[ 我們要搬家了!We are moving! ]

[ 我們要搬家了!We are moving! ]

News flash, everyone: we’re moving! July is going to be our relocation month, so Red Room is closed outside of Stage Time and Juice at the Red Room 家庭聆聽分享會events!


Don’t worry though, we’ll still be in the TAF base! But we will be moving to the building right across from the guardhouse!


Also, we’d like to thank everyone for having supported all our efforts in this enormous space over the past three years. We keep doing our best once we’ve moved to our new home.


If you could take a minute to fill out the survey below, we’d love to hear your input on how Red Room could make your experiences even better!

Stage Time & Wine origins

Charles Haines, Master of Cups, Artist and dedicated Red Roomer, shares his memory of the Red Room’s creation:

Being part of the first days of Red Room was pretty amazing. It started sitting around a table at Roma’s house. Ayesha, who is the co-founder of Red Room, presented us with her idea for the Red Room platform [at that table]. She had traveled to Taidung and she had met Ping Chu there. They got talking about what she wanted to do, which was create a listening space, and a sharing space. Ping just happened to have a place where we could do this. This partnership, which started during that meeting, led to the creation of the Red Room.

She talked with us about it after that first meeting with Ping. We started throwing around ideas about what we were going to do, and who we were going to invite, and the name of the event. We had the name Red Room, but we wanted a subtitle to give a better- nobody [knew] what Red Room [was], so we needed something to explain [it]. Manav came out of his room and said “Why don’t you call it Stage Time & Wine?” and that was it. He walked back into his room and we didn’t hear from him again. I think he was, like, eighteen at the time. His involvement with the Red Room grew progressively and he used to open each Stage Time & Wine with a poem he wrote.

I wasn’t really very much involved with the organizing of any of the events at that time. I sat in and talked about things, but it was very kind of organic that first one. We were just asking friends to come and play music. At the very first Stage Time & Wine, I worked with Manav at the bar. We had a great time together. I think it was that night that we bonded. I did not know then how much a part of my life he would become and I am so grateful that we worked together at the first Red Room bar.

Since we didn’t know whether it was going to be a onetime thing—one Stagetime & Wine– or six months, or whatever, we didn’t really plan for Red Room to be what it’s become. It’s grown every year. We definitely didn’t know when we were sitting around the table what Red Room would become.

I think, after that first one, a lot of people that were involved were so excited about it. It was their enthusiasm that encouraged Ayesha, and all of us, to do it as a once-a-month event for as long as there was an interest. Ayesha left a few months later and Roma and Manav have run with it and made it what Red Room is today.

14 March 2016

Image: The earliest invitation to Stage Time & Wine, art by Charles Haines.

What is the origin of the name Red Room?

The Red Room was essentially named as a feeling. It turned out the room that I imagined to be ‘red’ was in fact very very ‘green’ … but in my memory there was a warmth, a character somewhat crimson and understated. After coming up with the event name of ‘Stage Time and Wine’, I suppose the wine itself bled into my mind, a seeping stain that could in some way support the activities that would happen within. Why house a single event as a room in a greater space? Perhaps an intuition or a hope of things to come, of more rooms having opportunity to build themselves and nestle within the scaffolding. Stories tend to unfold in red rooms.

Ayesha Mehta, Co-Founder Red Room
Founder Ayama Music
18 July 2017

Image: Co-founder Ayesha at one of the early Stage Time & Wine events.

Marriage Equality

By the Red Room…

Our Creative Nook for our Red Room Performers, Contributors, Friends, and Newbies who want to share more of their beautiful words. Want to be a part of it? Contact me, Whitney, at [email protected] for submission guidelines and information. I accept on a rolling basis, but I would like to get contributions ready by the 25th of each month.

Marriage Equality
By Aspiring Azul

6am this morning i watch a speech by Ping on perspective. regarding the law sanctioning the principle of Marital Equality for woman & woman, man and man.
by 7 i’m spilling ink across the table top
whirling out the words i could not express,
remaining is but what i have left.

