21 October 2016, R4 presents Three by Poe

r4-3bypoe-program-101716-1Three by Poe
Presented by Red Room Radio Redux
Friday, October 21 2016
From 8 PM – 11 PM
Doors open at 7:00 PM
Show starts at 8:00

Stories by the master of mystery and the macabre,
Edgar Allan Poe, will be read aloud and accompanied by sound effects generated live using ordinary household items.
Musical background will further enhance the experience.

THE BLACK CAT, read by Paul Batt
THE TELL-TALE HEART, read by Whitney Sahar
and Poe’s most famous narrative poem THE RAVEN, read by Thomas Bellmore and featuring a special guest artist, Mr. Charles Haines to illustrate the poem as it is being read.

Bar open before, after and at intermission
Your Patronage: 300 NT
Tickets: available at the door OR through ACCUPASS
This performance will be in English.

Red Room at the TAF LIBRARY 2F
# 177, Sec.1, Jianguo S. Rd, Taipei
空軍總部「圖書館」2樓 台北市大安區建國南路一段177號
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October 23: The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe


Edgar Allan Poe (1809 –1849) was an American author and poet best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre. His story, The Black Cat is a “first person” narrative, told by a man bedeviled by alcohol and a paranormal feline.

愛倫坡 (1809-1849) 是一個美國作家和詩人,最為知名是神秘與恐怖系列故事。他的故事 “黑貓” 是一個第一人稱敘事,


October30: Bram Stoker’s Dracula


Our story takes place in the late 1890’s. A British lawyer, Jonathan Harker, travels to Transylvania to meet a client, the charismatic and mysterious Count Dracula. The Count is interested in purchasing property in London. Harker is welcomed as a guest but soon finds himself prisoner in the Castle Dracula which is surrounded by bloodthirsty wolves and haunted by Undead Brides.

Dracula travels to England, seeking victims to support his thirst for blood. He seduces Harker’s fiancée, Mina Murray, and Mina’s best friend, Lucy Westenra. Lucy’s ill health draws the attention of her fiancée, Dr. John Seward, who, in turn, calls for help from his former professor and vampire hunter Dr. Abraham van Helsing. Together, this small band of survivors must defeat Dracula…before they, too, become Undead.

The original novel Dracula was written by Irish author Bram Stoker and first published in England in 1897. His novel has spawned numerous theatrical, film and television interpretations.

Bram Stoker was born in Dublin in 1847, and spent most of his career as a theater critic and later a theater manager in London. He wrote a number of other occult and horror novels, and had a strong personal interest in the folklore of Eastern Europe.

我們的故事發生在 1890 年代後期,一位英國律師,名叫喬納森哈克,前往特蘭西瓦尼亞拜訪一位神秘又有魅力客戶,德古拉伯爵。而伯爵對於購買英國的資產非常有興趣,因此哈克受到熱情款待,但是不久發現到他自己被亡靈新娘和嗜血狼人鎖包圍與困住,被囚禁在德古拉城堡。


原著小說德古拉是由愛爾蘭作家布拉姆·斯托克撰寫,在 1897 年於英國發行。他的小說已經由眾多戲劇,電影和電視劇所詮釋。

布拉姆·斯托克在 1847 年誕生於都柏林,他大半生涯從事著戲劇評論家,而後期來到倫敦擔任劇院經理。他寫一系列恐怖小說,在中東歐地區民間家喻戶曉流傳著。

October 2: Shakespeare’s Macbeth


r4-macbeth-291x69px4The Tragedy of Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare in the early 1600’s, is considered one of his darkest and most powerful tragedies. Set in Scotland, the play tells the story of a brave general who receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King. Consumed by greedy ambition and spurred to action by his wife, Macbeth kills the King, and takes the throne. He becomes a tyrannical ruler, as he is compelled to commit more and more murders to protect himself. The bloodbath swiftly takes Macbeth and Lady Macbeth into realms of arrogance, madness, and death.

馬克白,由莎士比亞在 1600 年代所著,是一部其極為黑暗及悲劇的作品。故事背景在蘇格蘭,內容講述一名勇敢的將軍,從三名女巫的預言中得知有朝一日他會成為國王。由於貪婪野心和妻子 背地裡慫恿鼓吹,馬克白殺了國王奪得王位。從此,馬克白成為一名暴君,並且不得不透過更多殺戮保護自己。然而,無情地屠殺帶著馬克白和妻子走上囂張態勢、 殘暴、和死亡的之路。

October 9: Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island

r4-icrt-TI-291x69pxTreasure Island, by Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson, is the 18th century tale of young Jim Hawkins, who sets sail as a cabin boy on the Hispaniola, on a voyage in search of treasure hidden on a faraway island. In the course of his harrowing adventures, he comes across a motley assortment of devious seaman: Bill Bones, Black Dog, Old Blind Pew, Ben Gunn and that most notorious pirate of all, the one-legged Long John Silver, with the ever-present chattering parrot on his shoulder.  Along the way, Jim uncovers the crew’s plot of mutiny, comes face to face with their greedy and bloodthirsty tricks, and helps to rescue the ship as well as the stash of buried gold.
The story is told by Jim as an adult, looking back on his youthful, daring adventure. We begin by finding young Jim at home with his mother at the Admiral Benbow Inn, where the boy meets his first shadowy buccaneer, Bill Bones, and unknowingly comes into possession of an old treasure map…a map that everyone is after…

金銀島,由蘇格蘭小說家羅伯特·路易斯·史蒂文森著。背景自十八世紀青年賀詹姆(Jim Hawkins)從伊斯帕尼奧拉島揚帆啟程,在航程中找尋隱藏在遙遠島嶼的寶藏。在冒險過程中,他遇到一群狡猾奸詐的航海人,包含許多惡名昭彰的海盜,其 中最有名的海盜:單腳西渥弗(Long John Silver),和站在他肩膀上的活潑鸚鵡。沿路上,賀詹姆揭發了叛變的船員們,親眼目睹他們的貪婪以及各種詭計,最後拯救了航海船以及找出埋藏深處的黃 金寶藏。


October 16: Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes/Doctor Watson story “A Scandal in Bohemia”


A Scandal in Bohemia , by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, features the world famous fictional characters: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. In this adventure, our heroes are employed by the Duke of Bohemia to foil a cunning and beautiful blackmailer who is poised to ruin his reputation.

Sherlock Holmes disguises himself in order to garner information and gain access to the blackmailer’s home and, with the help of Dr. Watson, carries out a ruse to trick her into revealing the location of the incriminating evidence.



Adapted for Radio Drama by Ignatz Ratskywatsky
Read by Red Room Radio Redux members including:
Marc Anthony
Thomas Bellmore
Sarah Brooks
Rick Brundage
Marina Burana
Mark Caltonhill
Ruth Giordano
Taili Huang
Ronan Hsieh
Paul Jackson
Reider Larson
Manav Mehta
Nate Murray
Evelyn Philbrook
Ted Pigott
Murray Richardson
Nic Sando
Charlie Storrar
Pat Woods

Engineered for broadcast by Liu Ping
Directed and produced by Ruth Giordano