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28/31 October, The Masque of the Red Death「紅死病的面具」

October 28 – October 31

Halloween at the Red Room
Featuring: “The Masque of the Red Death”
by Edgar Allan Poe

arranged for Readers Theatre by William Adams
performed in English
Bring your own mask! Or wear a masquerade costume!

Time: Oct. 28 + Oct. 31, 8-10 pm
Doors open at 7:30; Show begins at 8 pm

Venue: Red Room International Village 紅坊國際村 Taiwan Air Force Innovation Base (TAF), 2F LIBRARY, No. 177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd (Intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd.), Taipei, Taiwan

• Tickets:
Tickets available on Accupass or RSVP
General Admission Early Bird before October 26: $350 (includes one drink)
General Admission: $400 (includes one drink)
Students (with valid ID): $250 (no drink included)

Directed by: Sarah Brooks and Pat Woods
Music and sound design: Anton Botes and Addison Eng
Cast: Prince Prospero: Pat Woods
The Red Death: Addison Eng
The Masqueraders: Paul Batt, Jeremy Bee, Deni Carson, Antonella Gismundi, Sharon Landon
特別演出: 「紅死病的面具」
愛倫・坡 著
威廉・亞當斯 改編讀者劇場

• 時間:
時間: 7:30入場,8點節目開始~
10月28日 週六 晚上8點
10月31日 週二 晚上8點(萬聖節當夜)

• 地點:紅坊國際村 (空總創新基地 建國南路一段177號 圖書館2F)
• 門票: 門票可於Accupass購買 或是

早鳥優惠: $350(10/26前,含一份飲料)
一般門票: $400(含一份飲料)
學生票: $250 (不含飲料)(請攜帶證件)

導演:Sarah Brooks 和 Pat Woods
音樂與聲音設計: Anton Botes 和 Addison Eng
普洛斯佩羅王子: Pat Woods
紅死病: Addison Eng
戴面具的人: Paul Batt Jeremy Bee Deni Carson Antonella Gismundi Sharon Landon

About the story
Join the dauntless Prince Prospero and his courtiers at a wild masquerade ball in their remote, exotic castle. It’s true; a horrifying plague is devastating the countryside, but behind these walls, in a maze of sensuously embellished rooms, beats the heart of life. Here, there is music, there is dancing, there is a reverie of bizarre and voluptuous costumes, a multitude of dreams. There is beauty, there is pleasure, there is wine. All are safe, fear is forgotten…until the ebony clock strikes twelve…Who is that strange masked figure? Who dares to lurk among us like an apparition of the Red Death itself? Who dares insult us with this mockery!

About the production
The Masque of the Red Death is a classic tale of terror by the 19th century American writer Edgar Allan Poe, father of the modern horror story. Written in 1842, “The Masque” is now well-entrenched in popular culture, with numerous film, stage, audio, computer game, and graphic novel adaptations. Our version is performed in a unique ensemble style of Readers Theatre that combines storytelling with music, movement, and creative staging. We invite the audience to enter the imagined world created by Poe’s extravagant language and compelling images.



About Red Room 關於紅坊
The Red Room is an ever-expanding community, exploring and extending the boundaries between audience and performer; a not-for-profit platform for events developing a culture of learning to listen to each other, what is around us, and our selves.
Red Room is a non-profit organisation. The entirety of the entrance fee is to cover the expenses necessary to host such an event.

21 October, Red Room Stone Soup Fundraiser 紅坊國際村募款會

2017 / 10 / 21
6:30 ~ 10:00pm
Red Room International Village Fundraiser

七年多前,紅坊以一個單純的構思為起點, 創造一個”美好空間”, 為每個願意分享自我與啟想的人帶來鼓勵, 也鼓勵人人開放溫暖胸懷學習傾聽彼此。




More than seven years ago, Red Room began as a single event with a simple desire: to create a space where sharing ourselves and our inspirations would be celebrated, and where we could practice listening to others with openness and warmth.

Through the exchange of ideas and sharing of stories, this diverse community has co-created a “Stone Soup” that exemplifies our culture. We have reached a beautiful milestone worthy of celebration.

Red Room invites you to a gathering that will expand the reach, resources, and opportunities for all in our beloved community: patrons and participants alike.

Celebrate alongside us with a showcase of performances, culinary delights, and an opportunity to engage with members of the Red Room.
Join our community of bards, stewards, faith keepers, masons, scribes, peacemakers, tavern keepers, jesters, sound-scapers, sculptors, painters and many more.

In the words of our co-founder Ping Chu:

“As a successful platform for the performing arts, Red Room bridges the gap between Taiwan and the rest of the world- cultivating a melting pot of local people & expatriates.”

Red Room Village Fundraiser 紅坊國際村募款會
$2,500 patronage fee 贊助費
RSVP <[email protected]>
Casual Dress 輕便服裝

Red Room International Village TAF LIBRARY 2F No. 177, Sec.1, Jianguo S. Rd, Taipei
空軍總部「圖書館」2樓 台北市大安區建國南路一段177號

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

~ African proverb 非洲諺語