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Internal Whispers

In time together
Same direction
Pace if found
Many tribes
Mystic drum beats
Sacred ripples sound
tic, toc, tick, toc
Millions of lost souls to link
No diviner moment
than when
every heart beat is in sync
In conscious opposition
Seen is a painful truth
The bridge mending duality
for most
is shattered during youth
Oh seer of wisdom
sage of the gracious living elm
with faith
and ultimate surrender
to the eternal realm
for I am you
and you are me
In this moment
We should all see
Yet, those who flee
Only need help to see
to flee is hardly free
selfish are we
who indulge in peace
and harmony
as others are convinced
time is only a lease
for a lifetime
and many to come
call us to duty, to battle
with innocent dreams from
an indestructible heart
dancing and singing in
the land of love and art
compassion is the gift
to make whole each and every
blessed immortal soul

Stuart Ziegler wrote this poem at Petals of Compassion art auction event for Nepal

Red Room Reflections: Stage Time & Wine 77

Stage Time & Wine rarely starts on time; it starts early. What I mean to say is, what I’ve come to consider Stage Time & Wine, and the Red Room community, extends itself beyond the hours between when the emcee enters the stage and the last performer exits. Red Room’s 77th Stage Time & Wine confirmed this view.

Roma Mehta and Sharon Landon laugh while preparing the stone soup for Red Roomers

Roma Mehta and Sharon Landon laugh while preparing the stone soup for Red Roomers

At 5:30, volunteers for the night already bustled through the space, carrying trays of foods, stirring pots and chatting over tidying up. At the front of the room, Vicky Sun perched on a stool with her guitar. She looked over to Addison, who having spent the last thirty seconds muttering “check” and counting in different tones into the mic, had already settled into his post. After receiving the thumbs up, Sun began to croon into the microphone, a warm bluesy melody expanded and filled the room. Volunteers in the back responded with a smattering of applause and affirmative whoops.


Deshara tiptoes and skips playfully through the crowd

The room had filled well before Trevor Tortomasi, Red Room’s emcee for the night, recommended sitting on the ever present red carpets. People had clustered in groups, a mix of friends and new attendees, and had commenced sharing their lives with each other. 6:30 came and everyone finally settled and hushed. In truth the night was filled with curiousity rousing and empathy engendering moments.

Max Power positioned himself on the stool and, with his usual dry wit, launched himself into a world full of vivid imagery; a world which left the reader disoriented but wanting. Addison Eng added levity to the night with a performance that meshed acting and musicianship. Li Wei Seh sang songs from the collective memory of his tribe. Deshara, and a friend she pulled from the audience, introduced a playful children’s drumming game. Each of them ran and skipped and spun around a chest, intermittently slapping the wood and humming in an otherworldly voice. “We just practiced for maybe twenty, minutes before so, actually, we felt quite nervous today,” an out-of-breath Deshara convinced following a healthy applause.

A ukelele player, Joyce Wolf, shared in Deshara’s nervousness. Nevertheless, she thanked “the Red Room for creating [a] space to be able to perform and feel comfortable” before strumming and singing with a friend. Many other performers seemed to feel similarly, because they felt comfortable enough to impart personal and social memories with a room filled largely with people they’d only just encountered.

Fiona read Bei Ying, or my father’s back, a poem written by Zhu Zi-Qing. The resounding image in the poem is of a father walking away from a son. Before she began, she revealed that she had lost her own father two months ago. A friend embraced her when she finished, and other audience members outstretched their arms and extended affection.

Marcus begins his spoken word performance

Marcus begins his spoken word performance

Another performer, Alex, shared his own personal loss. During his five minutes, Red Roomers went through the five stages of grief in a tragi-comic story which centered on the loss of a fiancee. Alexandra Gilliam reads original poetry which also focused on loss, heartbreak and abandonment. Her words settle upon the audience like a several blankets, cocooning them in layers of meaning.

As the night draws to a close, our opening performer, Max Power, introduces a friend. He asks the crowd if he can share, though he has arrived late. Applause follows him to the front of the room, where he composes himself for a moment, before beginning a spoken word poem on systemic racism and the community he grew up in.

Though the mics were turned off after Marcus’ performance, Red Roomers continued to mingle and create well beyond the official end time. For many of us, Stage Time & Wine was more than a single event, or an open mic night, or a night of poetry and music. Stage Time Night was a facet of a community which flowed through all Red Room events and beyond them, spilling over past the microphone and the stage.

by Leah List
Editor for the Red Room

30 April 2016, Aside 13

Red Room Aside 13 invite

The Red Room invites you to the
13th [email protected] Red Room, on April 30, 2016.
6:30pm – 10:30pm



Read more on the performers at this link. Download invitation pdf here.

