Taipei Shorts 2020

Taipei Shorts 2020

9/11(Fri. 五)8pm ~10pm
9/12(Sat. 六)7pm ~ 9pm
9/13(Sun. 日)2pm~4pm / 7pm~9pm

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We invite you to TAIPEI SHORTS at the CFL Theatre, Xinzhuang. We have five original short plays written and performed by expats and Taiwanese. There are live surtitles in English or Mandarin, so you won’t miss a second of the action. We hope to see you there supporting English theatre in Taiwan.
TAIPEI SHORTS is a collaboration of local talent with the purpose of keeping English theatre alive in Taiwan.
TAIPEI SHORTS aims to create a platform for both new and experienced artists to showcase their work, skills, and abilities. We welcome expats and Taiwanese to get involved with directing, writing, composing, lighting, and/or performing. As a grassroots theatre, we strive to give opportunities to others and enrich the ever growing English theatre community in Taiwan.

我們邀請您到新莊理圖劇場觀賞這一次的「台北短劇 TAIPEI SHORTS」。當天將會與大家分享五齣原創劇,由外籍人士與台灣人合作撰寫與演出。現場皆有中英雙語逐字幕,讓您不錯過任何片刻。誠摯歡迎您來現場支持台灣的英文戲劇表演文化。

「台北短劇 TAIPEI SHORTS」是由當地的優秀演員組成,期冀能發揚台灣英語戲劇表演文化。

「台北短劇 TAIPEI SHORTS」希望能提供新朋友和老屁股一個能夠演出、展現他們作品與才能的平台。我們歡迎外籍人士跟台灣人都能一同加入,所觸及領域有包括執導、創作、作曲、燈光或演出。作為一個草根戲劇團體,我們致力提供機會給其他能夠一起豐富這個社群的人,並將英語戲劇在台灣代代傳承下去。

Living in the Tube II
Written and Directed by William Chen

The story continues from Living in the Tube. Jane, a live streaming host, was exposed for having a relationship despite her single online status. She invites her sister Mia to move in to share the rent and household bills. Mia, who is a gamer and live streams her sessions, is interested in joining Jane’s streaming platform to make more money. Signing a contract, Mia soon realises that she is having to promote political agendas that she doesn’t agree with. With an upcoming election Mia has to make a decision, take the money or be true to herself.

Nuclear Family
Written and Directed by Barry Hall

George and Martha were once married—but since their divorce, their lives have taken very different courses. George is well-off, comfortable and happy with his beautiful new wife. Martha has had to cope with years of failure and joblessness, and even questions her own sanity. At the center of their divergent fortunes is their now-adult son—whose rise to fame and power leads to George and Martha being forced to confront long-buried memories and fears.

Written and Directed by Joshua Wallace

Jessica and Jerry appear to be the most perfect, loving couple. But is this seemingly blissful marriage real? Truthfully, both husband and wife have been hiding their own secret from each other for quite some time. And, on this day, circumstances have forced them into a dual dilemma where they both must continually struggle between hiding their secret or being pushed to finally confess. What will be the consequences of their deception? And who is that guy in the closet? And what’s with the bear?
形勢使他們陷入雙重困境,苦苦掙扎中的他們,只有兩種選擇,是要選擇繼續隱藏真相呢? 又或是 將一切的秘密公諸於世?。
他們欺騙的下場又會是什麼呢? 衣櫃裡的那個男人是誰? 那隻熊怎麼了?

Coffee for Muriel
Written by Stephen Douglas Wright
Directed by John Brownlie

Muriel comes home drunk and loud, while her sister applies for jobs, and their mother is dying in the next room.

Return of the Hero
Written and Directed by Shashwati Talukdar

Boze, a venerated figure from Indian history is on a plane to New Delhi. He (played by actor Sarah Brooks) is at the impossible age of 123. He is accompanied by The Monk who is possibly his jailor, or his caretaker, depending on your point of view. The play follows their journey as they discover new truths in an airplane cabin and the airport. ‘Return of the Hero’ is the third in a series of plays about Boze and The Monk.
博茲 (Boze),是印度歷史上受人尊敬的人物。 他正在乘飛機去新德里,他是123歲。 一個和尚和他同行,這個和尚可能是獄卒或是個朋友,目前尚不清楚。 無論如何,這將是一趟多事的旅程。“英雄歸來”是台北短褲在Boze系列中的第三部戲。

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Taipei Shorts 2020 台北短劇
9/11(Fri.)8pm ~10pm
9/12(Sat.)7pm ~ 9pm
9/13(Sun.)2pm~4pm / 7pm~9pm
Location: CFL Theatre
Tickets: Standard NT$400 / Student NT$300
*60 online tickets available per show (30 Standard / 30 Student) to ensure quality.

Taipei Shorts 2020 台北短劇
9/11(五)8pm ~10pm
9/12(六)7pm ~ 9pm
9/13(日)2pm~4pm / 7pm~9pm
票價:普通票 NT$400 / 學生票 NT$300
*每個場次限量60張票(30張基本票 / 30張學生票)座位有限以保品質。
地點:輔仁大學理圖劇場 (新北市新莊區中正路510號 舒德樓裡圖劇場)

Reserve tickets here:

輔仁大學理圖劇場 地址:新北市新莊區中正路510號 舒德樓理圖劇場 CFL Theater 242, New Taipei City, Xinzhuang District, Zhongzheng Road, 510號, 舒德樓1樓

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