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Mia Hsieh (A Moving Sound)

Always find a way to do “Contact Dance”, even when I am alone.
Dance with an object, with the space, with a beautiful image in your mind…
Dancing makes us feeling connected, alone but not lonely.
What’s your dance?

Mia Hsieh
A Moving Sound

50th Earth Day

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better. It’s not. “

– Dr.Suess.

La Benida led a group to clean up a beach on Earth Day’s 50th year, 22 April 2020. During this time of social distancing, being outdoors is a good way to connect with others in an activity, or a walk. We will be announcing more outdoor walks so watch the Red Room Facebook page for updates.
Coming up in June is the largest National Day Beach cleanup, organised by …..

Nature is awaiting your presence…to be inspired.

La Benida Hui

Founder, R.A.R.E – Rare Animals Really Endangered

《Healing with Mother Earth》

Art created during Healing with Mother Earth, a Free Online Art Workshop

“Adults often forget how it feels to be in the simplest forms, the way kids are and being present in each moment. We saw each other, we breathed, be in companionship with each other, and gave thanks to the moment and it reminded us of what we needed.”

~ Olivia Wu, Light Project Ximending

With the offline community suspended, many are spending more time online. Staying emotionally well becomes ever so important. An online art workshop is a great way to be there for one another and staying together as a community.
#ArtforEarth #healingwithmotherearth #zentangleart

The Beauty Way…an Invitation…

What happens, when we ask different questions? What happens, when we change our perception? What happens, when we listen to our Heart and let ourselves be guided from there?
What happens, when we stop asking how we can fight this virus, but start asking, how we can truly become healthy again?

What happens, when we stop trying to return to ‚normal’, but start asking how we truly want to live?
What happens, when we for once truly get in touch with our fears? The fear of sickness, the fear of death, the existential fear, the fear of life and nature. Listen to her and ask her, what she wants to tell us?
What happens, when we do all of this not with our head, but with our heart?
What does our heart say? What does it feel? What does it deeply yearn for? Does head start to speak right away again, telling us: ‚that’s not realistic. How should that work? How will we survive?’ Maybe tears are flowing…?

Heart: ‚yes, my dear Head, I hear you and I understand you. I love you. And I ask you: do you prefer to merely survive or do you truly want to live? Live in Health? Live in Balance? Live in Peace? Live in Beauty? Live in Comfort? Live in Abundance? Live in Harmony with Nature and each other? Truly live?…

You are not alone with this yearning. Not alone at all. Yearnings and dreams become reality, when we let them become reality. With our hearts, our feelings, our inner knowing and beliefs, our innate wisdom, our love, our thoughts, our words and our actions. Each of us and together.

Head: ‚actually, I have wished for this for a long time myself…thank you for being back, my Heart. I will from now on listen to you and let you guide me. Together, we will (co)create this! Thank you.’
Heart: ‚and when you think, there is no way or only the hard way, I show you the gentle way, the loving way, the healthy way, the joyful, creative way, the nature way, the regenerative way, the beauty way. Walk, only you can, Human.’

It’s up to each and everyone of us to choose their way and to invite others – also those running our Nations at the moment – to walk the beauty way together. It’s a path that so far not many humans have walked on Earth. However, it does exist and it is open and free for all. All are invited.

Gabriele Seewald
Born and raised in Linz, Austria, with people from all over the World. Mother of twin sons and a daughter. Lives in Austria and in Taiwan. Loves Life and Nature and lives from her Heart. Author of the book ‚Taiwan. The hidden Jewel.’ in German.

Art for Earth


The last couple of days I painted a mural in the safety of my back yard, while sheltering in place due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. @pangeaseed @aai_nz and @whanganuiwalls are mounting a globe-spanning campaign to unite creatives around the common cause of giving our HOME planet an artistic voice as we set our sights on a world post-coronavirus. This initiative ends on the 26th, go see their stories for a view on all the murals happening around the world!!! My contribution revolves around nature, we are all one and should start collaborating with all the other species and beigns around us!!!

#home2020 #paintforapurpose #protectwhatyoulove #artivism #eartday2020 #stayhome #streetart #graffitiqueens #streetartguatemala

Ale Bara
Bara :: Bara

JLF Brave New World

Keeping the spirit of literature alive in these difficult times, #JLFBraveNewWorld brings great writers and thinkers right into your homes!

Read more about this initiative: https://bit.ly/2S03t3g

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