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Become a part of the Red Room Association

Do you want to get more directly involved with developing Red Room’s various programs, events, and activities, and play a role in shaping the future of our association?

If you would like to be an official part of our community, and are interested in potential leadership opportunities, apply to join the Red Room as an Association Member.


Red Room’s mission is to provide a platform for creative expression to the community, to foster inter-generational, cross-cultural expression, to cultivate a culture of listening, to promote values of celebration, acceptance, balance, and to transform lives.

To be an individual member, you must: 

Be registered or working in Taipei City, agree with the Association’s purpose, be 20 years of age or above and have legal capacity, and love the arts. Complete an application form, get approved by the Board of Directors, and pay the admission fee to join. You will also be required to pay your annual dues (NT2,000) to maintain membership status.

As an individual member, you will:

Be able to attend and vote at the Annual General meeting, as well as be a candidate for election to the board of Directors. You will be able to shape the future of the organization!

To be an organizational member, you must:

Be a private institution or organization of this city which is registered by a government authority, agrees with the Association’s purpose. You must also complete an application form, be approved by the Board of Directors, and pay the admission fee. An Organizational Member shall appoint one person as a representative to exercise its rights.

Further contact information: 

Roma Mehta,

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Individual application form


Organization application form