10 Sept 2017, Laser Dye Workshop: 施惟捷 雷射染工作坊

Laser Dye Workshop: 施惟捷 雷射染工作坊 | RR Open Studio [16.]

Sunday, September 10 at 2 PM – 5 PM
Hosted by 施 惟 捷 / Shih Wei Chieh / wear or not to wear and Red Room 紅坊國際村

Hi ! We are holding a Laser Dye Workshop in OpenStudio this month.

//藝術家介紹Artist Bio —施 惟 捷 Shih Wei Chieh//

到關注和邀約如SXSW、E-textile Summer Camp、AdaFruit、CTM Festival。他亦大量運用雷射媒材在他的Audio Visual和氫版顯影作品中,他的雷射作品主要研究雷射投影圖形和數位聲波取樣的同步合成關係及高速度視覺偵速和噪音的對位關係。2015年他開始另一件雷射研究「雷射染/Laser Dye」則是探索利用雷射感光放大傳統攝影沖洗底片過程,與其在大型空間中的運用、將光的物理特性作更深部的解構運用在視覺藝術上和成衣印花的數位製造上。他亦是Tribe
Against Machine計劃主辦人,該計畫邀請電子織品藝術工作者、數位製造藝術家、人類學者和國際部落與偏鄉合作,探

Shih Wei Chieh is a media artist, e-textile prototype designer and a self-taught material researcher, graduated from Media Communication Design of Taipei Shih Chien University in 2010, he now works as a full time artist and e-textile consultant bases in Taipei. He has taught e-textile, smart materials workshops to maker spaces in Taipei, Fashion Department of Shih Chien University, E-textile Summer Camp in Pillared in Paris also Drexel University in Philadelphia in 2016. His work has presented in many global platform or festivals collaboratively such as CTM Festival Berlin, SXSW Festival Taxas, Adafruit NYU, Youfab Festival Tokyo. His material practice focus on stretchable circuits application in textile industry, printed circuits, photoelectric chemicals and laser processing related materials.

He was funded for a 2 months long textile research residency and a 6 months long fair-trade collaboration with a local NGO (Bandui Lab) and Aztec groups in Mexico in 2013, he was inspired to work with Taiwanese traditional textile communities. He uses technology
to explore the relation between traditional textile technique, society and new materials.

//雷射染 Laser Cyanotype (Laser Dye) ?//

啟發於傳統感光印相法:「氰版顯影」,使用接近紫外線波段的雷射光、投影在預塗在布面上的感光劑並留下永久的圖像,結合了傳統氰版顯影和「投影」的特性能在3D表面印製且省略了負片的製造過程。產生的圖像產生自透過程式即時轉換自環境音頻資料,一個關於光學數位印花的Generative design和個人化的實驗,這項計劃於2016Manual Jimenez Garcia, Christina Dahdaleh在Space Media Festival和Modern Body Festival 2016 中合作一個實驗工作坊”The Flexible Encoded Data”,做為布建築表面上的反應塗料,試圖將環境資料轉化成軟建築體上的圖案。另於2015入選東京 YouFab Global Creative Adwards .

Inspired by the oldest photographic printing process “cyanotype”, laser dye is a project of optical dyeing process for 3D objects, the cyanotype is made by programable 405nm laser beam triggered according to ambient environment audio data in real time. The “dye” appears like a mix of digital print and hand-dye, Because of the projected-printing therefore the process is not constrained on plane surface and require no negative film unlike traditional cyanotype process. This project is also part of the collaboration “The Flexible Encoded Data” with Manual Jimenez Garcia and Christina Dahdaleh at Taipei Space Media Festival and Modern Body Festival 2016

//工作坊流程 Workshop Schedule//
材料介紹、顯影劑調配介紹:1 minutes
Max/Msp 課程:3 hours
實作雷射染、顯影、定影(每人一張30*30cm作品):2 hours
費用: $1200/人

Welcome all:
Writers, poets, photographers, painters, sculptors, comedians, filmmakers, juggler, musicians, songwriters, dancers, designers. All artists and creatives welcome! Develop and play with ideas, or utilize this opportunity for second opinions on your work in progresses.

The bar and cash register will be closed – so please bring some beverages and snacks to share. Sharing is caring!

Please inbox us to ask if you are uncertain about how appropriate the art form/materials you’d be bringing would be suitable for the shared space. Of course, power tools are discouraged (safety + noise), and fire is not allowed on the premises (sorry, metal-workers!).

Hope to see you there!
Love, Red Room



這是一個免費的活動 。酒吧和收銀機並不會用到 – 所以,請帶些飲料和小吃分享。共享和關懷!




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