Reservations required. Your Patronage $500NTD. Please register here to reserve your seat. Beverages and light refreshments will be provided. Floor seating so please dress comfortably.

Red Room International Village, TAF 空軍總部 「圖書館」2F LIBRARY
No. 177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd (Intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd.)

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.“

Joseph Campbell

“The Road Less Traveled” is the theme for this Aside. What are attributes that make a person feel fulfilled? What does it mean to constantly seek new visions, to extend beyond normal boundaries and to step boldly down that ‘road less traveled’. Unbounded passion is the driving force behind their actions and growth as artists and human beings.

Please join Red Room International Village on April 30, 2016 as each of these artists share their individual journeys encompassing words, sounds and music. Let us support their quest for inspired vision and new means of expression.

About Aside:
Aside derives its name from the theatrical term of “taking an aside,” where characters break the fourth wall to address the audience directly with their insight, secret aspirations, and original perspectives.

The presenters at Aside are individuals who have found inspiration in their craft and in turn have shared their inspiration with us. They utilize their discipline to communicate with creativity and breach the gap between artist and audience.

第十三回「旁白在紅房」 (2016年4月30日)
6:30pm – 10:30pm
Red Room International Village 紅房國際村, TAF 空軍總部 「圖書館」2F LIBRARY
No. 177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd (Intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd.)


“當你遵循你內心的喜悅 宇宙將會在牆壁上幫你當開一扇門.“
約瑟夫 • 坎貝爾

Aside 這次的主題是:”少有人走的路”。到底是哪些特質能讓一個人感到滿足?能持續尋覓新的願景並跨出正常邊界踏上 “少有人走的路” 意謂著什麼? 熱無限情能為人類及藝術家帶來無限的成長與發展。


「旁白在紅房」得名於 “taking an aside” 之戲劇術語,表示表演者為了以較直接的方式表達他們的真知灼見和獨特的觀點而打破隔離觀眾與舞台的隱形屏障。


Browse photos from past Asides


How to find us:
Taiwan Air force Base (TAF) 空軍總部 「圖書館」LIBRARY
No. 177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd (Intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd.)
Our entrance is located on the intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd. (TAF side entrance). After passing the gate, keep marching forward and you’ll see a white building to your left called Library. Make your way to the second floor via the outer staircase on the side.
Travel by MRT[Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station Exit 6]Walk straight along XinSheng S. Road, then turn left on Jinan Road Sec.2 , continue down and you’ll spot the entrance!

23 April 2016, Aquaponics Innomaker 101 魚菜創造家 – 分享會

Saturday, April 23 at 2 PM – 4 PM

To those of you that we at Red Room have had the pleasure of hosting these past few months, you’ve probably seen the cool collection of apparatus scattered around our indoor and outdoor space… Listened to the tinkling of soft running water, surveyed the graceful patterns of the fish living in handmade structures, put your noses up to examine the baby vegetables and herbs sprouting from suspended soil beds.

What is aquaponics?!

a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic creatures supplies the nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.

We’re so excited to announce that our good friends at Aquaponics Innomaker, the geniuses behind our favorite additions to the Red Room space, will be holding workshops to share with the public everything from the benefits of using to how to make your very own Aquaponics system!! This workshop will be the first of many.. so get ready!

Saturday 4/23

Morning session: 10:00~12:00
Afternoon session: 14:00~16:00


2 packs (at least!) of produce grown from Aquaponics Innomaker systems

– What is Aquaponics & How It Works
– How to build your own system and be an urban farmer.
– A young Aquaponics farmer shares his experience. – Brian Li

Space is limited to 25 guests per session, please RSVP with your name and specify which workshop you are attending to our email:
[email protected]

分享課程將會在4/23舉行, 一共兩個場次

早上: 10:00~12:00
下午: 14:00~16:00


魚菜農青現身經驗分享 - Brian 李

[email protected]

22 April 2016, Invitation to attend R4’s Read Aloud

Readaloud-2Red Room Radio Redux (R4) invites you to spend an evening reading aloud and listening to others-

On the fourth Friday of each month,  all are welcome to bring a story, a poem, quotation or even a joke you’d like to read – or hear – aloud.

