茶會 Vernissage: Sunday June 19th 2016

Date: Sunday June 19th
Time: 4PM – 6PM
Discussion Panel 4:30PM – 5PM
Entry: One drink minimum to support Art Charity Invisible Salon

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我們把我們5/29號的藝術活動-ABTG IV,當天互動元素搬到行者的 [ ] 藝文沙龍來展覽,繼續傳達我們活動的任務。

已發生的ABTG IV活動資訊:
已發生的ABTG IV活動資訊 For more background info on ABTG IV:

地點: [ ] 藝文沙龍-樓下咖啡

茶會日期: 6/19
時間: 4PM – 6PM
座談:5PM – 5:30PM
入場費: 抵銷一杯飲料,支持藝文沙龍

座談話題: 用台灣的觀點看LGBTQ問題

Yu’an Huang


本展覽時期: 6/15 – 7/2 「 12PM – 9PM開放 」


IMG_1406Red Room International Village & Invisible Salon Art Charity presents:

Interactive aspects of our May 29th all-day live arts event, ABTG IV, have been moved to this space for an extended exhibition to continue the conversation for the mission and message.

For more background info on ABTG IV:

Exhibition Location: Invisible Salon – Basement Cafe
AnDong Street Lane 40 No 3 Basement

Vernissage (Opening Gathering):
Date: Sunday June 19th
Time: 4PM – 6PM
Discussion Panel 5PM – 5:30PM
Entry: One drink minimum to support Art Charity Invisible Salon

Discussion Panel: LGBT Issues from Taiwanese Perspectives

酸六 (Cross Gender Taiwanese Net Star)
飛帆 (Drag Queen based in Taipei)
Yu’an Huang (Artist & Curator)

Discussion Panel will cover such topics as:
– The Cultural Impact and Societal Relevance of LGBT Representation in the Public Sphere & Mass Media
– Freedom of Gender Expression
– The Role of Drag Culture

Exhibition Dates and Hours: June 15th – July 2nd 「 12PM – 9PM 」

Exhibit Content:

[EXPERIENCE] Photographic memories from event, the community art piece we created at ABTG, clothing, comic book “Breaking Barriers” we produced especially for ABTG based on real stories sent to us from Syrian Refugees, and over 20 curated news articles to learn more about the current issue.

[PARTICIPATE] Gratitude Wall, Postcard Writing Station (we will send these to the organization we are collaborating with in Germany so they can share them with the Refugees) Vernissage and interactive painting, discussion panel.


已發生的ABTG IV活動資訊 For more background info on ABTG IV:

VISUAL DIALOGUES 藝術對畫 II between people, spaces and ideas. Two artists from different cultures will be featured in a monthly art show at the Red Room International Village, opening on the first Sunday of each month.
紅房會邀請兩位分別來自西洋及東方的藝術家來展出他們的作品,讓藝術氣息繚繞在紅房國際村的樑柱之間。 在每月的第一個週日,邀請您們一同享受創意與空間的對談。

5 June 2016, Visual Dialogues ABTG4

The Visual Dialogues ABTG4 Gallery will be open for viewing until the end of June.
Gallery hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Red Room cordially invites you to the Opening Reception of the an exhibition consisting of artworks by artists that participated in our Artists Bridge the Gap IV event on May 29th 2016.


紅房畫廊六月的展覽是參與我們五月29號ABTG IV活動藝術家的聯合展。

24 artists painted live at ABTG IV, they brought 2 pieces of previous works each, which are being exhibited at the Red Room Gallery for the month of June. The artists themselves will be present at the OPENING RECEPTION, as well as major players and team members involved with ABTG IV.

Please join us in celebrating ABTG IV, and taking this wonderful opportunity to get to know the artists themselves.


Event page for ABTG IV in case you missed it
– Opening Reception 展覽開幕茶會-

Date: 6/5/2016, Sunday 日,下午 3-7PM
Address: Red Room International Artists Village 紅房國際藝術村
Jianguo South Rd Section 1 No 177 建國南路一段177號
Entry: Free to all 免費入場

Snacks and refreshments will be provided. 招待飲料及點心

Hope to see you there!


