Tobie Openshaw, VDXX

Tobie Openshaw is a South African-born filmmaker living in Taiwan for 18 years. His work has been seen on documentary channels such as National Geographic, Discovery, and Al Jazeera.
Tobie’s current passion lies with the marginalized indigenous people of Taiwan, where he has forged deep connections. For the past year he has been producing a full-length documentary on the Taiwan president’s 2016 apology to the indigenous people.

In 2013 Tobie travelled to New Zealand with Tony Coolidge, where they attended the Wairoa Maori Film Festival and forged connections that are coming to fruition in various cross-cultural projects.

He is also Executive Producer at MataTV, a startup news page for sharing Austronesian news from Taiwan, in English.

攝影師自傳: Tobie Openshaw是南非籍電影工作者,至今已在台灣生活了18年,他的作品曾在National Geographic, Discovery,和Al Jazeera頻道播出。Tobie目前專注在台灣原住民的邊緣化問題,他對此議題已經長期研究並且有著深刻的聯繫。從2016年蔡總統向原住民道歉以來,Tobie便著手製作紀錄片至今。

2013年,Tobie與Tony Coolidge參加紐西蘭的Wairoa Maori電影節,接觸到許多人脈和資源,使得許多項計劃能夠順利的進行。



He will be exhibiting his works at Visual Dialogues XX in August 2017 at the Red Room.

Tobie Openshaw
Photography and Video
MataTV – Austronesian News from Taiwan

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