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17 September 2017, 我們 WO.MEN, Visual Dialogues XXI

Visual Dialogues XXI
Opening Sunday, September 17 at 3-6 pm

Visual Dialogues XXI – 我們 WO.MEN
Outer Beauty Is Inner Beauty Made Visible

Show runs September 17 2017 to October 7 2017

Artist Talk & Screening: 17 September 2017
 Featuring: Kristine Huang / Pragya Borar

Kristine and I (Pragya) are good friends, artists and believers of Girl Power!
We are putting up an art exhibition to express the inner and outer depths of being a women. We strongly believe in embracing the real you from within. And that Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. First you love from within, then you can love the world!

We Love it when Women Love themselves!
We Love It when Women are learning to love themselves!
We Love it when women inspire other women to love themselves!

Through our art we hope to inspire women to embrace their real inner selves.

Kristine’s work portraits woman’s inner struggle and desire, also these paintings are her life diary, record of her own growth.
Pragya’s work tries to do justice to the fact that as a women we need to embrace our rawness openly and try not to constrain ourselves in the box.

Also we both believe the way you can get meaning in your life is to devote yourself in loving and helping others as much as you can. In the present time of massive humanitarian crisis both of us have decided to create a compassionate ripple in the world of half-asleep people through our soulful art to help fellow Syrians in their journey towards happy and peaceful future.
**60% of the money collected this exhibition will be donated to White Helmets.

“ 在創作時, 有時候我會莫名落淚, 有時候我會莫名開心, 我這才明白原來繪畫是一段尋找自我的旅程….”
Kristine 在20幅畫中, 探索女人內心的掙扎與慾望, 卻也同時發掘這些畫便是她人生的日記, 記錄著她的成長。Pragya 試著透過她的作品,鼓勵女人勇敢懷抱與接受自己的黑暗面,並努力跨出侷限自我的框架。
台灣女畫家Kristine Huang 和印度女畫家Pragya Borar共同描繪出她們所定義的”女人與自我”兩位藝術家用年輕女性的視角不但訴說著自己的故事, 其實更道出了我們的故事。
兩位藝術家用年輕女性的視角不但訴說著自己的故事, 其實更道出了我們的故事。

Charity: White Helmets

Show runs from 9/17 – 9/ 2017
Red Room Gallery Hours 2 pm to 6 pm Tuesday to Friday 
or by appointment <[email protected]>

Artists bios here Pragya Borar  Kristine Huang

Visual Dialogues 藝術對畫
between people, spaces and ideas
Artists from different cultures are featured in a monthly art show at the Red Room International Village, opening on the first Sunday of each month.

16 Sept 2017, ST&W XCIII 紅緣寄詩酒 93 :PFC Fundraiser 音樂改變生命基金會募款活動

9 Sept 2017, Junior Improv! at the Red Room 兒童的即興劇

Saturday, September 9 at 10 AM – 12 PM


Workshop: Junior Improv! at the Red Room
Time: Sat, Sept 9, at 10:00-12:00 pm
Location: The Red Room, TAF
Age: 7-12
Class Size: 4 students minimum, 16 students max (if cancelled, decision will be announced on Sept. 7, midnight. Any payments will be fully refunded)
Fees: NT 800:
**Special Discount for Previous Participants in Ruth’s workshops NT 600

Join a lively 2 hour Improv Drama Workshop hosted by Sharon Landon at the Red Room, just for the younger Juicers, from the ages of 7-12. The class will begin with warmups, and an introduction to Improv techniques which will then be applied in a series of games.


**Benefits of learning improv techniques:

– Can help to nurture your developing personality and enhance your memory through improvisational techniques and games.

– Is a supportive and positive outlet for your creative energy.

– Helps a person learn to act quicker and improve their imagination and storytelling abilities

– Great for focusing the attention of extroverts and for bringing out the confidence of introverts.

– Improv at the Red Room is a way to make new friends and meet new people in a safe and welcoming environment.

– Improv will help you learn how to work with others as a team.

Improv will help improve listening skills including non-verbal elements of communication like gestures, facial expressions, body language and tone of voice.

About Sharon Landon:

Sharon studied drama and theater at the University of Hawaii and has trained with respected acting coaches in America. In addition to her film and commercial experience, Miss Landon has acted in several stage productions at the Robert Kaufmann Theater and Pasadena Theater Co. in Maryland, The Lab Space and Umay Theater in Taipei. Recently, she also played 5 different characters in the children’s theater production “Cry Wolf”.

Sharon is one of the core volunteers at the Red Room, and you may have also seen her appear before on the stage during Stage Time and Juice.


時 間|2017/09/09 星期六 11:00-12:00
人 數│16人
年 齡│7-12歲
費 用│800元(如已參加過Ruth課程再次報名可享優惠價600元)
語 言|英文(全程將使用英文方式進行)

由Sharon Landon專門為7-12歲青少年定製2小時的即興劇活動!





關於Sharon Landon:
曾在馬里蘭州的 Robert Kaufmann劇院和Pasadena Theater、台北的實演場和烏梅劇院表演。


2 Sept 2017, Tribe Against Machine 紅房展覽

Sep 2 at 4 PM to Sep 15 at 6 PM

Tribe Against Machine e-Textile Summer Camp Taiwan 2017

這個國際工作坊是受e-Textile Summer Camp:一個歐洲電子織品的藝術家交流平臺的啟發,所發起的一個新策劃,本次亦邀請其中的多位藝術家參與這次與泰雅文化合作的Taiwan Camp。

This event aims to be an annual international 10-days e-textile workshop taking place within an Atayal community in Miao-Li, Taiwan. We are inviting e-textile artists, media artists, anthropologists, engineers, and tribe culture researchers to join in a dialog between technology and tradition. “The light from the lost past is being gazed upon once again and is expected to serve the future in dark.” The term machine was used in the 60’s as a synonym for the technology-driven future, whereas a tribe is a distinct, self-sufficient group that has yet to be integrated into the national society. “Tribe Against Machine” hopes for tribal communities and villages in remote areas to turn towards discussion about how future and traditions can help repair each other, and also aims to create a networking environment among these fading culture groups as an alternative to the furthering use of future technologies in society that will in the end only serve capitalism.
Selected artists will be paired into 4 groups and will be given a frame for discussion to proceed a 10-day long collaboration with Atayal traditional textile artists, using e-textile as the medium for collaboration.
This event is inspired by e-Textile Summer Camp which is an European artist platform created to share knowledge of e-textile. This year, we have invited several artists from the Summer Camp to join this Taiwan Camp to collaborate with Atayal culture.

Afroditi Psarra (Greece)
Audrey Briot (France)
Aniela Hoitink (Netherlands)
Claire Williams (France)
Luis Rodil-Fernández (Spain)
Jimi Mased (Australia)
Johnathan Reus (Netherlands)
Martin De Bie (France)
Mika Satomi (Japan)
Nukeme (Japan)
MolMol Kuo (Taiwan)
Shih Wei Chieh (Taiwan)
Tincuta Heinzel (Romania)
Ricardo O’Nascimento (Netherlands)
Yuma Taru and Lihang Workshop (Taiwan)

organised by 施惟捷 / Shih Wei Chieh