詹晴棻簡歷-1 詹晴棻個人照 逃籬

ABTG4: Joshua Lance


I’ve dedicated my life to creating beautiful, vibrant artwork capturing the essence of my world for the past 25 years.  Art has given me salvation in my darkest moments.  Art explains the truth who I am, what I’m going through.  Art helps me feel I’m worth something.  A new hope for self-reliance.  I want to leave something precious, a unique imprint from my soul to the world that may need a little hope too.  Art reaffirms what’s real and authentic.

That’s why I still paint.  I equally enjoy landscapes and portraits.  I find it helps me to savor the moments and realize there’s so much life to explore beyond our busy lives.  The real value of art helps your soul reconnect with your world around you.  And it reminds me that time is precious and art captures the essence perfectly.

I enjoy painting using a limited palette of primary colors.  I enjoy its simplicity.  It helps keep me focused and the painting harmonious.  Colors are the musical notes I help compose a painting with.  Colors and brush strokes reflect my emotional state at that point and I’ve learned to trust it.  And learned to honor it.  It’s taken many years to trust the process.  And I’m proud to be a hard-working student and teacher.  There’s always so much to learn, and painting is learning about yourself and life within you and around you.  I also think it’s important to pass your knowledge on to others, and I have such joy passing what I have learned to other painters and enthusiasts.

I was born and raised in New Jersey.  I relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2006 to pursue my art career.  I have been blessed to work and live in New Mexico for many years and it’s had a profound effect on my life and work to this day.  In 2012, I moved to Korea, then Taiwan where I continue painting the zen of life, as well as teaching art and English.


walking in juifen

ABTG4: Singtone Liu

_MG_0002Singtone Liu, will be joining us in creating beautiful works for a good cause at ABTG IV : Artists Bridge the Gap 藝術銜接橋樑 (四年慶)!
介紹一下劉星彤, 她會加入我們當天的活動,在現場畫畫。請大家多多支持!”當過收營員、發傳單的、早餐店小妹,現職為彩妝師。憑感覺作畫,畫的是世界帶給我的各種感受:憤怒煩躁不安,空虛孤單悲傷,歡愉瘋狂荒謬……。”


ABTG4: Pine Napat

napat-photo-1Napat Inkapairoj is a visual artist and a lifetime animal lover. Originally from Bangkok.
(review more comprehensive selection of my work please visit facebook page : PINE NAPAT)

Group Exhibitions
2009 : Annual Drawing Exhibition, Chulalongkorn University
2010 : “wi tee tassana” Nan National museum, Nan, Thailand
2012 : “Visual Infinite Exhibition” University Museum Building, Chulalongkorn University
2012 : “Inside Chanburi Exhibition” University Museum Building, Chulalongkorn University
013 : “Halo Art Thesis Exhibition”, Chamjuree Art gallery

Solo Exhibitions
2014 : “I do as I please” Sudrit art gallery, Nan, Thailand. Charity project for animals shelter in need.
2014 : “Cats” Baan Prabat gallery, Saraburi, Thailand. Charity for animals shelter in need.
Education 2013 Faculty of Fine and Applieds art Chulalongkorn University, Major in painting
2013 Faculty of Fine and Applieds art Chulalongkorn University, Major in painting.
Now studying in International Master program of Cultural and Creative Industries, Taipei University of the Arts (臺北藝術⼤大)


ABTG4: FeiFain Wang


FeiFainFeiFain Wang is an artist based in Taipei. In addition to creating art and illustrations, FeiFain does drag shows, performances and theater.


