Tim Nathan Joel, VDV

Tim Nathan Joel
Artist statement

“Art and creating, to me, is much like breathing.
It is something I literally cannot live without.
I choose to see beauty in everything and everyone.
Art is my religion. I live in admiration of life and nature.
I don’t need to carry a gun or detonate a bomb to prove it.”

Life as the artist began in the year 2000 for British oil painter Tim Joel. Tropical island life scenes inspired by living in Thailand were the first to wet his palette. His thirst for art and travel has lead him all over the world, inspiration being found everywhere. This is clearly visible in the works of this prolific creator. The subject matter being extremely diverse, from delicate floral still life studies to bold, vibrant nude figurative mythological landscapes.
Tim has been living and working as an artist and art teacher in Taiwan since 2002. His book ‘Poet Painter’ was published and launched in 2005. He is also the co-founder of an art movement, various studios, galleries and a core member of The Red Room, Taipei.
Tim’s home and studio is on a mountain in the Dulan area of Taitung’s east coast where he lives with his wife Rachel and son Theo.
Tim continues to organize exhibitions, art workshops and presentations. His work is represented by galleries in the UK and are in collections all over the world.

Contact info:
0939 791 245.
FB : joeljoel

Visual Dialogues 藝術對畫 V

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