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Stage Time and Juice: Saffron and Playing for Change!

Stage Time and Juice passed its 3-year mark over the summer. Anticipating that our audience would thin out as people headed off on their separate vacations, we decided to put together a special treat for those who remained in the city. Thus, our Stage Time and Juice XVII: Saffron Summer was born!

Stage Time & Juice 18

Taipei City Playgroup mom, Jaya, immediately volunteered her husband’s restaurant’s services in providing some authentic Indian treats. Red Room mother, Roma, offered to lead us in drawing some chalk rangoli on the passageway. Priya Lalwani Purswaney, the newest addition to the Stage Time and Juice creative team, managed to snag the Dubey siblings, Awantika and Akash. The well-seasoned Dubeys introduced the art of kathak dancing accompanied by tabla percussion to our family audience. It was engaging, intimate, and of course had the most special element of Stage Time and Juice, being that everyone gets a front row seat!

STJ photo by Kenneth-Hu

STJ photo by Kenneth-Hu

As always, the Juice open-mic performers came out in full force, demonstrating techniques that they had developed in front of us over the years. Jaya turned to me at the end of the show, quite astonished. It was the first time she had come to Juice, and she felt that perhaps by attending regularly, this might just be the proper environment to coax something out of her stage-shy son as well?

September was our Playing For Change Fundraising month. We have held this event three times already, but this year we decided we would attempt to better our donation from last year of US$100. US$100, from Playing For Change’s perspective, is not a trifling amount: it can pay for 2 months of music classes for 4 children in Nepal. But our team decided that we would try to shoot for the NT10,000 mark this time, or about US $320.

In previous years, we had depended on the children and sometimes adults to come out and perform. We decided that we would emphasize this gesture in a fun way by placing a guitar case in front of the stage, and allowing the audience to show their support both for the performers and the cause by tossing change into the guitar case. All proceeds went towards The Playing For Change Foundation.

Volunteer Sue DeSimone happily invited some professional musicians to attend the show in order to introduce the Juicers to different kinds of music, namely rock, blues, rockabilly, and jazz. In the spirit of the Playing For Change organization, the event raised money for music education, but also provided some musical education content of its own!

Finally, we asked our community sponsors to donate their own products and services to our raffle. There was quite a dizzying and unusual array of prizes, but it impressively showcased the surprising range of projects that our larger community is involved in!

Many things did not go as expected in both events. In July, the TAF decided to fumigate the compound that day. As agreed upon, they sprayed around our area only in the morning and moved on to other places in the enormous complex, but that did not stop the guards at the gate from informing our guests that they would probably die if they attended our event! In September, the band riled up the audience so much that they were unable to return to their usual quiet attentiveness for the children’s fundraising segment. This was particularly painful to us as organizers, because the nurturing aspect of our open-mic segment is what is particularly special and precious about our program.
On a more positive, and unexpected note, we raised US$580 (NT18,186) to donate to the Playing For Change Foundation! According to their website, this amount can support A Playing For Change Foundation teacher in Africa for almost half a year. For some children, this teacher is the only formal schooling they receive.

Katrina, one of the original founders of Juice who was visiting with her family from New Zealand, remarked to me that she was impressed by how far the “regular” open-mic performers have progressed. She was happy to see some of the children she had taught since they were very small expressing themselves up on the stage in ways she had not imagined.

Running Juice has its successes and failures every time. It will always be unpredictable, given the open format of the show. But if you were to plot our results over time against the confidence and creativity of the performers, much as one does when tracking financial investments, you see that the curve is definitely heading upwards. It’s good to remind ourselves that we have done something positive and important here, and it’s a little more than just having fun.

To join and follow the progress of Stage Time and Juice, check out our Facebook page:

Carol Yao
Coordinator, Stage Time and Juice

25 September 2016, Beats for Breakfast Vol. II


Beats for Breakfast II
Sunday 25 September from 9 AM – 3 PM
Get ready for the second enstallment of


Beats for Breakfast is an opportunity to gather, enjoy good music, bask in sunshine, and have a great time. It’s a party, with a difference. The focus is on movement, music, and well-being. Kick your Sunday morning off consciously through self-expression, nourishment, and DANCING. Following the spirit of the Daybreaker parties popping up globally BnB is bound to get you moving! But wait…

What is Daybreaker?!

9:00 – 10:00 Yoga Session [Bilingual Instructor Carolyn] – (bring your own mat! If desperate the Peace street community center is kindly lend us some but if you can, being one to ensure there’s enough)
Limited yoga mats sponsored by PeaceStreet Community Center, please bring your own if possible.
10:00 – 15:00 The dancing begins!!!

Guest DJ Sets:
Yoga [Bilingual Instructor: Carolyn]
Dance [Live DJ Sets: Kuleflux // Lucypova ]
Live Painting by Artist Charles Haines
Mandala Coloring Activity

Food & Refreshments:
Fresh Popcorn (Brown Sugar Cinnamon / Montreal Steak Spice)
Raw Vegan Organic Treats by Coco
Delicious Smoothies
Tea & Coffee Bar

Entry: This event is Pay by Value. We would like to empower people to contribute according to their ability and the value they place upon their own experience. In a nutshell, you pay what you feel you received in return.