ABTG4: 陳昱凱 Chen, Yu-Kai

成為形式的形狀-UFOsChen, Yu-Kai

1991 生於台北市
2014 國立台北教育大學研究所 藝術與造型設計學系 
2014 私立中國文化大學 美術學系 畢業
財團法人中華民國視覺藝術協會 會員
2016 桃源創作獎 桃園展演中心 桃園
2015台北大倉久和彩繪油畫展 大倉久和宴會廳 台北
2015 台灣藝術家博覽會Artist Fair Taiwan 台北圓山花博爭艷館 台北
2015 2015台灣國展油畫比賽得獎作品展 台灣藝術研究院 台灣高雄
2014 台北大倉久和中山區彩繪油畫展 大倉久和宴會廳 台北
2014 台灣藝術家博覽會 新光三越台北信義新天地 A9 9F宴會展演 台北
2014 第七屆金車青年油畫獎暨歷屆首獎者創作聯展 金車藝文中心 台北
2014 【Archetype _ 開箱進廠¬】聯展 Archetype Factory 原行廠域 台北 
2013 『芥子山容』中國文化大學大學美術系103級畢業班展,龍山寺文化廣場 台北 
2013 POLYPHONIC五人創作展 優米胡椒咖啡廳 台北 
2013 第四十三屆台灣水彩畫協會聯展曁台灣水彩創作獎聯展 中正紀念堂 台北 
2013 第六屆金車青年油畫獎暨歷屆首獎者創作聯展 金車藝文中心 台北 
2013 第二十一屆風野盃得獎作品展 三鶯藝術村 新北市 
2013 第十七屆桃城美展得獎作品展 嘉義市政府文化局展覽廳 嘉義 
2012 璞玉發光-藝術行銷活動巡迴展 國軍藝文中心 台北 
2012 中國文化大學美術系系展 臺北市立教育館 台北 
2012 蒲浩明師生雕塑展-銅與石膏的對話 台北市中山堂 台北 
2012 『芝加哥性變態』5人插畫展插畫展 優米胡椒咖啡 台北 
2012 『慶祝蘭陽自來水百年紀念』全國成人寫生展 宜蘭 
2011 全國學生美展 國立台灣藝術教育館 台北 
2011 新北市三重國中校友聯展『副聲道 新北市三重藝廊 新北市
2010 美哉台灣—第四屆華陽獎水彩創作聯展 中正紀念堂 台北
2016 桃源創作獎 
2016 台灣國展油畫比賽
2015 台北大倉九和彩繪比賽 入選
2015 台灣國展油畫比賽 優選
2014 2014 台北大倉久和中山區彩繪油畫比賽 優選
2014 第七屆金車青年油畫獎 優選
2013 全健康-心生活水彩寫生比賽大專社會組 第二名
2013 光華獅子會寫生比賽大專社會組 優選
2013 台灣第一屆水彩創作獎 入選
2013 嘉義市政府文化局 桃城美術展 入選
2013 第六屆金車青年油畫獎 優選
2013 新世紀潛力畫展 大專組 佳作
2013 風野盃 寫生比賽社會組 優選
2012 中國文化大學美術系系展西畫類 特優
2012 中國文化大學美術系系展書畫類 特優
2012 台北市光華獅子會年青年寫生比賽 入選
2012『慶祝蘭陽自來水百年紀念』全國成人寫生比賽 入選
2012 璞玉發光藝術行銷活動大專社會組 優選 
2011 全國學生美展大專組西畫類 優選


ABTG 4: Eugenia

Eugenia 1

EUGENIA PG :: www.bitly.com/eugeniapg
Born in 1994 in El Salvador, Eugenia discovered art at a young age and nurtured it ever since. Without any professional education in art, Eugenia has participated in two art festivals (Festival Bicultural 2011,2012) and received workshops with recognized Salvadorean Artists. In 2013, she moved to Taipei, Taiwan. Last year, she participated in Exposure: Art, Beer, Culture 2014, to get involved with Taipei’s artsy scene.
Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and coloring the void between her career and the art field. She describes her art as over-saturated by colors and patterns, reflecting the complexity of the journey of human experiences and interpersonal relationships.

Eugenia portrait