I don’t believe in Marriage
I believe in creating, communicating, coloring my crazed cravings into my comic craft
i’ve chosen this
i’ve chosen him
i’ve chosen her

Love isn’t colorblind, nor is love red
love is a rainbow under covers of a bed

I believe in the sight of another human being drawing me breathless
intense vulnerability linked to sharing…everything

I believe in the security of a surreal bond
confident that the world outside sanctions my choice
I’ve chosen this
i’ve chosen him
i’ve chosen her
a united plunge into pools of wonder
hand in hand through shallow puddles of rooted struggles
limbs intwined for the pretzel like cuddles
braving winter elements with one scarf between two
filled wth butterflies and candle lit shrines

peering into eyes that spark a fire trail
listening to a heart rate tell its tale
smelling scents of head & hair
touch of body with tender care

without these liberties and assurances, whats left of being human?
without acceptance , how can we belong?

With my beliefs respected

insert myself into reality
contribute to those around me,
navigate the spheres of curiosity
adapt to principles of society

blend and stir to thicken the stew
trace life’s pages with many and a few
crack the surface and discover the new

Today the issue is that not all of us can do these things,

bubbling beneath us is boiling truth
if neglected we’re ruined we’re THROUGH

I believe in people , i believe in our decisions, i believe in our acceptance,
i’ve chosen this,
i’ve chosen him,
i’ve chosen her


Red Room presents
NEW VOICES, NEW VISIONS with Painted Sun and Alex Wu
SUNDAY 6/19 2016, 7:30PM – 10:00PM


June 19 at Red Room offers a special evening of truly creative and inspiring music. Starting out the evening will be Scott Prairie’s exciting new project known as “Painted Sun” described as a “rich theatrical, joyful, rock pop opera celebration” featuring Scott’s inspired songwriting and the soaring vocals of Jessica Huang.

The second set offers percussionist extraordinaire Alex Wu and his new project featuring himself on percussion, electric bass, and pipa as well as a flamenco dancer for several pieces.

紅房將在6月19日呈現充滿創意及靈感的音樂之夜。開場的演出者為Scott Prairie以及他的新作品:「彩繪的太陽」,是一個「快樂、豐富又戲劇化的搖滾歌劇慶典」。作品將會精彩呈現Scott的歌曲創作及Jessica Huang高揚的歌聲。第二場演出將為打擊天才Alex Wu與他的新作品,內容包含打擊樂、電子貝斯、琵琶及一為弗拉門戈舞者。歡迎大家來一同見證台灣最有創意的音樂家及作曲家發揮他們的新題材!

Come and see some of Taiwan’s most creative musicians and composers trying out their new ideas!
RED ROOM, TAF LIBRARY, 2F, No. 177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd 台北市大安區建國南路一段177號

D3whiteChenLi-sPainted Sun 日
Painted Sun is the brainchild of American-born, Taipei-based composer musician Scott Prairie who was fortunate enough to meet and collaborate with two knock out Taiwanese musicians. The result is a set of songs that are a rich theatrical, joyful, rock pop opera celebration. Lead singer Jessica (HsinTien) Huang (黃心恬) is a natural born front woman and street dancer, her mind blowing energy goes right to and through the heart. Yuju Weng (翁于茹) was trained at the respected Berklee college of music and is in high demand as a sound effects coordinator for events throughout Taiwan, she offers creative environments on multiple instruments, along with Scott on bass guitar.

發芽於定居台灣的美籍音樂創作家Scott Prairie,音樂命運串聯起另外兩位充滿新生創意的台灣音樂種子。Painted Sun的音樂有著多種張力,樂曲意境與畫面、穿梭搖滾與流行、歌頌自在與愉悅。
主唱心恬有著分享溫暖能量的特質,同時也對街舞、接觸即興有份執著。樂手于茹從波士頓百克里音樂學院畢業,是位聲音特效執行專才,並善用旋律組合音效環扣氛圍。結合Scott的電貝斯,Painted Sun將凝聚出不同的「身音感受」。

Before moving to Taiwan Scott performed in many of New York City’s most respected centers for creative art as a singer songwriter and experimental musician, including CBGB’s, The Kitchen, and The Knitting Factory and worked with members of groups such as Guided By Voices and Sonic Youth. Since moving to Taiwan he has performed in twenty-three countries including The Kennedy Center and The Melbourne International Arts Festival with Taipei-based world music group A Moving Sound, which he co-created with his wife Mia Hsieh. Their music has been featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered”, BBC Radio 3, Huffington Post and The Discovery Channel.

