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[ 我們要搬家了!We are moving! ]

[ 我們要搬家了!We are moving! ] 告訴你們一個消息,紅坊要搬家了!我們七月會忙著搬家,除了兒童課程以外完全沒有活動喔,不要跑錯了! News flash, everyone: we’re moving! July is going to be our relocation month, so Red Room is closed outside of Stage Time and Juice at the Red Room 家庭聆聽分享會events! 不要擔心,還是在空軍總部舊址,位於門口處警衛室對面二樓! Don’t worry though, we’ll still be in the TAF base! But we will be moving to the building right across […]

The Well of Words, May 2018

 Stage Time & Wine 100 from Red Room on Vimeo. The Well of Words Memories from ninety-nine Stage Time & Wines On the 16th June, Red Room will host its 100th Stage Time & Wine. This milestone represents over eight years of events hosted by Red Room, an ever-growing community, and an ever-stronger ‘culture […]