VD XXIV – Carol Christie, Charles Haines, Joyce Liu


A self taught artist, Carol Christie is new to painting having delved into it only in the last 4 years.

Vibrant colour is her inspiration as well as texture. She uses acrylic, charcoal, chalk and oil pastel and collage techniques on paper and canvas.

As well as living in the beautiful and wild East Coast of New Zealand, Carol has travelled to many places in the world and has lived in Asia for more than 12 years – colour, texture, flavour, light and feel all have their influence.

Now living and teaching in Taipei.
Has previously exhibited at Café Vergissmeinicht in 2016.
Whatever will happen next………

Diving Deeper

I discovered the painter in me in the last few years……moving to Taiwan to start another chapter created a space to dive in and go for it

I have always loved colour and have always created ……..be it gardens, houses, writing, knitting, sewing, drawing and painting with 5 year olds but had never painted for myself

I have made up for lost time experimenting with any materials I can get my hands on – oil, acrylic, collage, pastel, charcoal, paper, canvas – large and small

You can never quite tell what will happen and what the end result will be as each piece has a life and story of its own as it unfolds before you

There is tension and struggle as you try to control the materials but in the end you must surrender to colour, the push and pull and the way it sings

Be bold
Be fierce
Dive in

Visual Dialogues XXIV
Carol Christie, Charles R. Haines, and Joyce Liu

Artist Bio
Charles R. Haines has two spirits that work together in his art. One is the crow spirit that has been part of him for many years. The other spirit is an Indiginous spirit. These two fuse together to give him his creative energy. It is with this energy he creates his art.

Charles creates in many mediums, though these days mostly in acrylic and marker. He has been known to carve wood, work leather and shape iron. His artistic spirits are happiest when he is creating and so he draws everyday.

Artist Statement
The Crow Spirit has awakened.
It stirs inside me and speaks
Drives me to create.
It can not be silenced. It will not stop unless I put brush to canvas, pen to paper, or chisel to wood.
Only then is the spirit satisfied.
My art is a result of this spirit inside me.
I must listen to its call.

Charles Haines

Visual Dialogues XXIV
Carol Christie, Charles R. Haines, and Joyce Liu

2014年於下田窯向 徐興隆老師與 洪瑩琪老師拜師學陶兩年




1991 Born in Keelung City
2010 Join to the NTU mountain club
2014 Graduated from Department of Biochemical Science and Technology, NTU
2014 Learned potteries from 徐興隆and 洪瑩琪 in 下田窯
2016 Set up 迷你窯

As an adventurer, I go mountain climbing, river tracing, rock climbing. I enjoy doing what I love.

As a beginning of my life adventure after graduating, I chose a much harsher way-a thorny road to my freedom. In the last year of my college, I cast away all my own profession and devoted to a whole different art world. It’s literally like the gamble. Gamble on my dream, Walk through the life without regret and my heart burns again for creation.
Even though, I was once lost, confused, terrified, and even shed tears. Step by step, I lived, savored every difficulty and consumed. I believe that the more frustrated I am, the stronger I will be. Finally, here comes to my first show in this lovely place, not too grand but fragrant. Now it’s the time to create.

Without giving it a shot, there would be no today.






The price of the weeds

There are many unique plants, we cherish them. There are many unknown flowers and grass, we trample on them. In the world of plants, I may be the grass which means nobody. In the human world, I help nobody to be somebody by using pottery. Take nobody to the red carpet of the plant world.

Have you ever been normal and weak? I know a lot of people hesitating to proceed, confused to their lives. In this generation, people give up dreaming and give in to money. Every day I pot, I keep thinking a lot about the philosophy of life. Life is truly hard to manage. When it makes no sense, then look up to the sky. When it happens again, then look at the ground. I am like the weeds in the gap, as the small dust to the world. Nevertheless, with a vase, the weeds can be seen. Turn bad into good. Turn nobody to somebody.

Life is short, at least we were once beautiful. Try to figure out who you are. We are not only nobody and let Nature heal you.

Visual Dialogues XXIV
Carol Christie, Charles R. Haines, and Joyce Liu