Sandy Chen

Sandy Chen


My name is Sandy Chen, and I love painting. I started out making images with pencils, color pencils, and charcoal. These satisfied me for a time, but it wasn’t until I discovered oil paints that I felt my creative juices really start flowing. With oil paints, I can put layer upon layer of color. When I paint, all my thoughts and feelings at the time go into the making of the picture—it evolves as I paint it. Each of my paintings, therefore, reflects a different stage of my life.

I love sharing my paintings with the people in my life. Through my works, I can make connections with people that I may not have discovered otherwise.

I hope that when people look at my paintings they will feel touched by them in some way.
I want people to know that painting is not as difficult as it may appear. Should you feel inspired, after looking at my works, to want to pick up a brush, I encourage you to do so. You won’t regret it.

Visual Dialogues XXV Explorations/探索 – April 2 to May 5 2018

Sean Irving/Sandy Chen
Opening Reception 8 April 2018 from 4pm to 6pm

Show runs from 4/2 – 5/5 2018

Our paintings do not represent a consistent theme or thought process. Sandy and I paint just what interests us. We are two people who paint and who are still learning what painting means to us.

It is a process of exploration. And though we may paint for the rest of our lives, that process of exploration will never stop.




Sean Irving

Sean Irving


Sean has not had any formal art instruction. It was his friend and Red Room co-presenter, Sandy, who brought him to meet her art teacher in the fall of 2015. It was here that Sean first took up a paint brush. After only a few classes, he realized that to get any serious work done, he would be better off studying and painting alone in the
privacy of his home.

Sean’s body of work up to this point is small and does not represent a specific theme or thought process. He enjoys copying and learning from the works of other painters,
including Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. His greatest inspiration has been J.M.W. Turner, whose influence can be seen in several of Sean’s paintings.

Sean was born in Winnipeg, Canada. He lives in Taipei.

Free Entry

場地 Event Location: Red Room, TAF LIBRARY 2F No. 177, Sec.1, Jianguo S. Rd, Taipei 空軍總部「圖書館」2樓 台北市大安區建國南路一段177號

What is Visual Dialogues?

Visual Dialogues 藝術對畫
between people, spaces and ideas
Two artists from different cultures with be featured in a monthly art show at the Red Room International Village, opening on the first Sunday of each month.

The Red Room is an ever-expanding community, exploring and extending the boundaries between audience and performer; a not-for-profit platform for events developing a culture of learning to listen to each other, what is around us, and our selves.