You may choose to read something you wrote or a favorite piece of poetry or prose. (roughly 10 min limit, depending on the number of readers).

Constructive criticism will be offered – a great opportunity to improve your public reading skills.

We will announce a theme each month but it is considered a suggestion, only.

Please bring a snack and/or a beverage to share. Wine will be on sale by the glass.

All languages and all levels of experience are welcome. No microphones, no special effects. No competition. Guaranteed moral support.

“There is a certain satisfaction in voicing written words. We lift them off the page and let them out into the air. At RedRoom, we have created a space-within-the-space – we draped fabrics to make a canopy – we meet there to listen and to be heard.”

— Ruth, Artistic Director R4

For more about Red Room & Radio Redux, go to: > Events > Red Room Radio Redux

17 April 2016, Sunday Afternoon Open Studio : 2.0

Red Room presents the second of our Sunday Afternoon Open Studio series!!
Sunday, April 17 at 2 PM – 5 PM

The flow of everyone working simultaneously in community spirit weaves beautifully, and we’d like for you to bring anything you’re working on and share in the Red Room space to create together!

Welcome all:
Writers, poets, photographers, painters, sculptors, comedians, filmmakers, juggler, musicians, song-writers, dancers, designers. All artists and creatives welcome! Develop and play with ideas, or utilize this opportunity for second opinions on your work in progresses.

If you won’t be working on something and just want to hangout, please feel free! But we would like to remind you to respect those practicing/working on their art form.

Two arts activities you we will provide this Sunday are:

– Painting abandoned water tanks in neon paint. (Anyone is welcome! Please wear something you don’t mind getting paint on, just in case)

– A 5-minute-portrait sketching activity! (We will provide some pencils and paper, but please bring your own sketchbook if you’d like. Guests will be divided up into groups of 6 or put on rotation)

We will have a PRE-LOVED table set up. People can bring their still-good but cease-to-be-necessary items to donate for members of the community to treasure hunt through (Clothing not accepted, household items only). We want to foster a culture valuing sustainability. Pricing is by donation, and proceeds go to support Red Room.

This is a free event – for you, by you. Which means that the bar and cash register will be closed – so please bring some beverages and snacks to share. Sharing is caring!

Please inbox us to ask if you are uncertain about how appropriate the art form/materials you’d be bringing would be suitable for the shared space. Of course, power tools are discouraged (safety + noise), and fire is not allowed on the premises (sorry, metal-workers!).

Hope to see you there!
Love, Red Room






– 繪畫廢棄水箱用霓虹燈的油漆。 (歡迎任何人!請穿你不介意讓漆弄髒的衣服,以防萬一)

– 5分鐘畫面相的繪畫活動! (我們會提供一些鉛筆和紙,但請帶自己速寫本,如果你願意的話。客人將被分成6組或旋轉交換)


這是一個免費的活動 。酒吧和收銀機將被關閉 – 所以,請帶些飲料和小吃分享。共享是關懷!



16 April 2016, Stage Time & Wine LXXVII 紅緣寄詩酒 77

Saturday on April 16th, 6:30pm – 10:30 pm

Sing! Shout! Dance! Laugh! Bring in the Year of the Monkey!
At Stage Time and Wine…77th Edition!

We welcome everyone to share the space with us as we revisit some familiar performances and be wowed by the new. Performers may sign up on the day of the event (open mic format).

We invite guests to please contribute to the Community Bar with a beverage of their choice so that nobody has to go thirsty. (Pssst… we hear wine’s a good choice!)

把你的行事曆圈起來,下一次 Stage Time & Wine 活動,時間是 04 月 16日(六),地點在 Taiwan Air Force Base (TAF) 空軍總部 「圖書館」LIBRARY




6:30pm: Doors Open
7:30pm-8:45pm: 1st Half
9:00pm- 10:30pm: 2nd Half

Your Patronage 開支攤提費: 300 NTD

提示Here are our usual reminders:

-Performers only have 5 minutes to share (sniff! sniff!)

-The Red Room promotes the culture of listening. We ask you to honour performers by actively listening and remaining quiet and respectful while they are on stage (Non-listeners will be taken into the street and whipped.)

-We welcome sharing. We’ll make the stew, you bring the wine (or any other fantastically creative creations we’ll ooh and aaah over). Deal?
歡迎大家參加,我們會提供一大鍋湯跟些小吃- 請帶來些紅酒,茶,連加湯的蔬菜都可以!一起享受。


Credits & Sponsors 特別感謝與贊助
Tremendous gratitude to all our volunteers. Thank you to all who transform the space of the venue into the Red Room, prepare the food and drinks, greet everyone at the door, fill all who thirst till their cups near runneth over…and especially to all who help clean up. Stage Time & Wine would not be possible without your support and the beautiful spirit in which it is given!