One of Scott’s songs was used in a 711 commercial for City Cafe that featured Guay luen mei 桂綸美 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5mb_6_E8Uo
在移居台灣之前,Scott曾以歌手、作曲家、實驗音樂家等身份,在紐約許多知名的場所公開演出。(包含CBGB’s, The Kitchen, 以及 The Knitting Factory。且曾與Guided By Voices 和 Sonic Youth的團員合作音樂專案)
隨後在台灣與妻子謝韻雅Mia一同創立「聲動樂團A Moving Sound」,至今與團員曾抵達二十三個國家,參與The Kennedy Center 和 The Melbourne International Arts Festival等活動,共同演奏世界音樂。
聲動樂團的音樂曾經與許多國際的傳播媒體合作,如 NPR’s “All Things Considered”, BBC Radio 3, Huffington Post 以及The Discovery Channel。Scott的歌曲也與台灣 7-11 City Cafe的廣告合作配樂(City Cafe featured 桂綸美 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5mb_6_E8Uo

alex four吳政君與好友們的音樂聊天室

吳政君擅長二胡、拉丁打擊樂器、中國打擊樂器、世界手鼓、爵士鼓等多項樂器,是國內 少見精通歐、亞、美、非等地手鼓藝術的擊樂演奏家。 近年來更以紮實的國樂素養以及多方位的打擊才華,跨足世界音樂、爵士樂、拉丁音樂、流行音樂等各領域, 其優異的演奏能力、跨界融合的才華與豐富的表演經驗使他成為當今國內最炙手可熱的世界音樂演奏家之一,從大型流行音樂巡迴演唱會到與國家級樂團合作演出的 藝術殿堂,都能見到他為音樂畫龍點睛的神采。這次將與好友們帶來自己的作品,結合了爵士、拉丁、傳統民族音樂
Alex Wu (Wu Zheng Jun) is one of the most sought-after percussionists in Asia. He has the rare music ability of being proficient in Chinese erhu, Latin percussion, Chinese percussion, world tambourine, drum set and many other instruments. He has performed throughout Asia, North America, Europe and Africa in the areas of world music, jazz, Latin music, and pop music. Alex has the rare ability to mix styles and and ethnic influences for a unique and truly creative musical quality. He performs and tours with a wide range of musical groups from well-established pop and world music groups as well as traditional and symphony orchestra projects. He is truly one of Taiwan’s shining stars!

WWW.REDROOMTAIPEI.COM ••••• [email protected]

10 June 2016, ReadAloud

Readaloud-4Hey There, all you Expressive People!
Red Room Radio Redux (R4) invites you to …
時間: 8 pm – 10 pm
日期: 2016.6.10
地點: 紅房國際村 (空總創新基地)
入場費: 200 NTD
ReadAloud: June
Time: 8 pm – 10 pm
Date: June 10, 2016
Venue: Red Room International Village, TAF
Your Patronage: 200 NT
*** 我們固定於每月第二個周五相聚
***We meet every month on the second Friday
Bring a story, a song, poem, quotation, a joke or whatever you’d like to read – or hear – aloud.
您可以準備任何想讀或想聽的小故事、歌曲、詩詞、名言、笑話;自己的作品或別人的著作,都行! (每人大約10分鐘,時間視參加者多寡增減)
You may read your own material or something written by someone else.
(roughly 10 min limit, depending on the number of readers)
Constructive criticism will be offered – a great opportunity to improve skill.
Bring a snack or a beverage to share. Wine will be on sale by the glass.
All languages and all levels of experience are welcome.
No microphones, no special effects. No competition. Guaranteed moral support.
我們不用麥克風、不做特效、不彼此競爭! 只有彼此支持鼓勵!
“There is a certain satisfaction in voicing written words. We lift them off the page and let them out into the air. At the Red Room village we have created a space-within-the-space and we meet there to listen and to be heard.” -Ruth, Director R4
-Ruth, 紅房新廣播劇團團長
Learn more –詳情請見:
Redroomtaipei.com > Events > Red Room Radio Redux
Or search Facebook for R4=radioredux
或搜尋FB粉絲專頁: R4=radioredux

More about Rosalinde Leipzig e.V.

