November 18

2PM – 5PM

Stage Time & Juice | 家庭聆聽分享會
Family Friendly Event

630PM – 10PM

Crimson Octopus | 赤紅八爪魚


November 19


Book Fair & Salon | 書展 + 沙龍


How to Move Forward in Taiwan | 如何在台灣前進

Group Panel Discussion


Apology & Justice : Voices from Taiwan | 道歉與正義:台灣之聲


Mother Island : A Talk on Indigenous Culture Today | 母親島嶼:現今原住民文化的對話

Group Panel Discussion


A Tale of Two People |  兩個人的故事


Think Eat Grow Regenerate! | 思、食、農、再生

Group Panel Discussion

CREATE | 創造趴

November 25

11AM – 10PM

Artists Bridge the Gap V | 藝文銜接橋樑
Live Painting & Music


November 26

10AM – 12PM

微光種子 | Glowing love

11AM – 1PM

創意旅程 | Creative Journaling

2PM – 4PM

藝術爆炸 | Art Explosion


以古維新 | Old is the New New
Fashion Show

Red Room 8-Fest

A 4-day, 2-Weekend Festival Celebration!

The Red Room International Village is celebrating its 8th year anniversary in November 2017.

Our annual festival is a celebration to awaken our creative potential, explore sustainable communities, and is an opportunity to inspire one another through the power of written word, visual art, music, physical and theatrical performance, and our connection with nature.

Each of our programmes exemplify the Red Room’s Culture of Listening.



11/18 釋放趴 11/19 述說趴 11/25 創造趴 11/26提升趴

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb

Who We Are



The Red Room is an ever-expanding community, exploring and extending the boundaries between audience and performer; a not-for-profit platform for events developing a culture of learning to listen to each other, what is around us, and our selves.

Our Mission



Red Room is a community driven creative arts platform fostering inter-generational, cross-cultural expression.

Our Vision



A sustainable cultural movement evolving through shared human experiences; transforming lives through a culture of listening.

The Village



Red Room is volunteer driven, supported by people who give their time, talent, and treasure in the spirit of building community.


November 18

To show the immense potential and creativity of audience-turned-performers. Articulating original pieces, supportive and expressive of the truth.


2PM – 5PM

Stage Time & Juice | 家庭聆聽分享會

Family Friendly


Young performers express themselves through music, movement, art, drama & the spoken word. And you are invited to participate!

適合年齡 Open to: 5 yrs ~18 yrs

開支提攤費 Patronage: $150NTD 成人Adults,  $100 for 年齡ages 5~18

購票Ticket: 現場購票 Available On Site

Help keep our environment clean and green. Bring reusable utensils, cups or use one of ours and wash and return. If you pack it in, pack it out.

630PM – 10PM

Crimson Octopus | 赤紅八爪魚

8小時合創表演活動 8hr Collaborative Performance


Register as a writer, performer, visual artist or other. Individuals will be randomly assigned into mixed groups to collaborate for 8-hours to conjure an 8 ~10-minute presentation.

適合年齡Open to: 14+

登記為表演者請寄信至 Register for free by email

觀眾攤提費 Attendee Patronage: $350, including a cup of winter wine

購票Ticket: 現場購票 Available on Site

Help keep our environment clean and green. Bring reusable utensils, cups or use one of ours and wash and return. If you pack it in, pack it out.


November 19, Book Fair + Salon

The theme is “Narrate,” joining with “micro” to create “micro-narrations.” Publishers, speakers, and attendees join together to bring about narrations, that multiply into other micro-experiences in life. The more cross-sections and interactions, the more stories.


12PM – 9PM



Narrate is an all day occasion comprised of a book fair, and an afternoon Salon. Inviting writers, speakers, and publishing groups both local & international to share their stories through written word, and group panel discussions. Organic food will tantalize your tummy.

適合年齡 Open to: all ages

免費入場 Free Entry

Help keep our environment clean and green. Bring reusable utensils, cups or use one of ours and wash and return. If you pack it in, pack it out.

12PM – 9PM

Salon | 沙龍


Multiple discussions in Mandarin & English on immigration law, cultural identity specific to indigenous peoples of Taiwan, mindful usage of plastic & a holistic look at a sustainable ecosystem.

Help keep our environment clean and green. Bring reusable utensils, cups or use one of ours and wash and return. If you pack it in, pack it out.

