Felicia Rodrigues, ABTGV

Felish is an individual that does not like conformity. Her life is ruled by philosophy and rationality. Through the many twists and negative turns life has taken you, she has always believed that you are in control of your own outlook of life. Instead of caving in to the negative vibes, keep your head up and prove that stars do shine no matter how dark everything may be. She was born in the city of Mississauga, Toronto with a Goan (India) and Trinidadian ethnicity. She’s been an artist at the tender age of 14. Influenced by the surreal style of Salvador Dali. Her works have always been unique and original. Felicia is passionate about personalizing all her work. Her works unite image and color to a symbolic meaning. As individualistic as each person may be her art is a significant meaning to its beholder. Her works can not be categorized or labeled. Felicia’s style is fresh with variety and diversity. She breaks barriers and believes in expanding as an artist.

Felicia Rodrigues <felish.goan@gmail.com>

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