More about Rosalinde Leipzig e.V.

Rosalinde Leipzig e.V. is a nonforprofit, nongovernmental organization formed in 1989 which operates on a transparent, democratic basis through the support of volunteers. The organization seeks to advocate for and support the LGBTI+ community through four primary ‘pillars’:

1. Counseling: Rosalinde Leipzig e.V. has trained volunteers and specialists at their counseling centers to provide guidance, education, and help for members of the LGBTI+ community and their family, friends and advocates. In addition to private sessions, they also host discussion groups for LGBTI+ people who wish to ‘come out’ or who seek an inclusive, safe space to discuss and explore their gender or identity.

2. Education: Rosalinde Leipzig e.V. offers resources for further education and hosts educational programs. Their programs aim to educate parents and friends of the LGBIT+ community on how best to support their loved ones.

One such program, “Love True Colors!”, focuses on educating students in Saxon schools on LGBTI+ issues and helping LGBTI+ individuals involved in extracurricular activities. They provide education on sexual orientation and gender identity to encourage young people to accept their LGBTI+ peers and ensure LGBTI+ students and community members can comfortably participate in extracurricular activities at school. The team members of the project are young adults who share their own experiences as community members of the experiences of the LGBTI+ community through educational workshops.

Along that vein, Rosalinde Leipzig e.V. educates the community on the discrimination faced by the LGBTI+ community, and provides sex education, including information on HIV/Aids. They also share information on and facilitate partner events, including The Parent Information Point, a collaboration between the Working Group on Sex education and the health centre in Leipzig, which focuses on providing information to parents on issues related to sexuality and gender.

3. Advocacy: An organization that acknowledges the importance of intersectionality, they advocate not only against homophobia and transphobia but also against racism, sexism, and any form of discrimination.They advocate for their members through integrating their work into sociocultural events, through composing statements on education, theology, medicine and sociology with regards to LGBTI+; and through addressing legal and political issues that affect LGBTI+ people. They also conduct and participate in public events where they advocate for LGBTI+ issues and highlight LGBTI+ artistic contributions and culture. In addition, the provide information and consultancy on legal issues for their members and the community.

4. Culture: Rosalinde Leipzig e.V. highlights and promotes LGBTI+ culture and art through readings, musical performances, cabaret performances, and exhibitions. This year, Rosalinde Leipzig e.V., in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Saxony , are involved in a book fair programme to ensure LGBTI+ voices are included in literary canon and queer and feminist perspectives are represented. They will also be hosting a reading, which includes three queer authors, at their institution. Finally, they are inviting LGBTI+ audiences to share their own stories on the day.

More about Queer Refugees Network, Leipzig

More about Queer Refugees Network, Leipzig

QueeRNL is a project backed by the NGO RosaLinde Leipzig e.V., whose premises and network QueeRNL project members use. QueeRNL aims to provide the “three Cs”: counseling, company and congress.

Counseling is offered to look at individual cases and find solutions and relevant institutions. This is very central because the ratio of social workers to refugees and clients is 1:300, meaning that each social worker must address all issues that those 300 people face.

Obviously, they are not always able to offer comprehensive strategies.This is where QueeRNL offers help. The program identifies unique problems their clients face and looks for solutionoriented strategies. Many volunteers within QueeRNL are also queer people of color with knowledge on issues related to the intersectionality of being a queer, person of color and a refugee.

Company involves going with clients to doctors, lawyers or any other institution to provide support and offer language mediation. This aspect of the program ensures clients feel comfortable and are better able to make informed decisions on what care they require and are able to obtain.

Congress aims to create a platform for the refugees. Weekly meetups help clients connect, and build friendships and support groups. Once more organized and better funded, this platform will also be used to lobby for interests and create visibility in the communities on a local and hopefully national and European level. QueeRNL intends to build up these structures, and add to them, in a sustainable manner.

One project that is underway is queer housing. Many refugees are initially placed in housing where they face discrimination. QueeRNL is working to relocate refugees to queer and safe shelters to escape discrimination in their refugee camps.

In addition to aiding QueeRNL provide the three C’s, funding will also help finance information channels to reach refugees, extracurricular activities in the group, and investment in future house projects.