9 – 10 April 2016, Gong Master Traning (GMT Level 1) 銅鑼師一級培訓

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The gong is a sacred threshold. It is a portal that links the finite and the infinite experience of the self. Whenever our intention is to cross that portal, we must consciously link to the chain of being.

The Golden Link should be established before playing the first note of the gong.

The Gong’s teachings feed our higher mind with a spiritual knowledge that helps us to revive our awareness and develop our intuition and power of synthesis, connecting with the heart. It is the path to mastery in the use of sound as a tool of transformation and wellbeing in the way to service the humanity!

The Gong Master Training is aimed at all professionals and advanced sound therapists, or student of yoga, or the musician, but also for those who simply wish to be introduced in the power of self-realization and healing with the gong.

This training is designed to also receive the intermediate and advanced students of Gong, so that they may develop their skills to teach students and thereby converting it into teachers of teachers.

Day 1 – 4
GONG – History, types of gongs, techniques for playing, hand techniques, maintenance, accessories (mallets, stands, bags), Preparation and execution of Gong Baths and Concert, Play
the gong for meditation and in the yoga classes.

Day 5
VOICE – Freeing the voice, overtone singing, singing with shruti box, mantras.

4/9 – 4/14

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Early Bird Special Valid Until 2016, 3/15.

Full Package Deal : $42,000NTD , 6 DAYS ($7,000NTD One Day Pass)
“銅鑼是靈魂之歌(The Gong is the spirit song)”,敲擊銅鑼喚起我們內在深層的靈魂記憶,這天籟之聲來自宇宙,讓數以萬計的聲波頻率我們進入細胞,洗滌身心靈。世界級的銅鑼師培訓不僅可以學習如何敲擊銅鑼,進行聲音療癒,更為您打下紮實的聲音療癒師與演奏師之基礎,不論您是芳療師、瑜珈教師、靈性療癒工作者、聲音愛好者,甚至是音樂專業人士,經過銅鑼師一級培訓課程,您就能夠啟動內在的療癒之聲,發揮療癒與創意的本能。

授課講師Gongmuse Surana 是歐洲著名的音療師,早在20多年前就開始遍訪世界文明發祥地,尋求並學習神聖的聲音療癒秘法。擅長各種樂器,尤其具備多年的頌缽、水晶缽之教學與個案經驗。拜Don Conreaux為師學習銅鑼後,開始和大師一起參加演出,並參與銅鑼培訓課程、神聖聲音療法工作坊、Nada Yoga(音流瑜伽),以及“發聲音療法”工作坊等的教學。

銅鑼師一級培訓六天課程規劃:(每日 10:00~17:30,午休 1.5 hrs)

4/9~4/10 (周六~周日) 銅鑼歷史、銅鑼師培訓之道、懸掛式與手提式敲擊法、個案療癒練

4/11~4/13 (周一~周三) 行星銅鑼簡介與功效、和諧敲的打擊法與共振方式、銅鑼瑜珈概述、銅

4/14 (週四) 印度手風琴彈奏法、梵咒唱誦的技巧、風琴與唱誦之結合,如何在銅鑼

※ 請穿著輕便衣褲、水杯,並攜帶瑜珈墊與保暖衣物,如欲住宿者請自行攜帶盥洗衣物與用具,有銅鑼者請自行攜帶銅鑼、鑼棒與鑼架。

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費用:原價 NT$ 42,000 早鳥價 NT$ 36,000 (3/15截止),不含食物。

※ 開放選擇單日的訪客選修,每日 NT$ 7,000 (早鳥價 每日 NT$6,600)


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