FAQ for WBB Taiwan

Women Beyond Borders Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Red Room Women Beyond Borders 2021, Taiwan?
A Traveling Exhibition in celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2021) and Beyond.
First stop Taipei.

Red Room is excited to announce our collaboration with Women Beyond Borders. WBB is a non-profit, cross-cultural exhibition of women connecting women from all walks of life within and beyond their communities across the globe via a small, wooden box. Women from internationally known artists to women with no prior artistic experience, everywhere from Argentina to Zambia, have transformed these wooden boxes into a repository that contains a story from the artist.

WBB has had 900+ artist participants, over 10,000 student participants, and 50+ exhibitions worldwide. This project challenges geographical, political, ethnic, religious, and aesthetic boundaries. Since its inception, Women Beyond Borders has acted as a catalyst for change and cultural exchange worldwide. Red Room is honored to be a part of this movement and we invite all women, of all nationalities living on our beautiful island of Taiwan, to join our Red Room WBB traveling exhibition.

2. How do I join?
To join this traveling exhibition, please fill out the form. We will provide you with a box for your artistic expression (see link below). Final submissions for all boxes must be before February 15, 2021 with all details included. We will let you know where to submit your work of art.
Participation fee is NTD500/person, and includes a custom made box which can be delivered to you in Taiwan or can be picked up in person from the Red Room.

3. So how does the travel exhibition work?
Red Room will be launching this program for the first time in Taiwan, and our stories will be united with hundreds of women’s stories from around the world. The first exhibition will be held in Taipei, and will then travel to different locations in Taiwan, gathering more stories and more boxes at every stop.

4. How else can I participate/support the project?
We are looking to build direct partnerships with
a. women non-profits or hosts in major cities.
b. a sponsor for the traveling exhibit,
c. Or if you wish to simply sponsor a box that too is an option
please e-mail us at red.room.taipei@gmail.com with the subject line;
a. RRWBB 2021 Non-Profit or Host contact
b. RRWBB 2021 Sponsorship
c. Box donation

5. What exactly is the Hosts role/purpose?
a. Hosts and NGO work hand in hand directly
b. Provide or locate exhibition space (minimum of one week)
c. facilitate Opening Event and discussions
d. promote/ with solid network to invite

6. What exactly is the non-profit receiving from participation?
a. Bringing awareness to their cause/culture
b. Opportunity to share their stories and gain recognition
c. Donations through Sale of Boxes
*possible on-line market place where the sale of the boxes goes directly to the NGO involved

• To learn more about WBB please visit: www.womenbeyondborders.org
• To learn more about Red Room’s International Women’s Day Program, or to sign up to participate please visit: Celebrating Women in Taipei

Taipei City Red Room Culture, Education & Arts Association

WBB台灣女性超越國界計畫 常問問題:

1. 什麼是 2021台灣女性超越國界計畫(Women Beyond Borders 2021)?

紅坊很興奮的宣佈我們將會與Women beyond borders(女性超越國界計畫) 合作。WBB為一非營利性且跨文化之創作計畫,以一個小小的「木盒子」 聯繫了國與國之間、不同工作背景、不同社群環境下孕育出來的女性同胞 。「木盒子」創作計畫開始後,參與者從享譽國際的女性藝術家,到毫無經驗的素人女性;作品來自南美阿根廷,直至非洲尚比亞,串起一捲跨越界線的浪,將「木盒子」轉化,融進不同時空故事,雕琢出屬於自己的生命,將這些女性心中的色彩與溫度寄託於上。

2. 我該如何參加?


3. 巡迴展覽將會如何進行?

4. 我想用其他方式參與/支持這個計畫?
請來信至 red.room.taipei@gmail.com,主旨請註明您的目的:

5. 我想擔任主辦方的話,主辦的角色/責任為何?
– 主辦方將跟在地非盈利組織合作協同
– 尋找/提供展覽場地(最少一星期)
– 策劃開幕活動以及主題對話
– 活動宣傳與跟社群大眾連結,邀請參與

6. 活動中的非營利組織能藉著外部參與獲得什麼?
– 喚起外部對於本身文化及理念的共感意識
– 可以藉著此一機會分享組織故事,取得認可
– 展出作品販售所得,作為舉辦贊助金費
* 可能藉由線上平台寄賣,作品販售所得捐給協辦非營利團體

* 更多關於《2021女性超越國界計畫》請見:www.womenbeyondborders.org
* 更多關於紅坊國際婦女節資訊,或是欲參與請見:Celebrating Women in Taipei

Taipei City Red Room Culture, Education & Arts Association

May 2019 Rendezvous at Red Room

[ 我們要搬家了!We are moving! ]

[ 我們要搬家了!We are moving! ]

News flash, everyone: we’re moving! July is going to be our relocation month, so Red Room is closed outside of Stage Time and Juice at the Red Room 家庭聆聽分享會events!


Don’t worry though, we’ll still be in the TAF base! But we will be moving to the building right across from the guardhouse!


