ABTG4: Leon

6LeonLeon Zhou (Mr. Jing-ran), is a substantial experimental and creative genius. Despite Leon’s young age, he produces integrated and multi-medium pieces, of which the quantity and quality does not shy away from many other more established artists.
Because of his sensibility for the creation, he never compromises. He has a gentle appearance, but it is enveloped with a fiery heart.
現在介紹的是竟然,藝術家周永祐(竟然先生)為一位實驗性質濃厚的天才創作者,綜合、多媒材創作,1992 生於台灣,竟然雖然年輕、但創作量與質不輸許多藝術工作者。

A portfolio of his work can be found here:
http://goo.gl/864zlJ facebook.com/dreamer119
Instagram @zhouyungyu

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