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Eco Gathering – Environmental Art

Taiwan has undergone rapid industrialization in the 1970s and 80s, during which it prioritized the quality of manufactured goods over the environment. The contamination of Taiwan’s air, water, and soil was inevitable during this period of rapid development, but now there are growing interests in rejuvenating and protecting the environment. Over the last decade, interest […]

Kickstart Your Eco Life In Taiwan – Filmmakers

To celebrate Earth Day, Red Room hosted a gathering at the Red Room Rendezvous on April 24th. Filmmakers Tim Gorski, Lin You-xue, Nick Vaky and Francesca Chang presented their films and projects while answering questions and discussing ideas from the audience. Do you love elephants? Who doesn’t! Animal-rights activist Tim Gorski presented an adventure-filled and […]

Formosa Tales 寶島話匣子 at the Cloud Forest

Formosa Tales 寶島話匣子 at the Cloud Forest Yes. It was as dreamy as it sounds. It was cloudy, it was verdant, there were many women (and men!), and artists, amazing food, environmentally-conscious people & practices, and some snazzy latin music. Let it be known that Red Room knows how to put on a fantastic cultural […]

Stage time and wine at the Red Room Rendezvous

When stepping into the warm, inviting street-level bar at the new Red Room Rendezvous I found myself wondering what would be in store for the evening. My expectations only reached so far as some entertainment, and a delicious cup of soup to go with it. Leading your life expecting something to happen, blow you away, […]

FAQ for WBB Taiwan

Women Beyond Borders Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is Red Room Women Beyond Borders 2021, Taiwan? A Traveling Exhibition in celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2021) and Beyond. First stop Taipei. Red Room is excited to announce our collaboration with Women Beyond Borders. WBB is a non-profit, cross-cultural exhibition of women connecting women […]