Lai Mei-Chih 賴美智

[Designers 設計師介紹 ]- 賴美智
賴美智Lai mei-chih,服裝設計與天然染色工作者,除量身設計服裝和藍染外也從事服裝製作與天然染色教學,創作多以藍染服飾呈現,工作室位在台中市北區。因緣際會學習織布結緣尤瑪老師,多次合作創新泰雅服飾及裝置藝術,使創作方向拓大了許多,然而素材依然是以天然素材爲主,愛地球要健康為信念。
曾以天然染色的傳統漢服參加全球漢服比賽榮獲獎項, 色舞繞森林之心服裝秀合作3年青少年與童裝服飾設計與旅美設計師之服裝擔任打版師角色。

[ Designer Bio] Lai Mei-Chih
Clothing designer and natural dye artist who not only does bespoke clothing and indigo dyeing, but also teaches classes on clothing design and natural dye usage. Her creations present mostly in blue indigo, and her studio resides in the northern area of Taichung City. Having encountered her teacher Yuma through a cloth-making class, Lai has had the opportunity to expand her direction through collaborations on Atayal clothing and installation art. Still, she stays true to her credo of loving the earth and uses only natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Lai has won awards at the World Han Couture Competition with her naturally dyed traditional Han clothing, and has played the role of pattern maker for the Atayal Sear-Uraw Fashion Show’s teen and child clothing design.


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