Also, we’d like to thank everyone for having supported all our efforts in this enormous space over the past three years. We keep doing our best once we’ve moved to our new home.


If you could take a minute to fill out the survey below, we’d love to hear your input on how Red Room could make your experiences even better!

Stage Time & Wine origins

Charles Haines, Master of Cups, Artist and dedicated Red Roomer, shares his memory of the Red Room’s creation:

Being part of the first days of Red Room was pretty amazing. It started sitting around a table at Roma’s house. Ayesha, who is the co-founder of Red Room, presented us with her idea for the Red Room platform [at that table]. She had traveled to Taidung and she had met Ping Chu there. They got talking about what she wanted to do, which was create a listening space, and a sharing space. Ping just happened to have a place where we could do this. This partnership, which started during that meeting, led to the creation of the Red Room.

She talked with us about it after that first meeting with Ping. We started throwing around ideas about what we were going to do, and who we were going to invite, and the name of the event. We had the name Red Room, but we wanted a subtitle to give a better- nobody [knew] what Red Room [was], so we needed something to explain [it]. Manav came out of his room and said “Why don’t you call it Stage Time & Wine?” and that was it. He walked back into his room and we didn’t hear from him again. I think he was, like, eighteen at the time. His involvement with the Red Room grew progressively and he used to open each Stage Time & Wine with a poem he wrote.

I wasn’t really very much involved with the organizing of any of the events at that time. I sat in and talked about things, but it was very kind of organic that first one. We were just asking friends to come and play music. At the very first Stage Time & Wine, I worked with Manav at the bar. We had a great time together. I think it was that night that we bonded. I did not know then how much a part of my life he would become and I am so grateful that we worked together at the first Red Room bar.

Since we didn’t know whether it was going to be a onetime thing—one Stagetime & Wine– or six months, or whatever, we didn’t really plan for Red Room to be what it’s become. It’s grown every year. We definitely didn’t know when we were sitting around the table what Red Room would become.

I think, after that first one, a lot of people that were involved were so excited about it. It was their enthusiasm that encouraged Ayesha, and all of us, to do it as a once-a-month event for as long as there was an interest. Ayesha left a few months later and Roma and Manav have run with it and made it what Red Room is today.

14 March 2016

Image: The earliest invitation to Stage Time & Wine, art by Charles Haines.

What is the origin of the name Red Room?

The Red Room was essentially named as a feeling. It turned out the room that I imagined to be ‘red’ was in fact very very ‘green’ … but in my memory there was a warmth, a character somewhat crimson and understated. After coming up with the event name of ‘Stage Time and Wine’, I suppose the wine itself bled into my mind, a seeping stain that could in some way support the activities that would happen within. Why house a single event as a room in a greater space? Perhaps an intuition or a hope of things to come, of more rooms having opportunity to build themselves and nestle within the scaffolding. Stories tend to unfold in red rooms.

Ayesha Mehta, Co-Founder Red Room
Founder Ayama Music
18 July 2017

Image: Co-founder Ayesha at one of the early Stage Time & Wine events.

Marriage Equality

By the Red Room…

Our Creative Nook for our Red Room Performers, Contributors, Friends, and Newbies who want to share more of their beautiful words. Want to be a part of it? Contact me, Whitney, at editor.redroom@gmail.com for submission guidelines and information. I accept on a rolling basis, but I would like to get contributions ready by the 25th of each month.

Marriage Equality
By Aspiring Azul

6am this morning i watch a speech by Ping on perspective. regarding the law sanctioning the principle of Marital Equality for woman & woman, man and man.
by 7 i’m spilling ink across the table top
whirling out the words i could not express,
remaining is but what i have left.

I don’t believe in Marriage
I believe in creating, communicating, coloring my crazed cravings into my comic craft
i’ve chosen this
i’ve chosen him
i’ve chosen her

Love isn’t colorblind, nor is love red
love is a rainbow under covers of a bed

I believe in the sight of another human being drawing me breathless
intense vulnerability linked to sharing…everything

I believe in the security of a surreal bond
confident that the world outside sanctions my choice
I’ve chosen this
i’ve chosen him
i’ve chosen her
a united plunge into pools of wonder
hand in hand through shallow puddles of rooted struggles
limbs intwined for the pretzel like cuddles
braving winter elements with one scarf between two
filled wth butterflies and candle lit shrines

peering into eyes that spark a fire trail
listening to a heart rate tell its tale
smelling scents of head & hair
touch of body with tender care

without these liberties and assurances, whats left of being human?
without acceptance , how can we belong?

With my beliefs respected

insert myself into reality
contribute to those around me,
navigate the spheres of curiosity
adapt to principles of society

blend and stir to thicken the stew
trace life’s pages with many and a few
crack the surface and discover the new

Today the issue is that not all of us can do these things,

bubbling beneath us is boiling truth
if neglected we’re ruined we’re THROUGH

I believe in people , i believe in our decisions, i believe in our acceptance,
i’ve chosen this,
i’ve chosen him,
i’ve chosen her