2 Sept 2017, Tribe Against Machine 紅房展覽

Sep 2 at 4 PM to Sep 15 at 6 PM

Tribe Against Machine e-Textile Summer Camp Taiwan 2017

這個國際工作坊是受e-Textile Summer Camp:一個歐洲電子織品的藝術家交流平臺的啟發,所發起的一個新策劃,本次亦邀請其中的多位藝術家參與這次與泰雅文化合作的Taiwan Camp。

This event aims to be an annual international 10-days e-textile workshop taking place within an Atayal community in Miao-Li, Taiwan. We are inviting e-textile artists, media artists, anthropologists, engineers, and tribe culture researchers to join in a dialog between technology and tradition. “The light from the lost past is being gazed upon once again and is expected to serve the future in dark.” The term machine was used in the 60’s as a synonym for the technology-driven future, whereas a tribe is a distinct, self-sufficient group that has yet to be integrated into the national society. “Tribe Against Machine” hopes for tribal communities and villages in remote areas to turn towards discussion about how future and traditions can help repair each other, and also aims to create a networking environment among these fading culture groups as an alternative to the furthering use of future technologies in society that will in the end only serve capitalism.
Selected artists will be paired into 4 groups and will be given a frame for discussion to proceed a 10-day long collaboration with Atayal traditional textile artists, using e-textile as the medium for collaboration.
This event is inspired by e-Textile Summer Camp which is an European artist platform created to share knowledge of e-textile. This year, we have invited several artists from the Summer Camp to join this Taiwan Camp to collaborate with Atayal culture.

Afroditi Psarra (Greece)
Audrey Briot (France)
Aniela Hoitink (Netherlands)
Claire Williams (France)
Luis Rodil-Fernández (Spain)
Jimi Mased (Australia)
Johnathan Reus (Netherlands)
Martin De Bie (France)
Mika Satomi (Japan)
Nukeme (Japan)
MolMol Kuo (Taiwan)
Shih Wei Chieh (Taiwan)
Tincuta Heinzel (Romania)
Ricardo O’Nascimento (Netherlands)
Yuma Taru and Lihang Workshop (Taiwan)

organised by 施惟捷 / Shih Wei Chieh

“My Tribe”

“My Tribe”

What can I say about you
that hasn’t been expressed
by other clear voices?
You were unexpected brilliance,
making my life a little richer.
You entered my life
like a welcome explosion
of words, art, senses, heart,
hands, abundance,
friendship and purpose.
Your hearts are big,
your words are true.
You found room for me
and let me in.
I entered a stranger,
but left a friend.
No, more than that.
You made me family.

I walked through a door
that was the warmest embrace.
You gave me a gift
where it was okay for me
to explore and be myself.
You’ve made me
a little richer,
a little kinder,
a little happier to be me.

I’m not always a loud voice
but you welcomed what I am.
You were there
as I battled pain and anxiety,
and you never turned me away.
Because of you,
my writing erupted
from my pen in inky loops of joy,
my voice soared beyond
performance, but to reach out
and make a difference.
We are family beyond blood,
connected by the colorful
painful mosaic of
human experience.
I will carry you in my heart
and share your gift with the world.

You are my tribe.

–by Whitney Zahar