2PM – 3PM

How to Move Forward in Taiwan | 如何在台灣前進

討論沙龍 Group Panel Discussion


A bi-lingual panel discussion on what it takes to immigrate, and integrate into the Taipei community with a visionary pursuit as a foreigner.


  • 朱平 肯夢, 生意人、悅日人、 漣漪人
    Ping Chu :  Canmeng, Businessman, Daymaker, Ripple Maker
  • 許毓仁 : “Maker Bar” 創始者
    Jason Hsu : Co-founder & Chief Catalyst at MakerBar
  • 費浩文 : 博仲法務助理
    Michael Fahey : Paralegal at Winkler Partners
  • Elias Ek : 安石國際商務服務
    President at Enspyre, Entrepreneur

主持人 Panel Moderator :

  • 康粹蘭 教育家、台灣研究者 Constance Woods :  Educator, Taiwan Studies Enthusiast

3:15PM -3:45PM

Apology & Justice : Voices from Taiwan | 道歉與正義:台灣之聲

Documentary Screening


A documentary of the dialogue set in motion by President Tsai Ing-wen’s apology to the indigenous people of Taiwan.


This is the sound of your now, your Symphony of Place. ~ W. A. Mathieu

4PM – 5PM

Mother Island : A Talk on Indigenous Culture Today | 母親島嶼:現今原住民文化的對話

討論沙龍 Group Panel discussion

講者 Speakers:

  • 亞榮隆·撒可努 : 文學人,作者,森林警察
    Sakinu Yalonglong : Storyteller, Author, Forest Ranger.
  • 泰吉華坦 : 台灣原住民族文化產業發展協會  主席
    Alice Takewatan : Chairman, Taiwan Indigenous Cultural Enterprise Development Association

主持人 Panel Moderator :

  • 種子基地創辦人
    Founder of SeedBase: Romona Guan

5:15PM – 5:45PM

A Tale of Two People | 兩個人的故事

你認為拯救地球是一個不可能的任務嗎?Mark Blackburn 將挑戰這個誤解!

Mark Blackburn challenges the misconception that saving our planet is impossible.

講者 Speaker

  • 零浪費愛好者
    Mark Blackburn : Zero Waste Enthusiast and 
    Founder, One Brown Planet

6PM – 7PM

Think Eat Grow Regenerate! | 思、食、農、再生

討論沙龍 Group Panel discussion


Restorative food culture for holistic living

講者 Speakers:

  • 唐敏:樸門永續設計專業認證教師
    Tammy Turner: Permaculture Designer & Educator
  • 高泉堯、林昱妡:秀明自然農法 農夫
    Chyuan-yao Kao, Joan Lin
  • 魏得軒:魚菜共生
    Frank Wei : Aquaponics Innomaker

CREATE | 創作趴

November 25

This series explores the theme of “Create.” To create is to make something new, to craft something that is unique to each individual.


11AM – 10PM

藝文銜接橋樑 | ABTGV

紅坊藝文銜接橋樑Artist Bridge The Gap ( ABTG V)  是一個一年一度的全天性活動,將現場藝術和音樂加在一起,目的是為了在國際間社群和需要幫助的人之間搭建橋樑。當天會有20-25個藝術家在現場藝術創作,同時展示他們創作出的美好作品,並舉行拍賣會。

Artists Bridge the Gap is an annual event where painters & musicians play simultaneously throughout the day. Visitors can participate in silent bidding on the art. The closing auction will be held at the end of the day.

適合年齡 Open to: all ages

免費入場 Free Entry

If you are a craft vendor, please email

Help keep our environment clean and green. Bring reusable utensils, cups or use one of ours and wash and return. If you pack it in, pack it out.

Our ABTG V Artists

Click their artwork to view their profile



November 26

The theme is Elevate. A blend of cultures and art forms, Elevate illuminates and celebrates our diversity and encourages opportunities for exploration into undiscovered realms of creativity


Help keep our environment clean and green. Bring reusable utensils, cups or use one of ours and wash and return. If you pack it in, pack it out.

10AM – 12PM

微光種子 Glowing love

Workshop by Eva Lo


An art workshop for children to enjoy interactive visual art activities using their bodies, straws, marbles & water guns. Proceeds go to Taiwanese children in need.

適合年齡 Open to: 5 yrs – 18 yrs


開支提攤費 Patronage fee: 500

Scroll down for more events!