//Special thanks to Beats for Breakfast for organizing the occassion, Red Room for providing the space, Peacestreet Community Center for providing the yoga mats, Seedbase for facilitating the Pay by Value system, and to all the participating vendors and volunteers that believe in our vision!//

Start your day a little differently.

How to find us:

Taiwan Air force Base (TAF) 空軍總部 「圖書館」LIBRARY
No. 177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd (Intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd.)

Our entrance is located on the intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd. (TAF side entrance). After passing the gate, keep marching forward and you’ll see a white building to your left called Library. Make your way to the second floor via the outer staircase on the side.

Travel by MRT:[Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station Exit 6]Walk straight along XinSheng S. Road , then turn left on Jinan Road Sec. 2 , continue down and you’ll spot the entrance.


誰說,喜歡跳舞的選擇只有夜店?如果,我們一起在早上跳舞,有很棒的DJ,一起做瑜伽,享受律動,音樂以及良善的思維,讓你星期天早上可以很豐盛,Beats For Breakfast 紅透美國東西岸,第一次在紅坊RedRoom 舉辦你一定要來體驗!

9:00~10:00 瑜伽 (雙語)請自備瑜珈墊。
10:00~15:00 跳舞。





地址:Taiwan Air force Base (TAF) 空軍總部 「圖書館 台北市大安區建國南路一段177號(濟南路與建國南路交叉口)

Words from the editor – September 2016

Scribe’s Musings: Greeting, salutations, and hello! Welcome all to this issue of the RR ENews. We are here for you, through first days back at school, crazy days in the office, and the cool days of fall and winter ahead. We are happy to see you again, and we are happy to meet you for the first time.

The purpose of RR ENews is to share what happened at RR events over the past month, as well as give you the news of what’s coming up. Along the way, we can have fun here. This is your newsletter. So, if you’ve been a performer at our events, if you saw or heard something at our events that really impressed you, or if you have original poetry, lyrics, words, or artwork you would like to share in the e-newsletter and blog, contact me at [email protected]

The rest of the RR crew have things to share with you, so it’s time to turn the show over to them. Happy Fall, and have a blessed Mid-Autumn Festival.

Joyfully yours,
Whitney Zahar
Scribe/Editor RR

The Word from R4 – August 2016

R4-mgd-FB-1920x1080pxThe Most Dangerous Game adapted for Radio Drama by R4 was performed in August 2016.
First, on a Saturday morning at Taipei American School by invitation of the Middle School Library and sponsored by the PTA. Roughly 70 people came to witness our intrepid readers unfold the classic tale by Richard Connell.

A write up for the second performance of MDG is not available at this time, as I am urged to meet the e-news deadline. But come and hear Paul Batt and Pat Woods perform at the Red Room on Friday, September 2, as well as enjoy some truly “dangerous” games.

In August we met for ReadAloud – Dreamin’
As a group (taking turns) we read Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, which was originally delivered in August of 1963.
Individuals brought a variety of material to the table including: an original short story about an encounter with a spooky doll and a true story about two encounters (years apart) with a visible spirit.

Looking ahead to ReadAloud September – We’ll take as our theme “Playing for Change”
At Red Room we dedicate our September to the worldwide Playing for Change movement which raises money to build schools and fund music programs in the world’s poorest communities. How can we celebrate the PFC mission at our ReadAloud? Or have fun with the words: playing, change…?

All are welcome to come read aloud or simply listen. All languages and all levels of experience welcome.
Bring a story, a song, poem, quotation, a joke or whatever you’d like to read – or hear – aloud.
您可以準備任何想讀或想聽的小故事、歌曲、詩詞、名言、笑話;自己的作品或別人的著作,都行! (每人大約10分鐘,時間視參加者多寡增減)
You may read your own material or something written by someone else.
(roughly 10 min limit, depending on the number of readers)
Constructive criticism will be offered – a great opportunity to improve skill.
Bring a snack or a beverage to share. Wine will be on sale by the glass.
All languages and all levels of experience are welcome.
No microphones, no special effects. No competition. Guaranteed moral support.
我們不用麥克風、不做特效、不彼此競爭! 只有彼此支持鼓勵!
“There is a certain satisfaction in voicing written words. We lift them off the page and let them out into the air. At the Red Room village we have created a space-within-the-space and we meet there to listen and to be heard.” -Ruth, Director R4
-Ruth, 紅房新廣播劇團團長
Learn more –詳情請見: > Events > Red Room Radio Redux
Or search Facebook for R4=radioredux

2 September 2016, The Most Dangerous Game

Friday, September 2 at 8 PM
Red Room, TAF 空總創新基地 建國南路一段177號, Taipei, Taiwan 106
Created for R4 = Red Room Radio Redux

R4-mgd-FB-1920x1080pxOriginal story by Richard Connell
Adapted for Radio Drama by Ignatz Ratskywatsky
Read by Paul Batt & Pat Woods
Sound Effects by Paul Batt
Directed by Ruth Giordano

COME OUT TO PLAY! then PAY BY VALUE – read on –
The “Pay by Value” system allows attendees the option to award money based on the value they received and their financial ability.
This is a “Pay by Value” event. We hope that our guests will pay according to what they can afford and by the value they place upon the experience.

In a nutshell, you pay according to what you feel you have received.

Please check our Facebook for updates.