15 May 2016 Malaysia Art Festival in Taiwan

maf red room活動主旨

的存在。又或是近年出現的《JUST PLAY 簡單玩》巡演、《居鑾在動》等等,為了團


“Music make world unite”.

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Event Mission

Malaysia’s music scene is developing, and though it is not yet as bustling as the Taiwanese and Chinese industries, there are many music creators following their musical paths and many others pushing the development of music evolution. For instance, Malaysia’s annual independent music event “Dongtaidu Music Festival” helps raise awareness for independent music producers from Malaysia. Or, more recently, events such as “JUST PLAY Music Tour” and “Kluang Rocking” have created a platform for singers, writers, and art practitioners to cooperate without profit pressure, media bias, or industry exploitation.

Music creation should not just be a mere hobby hidden away in a bedroom, but fully manifested as an on-stage performance sharing work with an audience. The 2nd annual Malaysia Art Festival in Taiwan will – through the platform of song and lyric writing – provide a platform for Malaysian exchange students in Taiwan to create and interact.

Event Theme

“Music make world unite”.

Music has been split into different categories and genres all because of the systemization implemented by outsiders and record labels.

But music is also a language that allow people everywhere to communicate, to understand each other, and to share their feelings.
We can be moved by music, and we can be driven to a frenzy by music.

Although we are studying in Taiwan, but our hearts are tied to Malaysia. We care deeply for Malaysia and everything about it.

“Zero distance” represents our music, but also our hearts.

Website: http://msait95.wix.com/msait#!blank/kkfgr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MSAIT3243MAFT/timeline

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