Creative Journaling – Art Explosion –  Old is the New New

11AM – 1PM

創意旅程 Creative Journaling

Workshop with Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang


Through music, painting, meditation & writing, we’ll open our senses & connect with our inner selves. Techniques of free-association painting & writing may initiate a practice of Creative Journaling.

適合年齡Open to: 18+

人數限制Limited: 10 /includes materials

開支提攤費 Patronage:  NTD$500

2PM – 4PM

藝術爆炸 Art Explosion

Workshop by Constance Woods & Roma Mehta



A three-part process of sharing space & learning about one another with ink, water, paint & time.

Explore your own creative vision! This is a chance for the artist in each of us to play together:  to express, interact & share energy by creating a work of art together.

適合年齡Open to: 15+

人數限制Limited: 30

開支提攤費 Patronage fee: $200

6PM – 10PM

以古維新 Old is the New New

Fashion Show accompanied by live music performed by Yo & co.

「零浪費」服裝是一種擁有極少甚至毫無布料、紡織品浪費的概念。現在的設計師不斷思考如何將永續性利用在衣著上並更精進他們。 「以古維新」將會特別邀請兩位在道德時尚界展露頭角的年輕設計師合作。

Old is the New New will feature young designers who have embraced the challenge of creating ethical fashion lines: upcycled, practical clothing with sustainability in mind.

* Accompanied by live music performed by Wooonta 問他跨界樂團

* 開支提攤費 Patronage:
現場票 On Site NTD1200
特別票 Special Price ( Limited ) NTD800

* 票價包含輕食與兩杯酒水。
Includes finger food and two drinks.

* 網路訂票 Online Booking: (Accupass)

RSVP online

Designer Profiles:
LataSita, created by Meghna Nayak of Kolkata, India. Read more
LataSita creates zero-waste clothing crafted out of fabulous upcycled materials.

Join the movement – pick up a stunning LataSita garment and let your clothes be a source of joy!

Yuma • Taru 尤瑪.達陸
染織文化研究者 / 藝術家
29 歲時,放棄公務員工作回到部落種植苧麻,深入了解泰雅族的文化與大自然土地的關係,並向族老學習珍貴的文化編織技藝。尤瑪‧達陸試著將這些技巧一一解碼,成立「泰雅織物研究中心 / 野桐工坊」致力於傳統服飾之整理並完成『泰雅八大系統服飾研究論文』,1999年遭遇921地震,連結部落婦女成立『苗栗縣原住民工藝協會』,完成傳統織布技藝訓練,並完成500件傳統服飾重製出版『重現泰雅』一書。

Lai Mei-Chih 賴美智
[Designers 設計師介紹 ]- 賴美智
賴美智Lai mei-chih,服裝設計與天然染色工作者,除量身設計服裝和藍染外也從事服裝製作與天然染色教學,創作多以藍染服飾呈現,工作室位在台中市北區。因緣際會學習織布結緣尤瑪老師,多次合作創新泰雅服飾及裝置藝術,使創作方向拓大了許多,然而素材依然是以天然素材爲主,愛地球要健康為信念。
曾以天然染色的傳統漢服參加全球漢服比賽榮獲獎項, 色舞繞森林之心服裝秀合作3年青少年與童裝服飾設計與旅美設計師之服裝擔任打版師角色。

Mhi Ji Gi Me 咪基琪米老師
[Designers 設計師介紹 ]- 咪基琪米老師
太魯閣族國寶.國際選美.台灣國服設計師咪基琪米・Golden Intl 國內,國際選美造型/服飾顧問・國服專屬設計師
[ 原美學工坊 ]

[Designers 設計師介紹 ] Chi Hu
Chi Hu is a native of Taipei, Taiwan, and a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City majored in fashion design. His design work has been sold in the top retailers around the world, including Barneys, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Fashion editorials of his work have been featured in Newsweek, InStyle, GQ, and Departure magazines, as well as in The New York Times and DNR newspapers. He is a past design director for Sanyo NY men’s and women’s collections, and was the design director of FutureTribe. He has been honored for his work with a American Design Award from Lord and Taylor store.

Indian sitar performed by Ryohei Kanemitsu


“Together we have created a community or a tribe of like-minded people who want to participate in something bigger than themselves.”

Ping Chu, 共同創辦人Co-Founder

Our Partners

Red Room is very grateful to our partners for helping to make 8-fest possible.