Manav Mehta

rr4341-manavMarch 17th, sometime 5th Century

In the promising land, with a not so promising name.
A man was born in KILPATRICK, who preached his way to fame.
His charm was willing yet flexible, knowledge bombs undefendable.
Died south of DOWNPATRICK, today we praise ST.PATRICK.

To quote the merry:
“We raise our mugs to the oldest of drinks,
those who need a hurl look out for clear sinks.
Let’s crunch on Irish bacon, and alcoholic cabbage.
Wear green & rid our minds of all heavy baggage.”

Due to an individual’s existence, we all practice persistence, regardless of where you’re home is ; tomorrow we’re all Irish.


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Kevin Cox, October 2012

Red Room Poem


Do not be confused by what you see,
A white american male is far from what defines me.
Do not be tricked by rust that covers aging iron,
strength still holds sturdy in its changing ions.
Open your ears and drop your judgement,
there cannot be fear in hearing the following statement.
I am the brook that cannot be controlled,
the seed that buds and continues to grow.
I am the sand between your toes,
the waves that crash and the cool wind that blows.
I am the voice of your mother when you needed coddling, someone to hold,
I am the voice of your father when he was forced to be bold.
I am the tar that gives your wheels traction,
I am high-end fashion, loves action, and hearts satisfaction.
I am the song that beats in your head,
the sun that rises and the moon that shines while you’re in bed.
I am the pen that scribbles your thoughts to paper,
the dream of strength that makes you your savior.
I am the tree, the roots, the trunk, the limbs,
the air that moves to fill your lungs.
I am the mirror that reflects your smile, your hopes, your scars, your fears,
the goose bumps on your skin, and the compulsion to bring one near.
I am the light in the darkest night,
I am strength, courage, honor, wisdom, and might.
I am the shadow that hides,
I am weak, insecure, shy, wrong, and I cry.
I am the innocence of a child held within their smirk,
and your wine, your bottle, your label, and your cork.
I am a guitar and all of its strings,
a door bell letting you know someone is here, ding, ding.
I am everything and I am nothing,
I am together, I am alone and it’s crushing…
I am the chair that supports you when you feel ugly,
I am chocolate, sugar, snacks and the anger when you say don’t nudge me.
I am black, white, red, yellow, and brown,
I am the world, the continents, the country, the state, and the town.
I am pisces, virgo, sagittarius, cancer, scorpio, and all,
I am short, fat, thin, and tall.
Do not let your mind confuse, do not think these words not be true,
I know this is me because I know it is also you.

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Reider Larsen. September 2012

Reider shared an original song, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar:


Spiraling down to Earth.
I saw an angel
and an ancient
What’s worse,
I tried to relate that
time is missing sand
The more I want to say…
The less I can.
The folly of a man.
Oh my.
Oh what to do?
A camera captures the moment
but in a moment,
can I captivate you?
The time’s upon us
just take
my hand.
It’s no elegant plan,
But as they say,
we might get carried away in lust
I trust.
What’s so only?
And if we don’t do something,
Something else might happen
to me.
But what am I to say?
I don’t have the words,
Oh hell,
I’ll make them up.
Because no matter what they would be
there are no words
could ever
Who am I to say
that it’s fate,
here that brought you.
That you and I could be
just a fling
or an I do.
Who am I to say,
if I  do not know you.
What you and I could be.
So let’s take

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