Co-Founder | Ping Chu 朱平 • Co-Founder | Ayesha Mehta • Reeves | Manav Mehta • Keeper of the Faith | Roma Mehta • Master of Cups | Charles Haines • Esthete | Julia Kao


9 – 10 April 2016, Gong Master Traning (GMT Level 1) 銅鑼師一級培訓

(Please scroll down for package & daily rate)

The gong is a sacred threshold. It is a portal that links the finite and the infinite experience of the self. Whenever our intention is to cross that portal, we must consciously link to the chain of being.

The Golden Link should be established before playing the first note of the gong.

The Gong’s teachings feed our higher mind with a spiritual knowledge that helps us to revive our awareness and develop our intuition and power of synthesis, connecting with the heart. It is the path to mastery in the use of sound as a tool of transformation and wellbeing in the way to service the humanity!

The Gong Master Training is aimed at all professionals and advanced sound therapists, or student of yoga, or the musician, but also for those who simply wish to be introduced in the power of self-realization and healing with the gong.

This training is designed to also receive the intermediate and advanced students of Gong, so that they may develop their skills to teach students and thereby converting it into teachers of teachers.

Day 1 – 4
GONG – History, types of gongs, techniques for playing, hand techniques, maintenance, accessories (mallets, stands, bags), Preparation and execution of Gong Baths and Concert, Play
the gong for meditation and in the yoga classes.

Day 5
VOICE – Freeing the voice, overtone singing, singing with shruti box, mantras.

4/9 – 4/14

Full Package Early Bird Special : $36,000NTD 6 DAYS ($6,000NTD One Day Pass)
Early Bird Special Valid Until 2016, 3/15.

Full Package Deal : $42,000NTD , 6 DAYS ($7,000NTD One Day Pass)
“銅鑼是靈魂之歌(The Gong is the spirit song)”,敲擊銅鑼喚起我們內在深層的靈魂記憶,這天籟之聲來自宇宙,讓數以萬計的聲波頻率我們進入細胞,洗滌身心靈。世界級的銅鑼師培訓不僅可以學習如何敲擊銅鑼,進行聲音療癒,更為您打下紮實的聲音療癒師與演奏師之基礎,不論您是芳療師、瑜珈教師、靈性療癒工作者、聲音愛好者,甚至是音樂專業人士,經過銅鑼師一級培訓課程,您就能夠啟動內在的療癒之聲,發揮療癒與創意的本能。

授課講師Gongmuse Surana 是歐洲著名的音療師,早在20多年前就開始遍訪世界文明發祥地,尋求並學習神聖的聲音療癒秘法。擅長各種樂器,尤其具備多年的頌缽、水晶缽之教學與個案經驗。拜Don Conreaux為師學習銅鑼後,開始和大師一起參加演出,並參與銅鑼培訓課程、神聖聲音療法工作坊、Nada Yoga(音流瑜伽),以及“發聲音療法”工作坊等的教學。

銅鑼師一級培訓六天課程規劃:(每日 10:00~17:30,午休 1.5 hrs)

4/9~4/10 (周六~周日) 銅鑼歷史、銅鑼師培訓之道、懸掛式與手提式敲擊法、個案療癒練

4/11~4/13 (周一~周三) 行星銅鑼簡介與功效、和諧敲的打擊法與共振方式、銅鑼瑜珈概述、銅

4/14 (週四) 印度手風琴彈奏法、梵咒唱誦的技巧、風琴與唱誦之結合,如何在銅鑼

※ 請穿著輕便衣褲、水杯,並攜帶瑜珈墊與保暖衣物,如欲住宿者請自行攜帶盥洗衣物與用具,有銅鑼者請自行攜帶銅鑼、鑼棒與鑼架。

地址:Red Room 紅房國際村– 台北市大安區建國南路一段177號(濟南路與建國南路交叉口)

費用:原價 NT$ 42,000 早鳥價 NT$ 36,000 (3/15截止),不含食物。

※ 開放選擇單日的訪客選修,每日 NT$ 7,000 (早鳥價 每日 NT$6,600)


Red Room
TAF 空總創新基地 建國南路一段177號, Taipei, Taiwan 106