Adele Chen ABTGV

Owner at Lady Adelita Art Studio
Newcastle, UK | Taipei, Taiwan | UK B&D studio previous artist | art in synethesia artist | paper rose gifts designer & maker | mobile phone photographer |

Lady_Adelita is a visual artist used to base in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK but now stay in Taiwan for a short period. While her stay in Newcastle, she has been shortlisted on many local exhibitions and also accepted open calls from other European countries. She is interested in making music and color synthesia* works with tangled lines and brushes. By this way she creates an inner dialogue between herself, rhythms and visual paintings. Her inspirations come from all the music genre and worldwide, but she prefer vintage Jazz vocal, indie pop and rock, and heavy metal.

She has many experiences of exhibiting in the UK and Greece, the most recent one is Surprise8 in Earth 44, in Athens. Her music-color synethesia work “Rose-colored glasses” which had been shortlisted for and sold on this exhibition.

Her following works will be paint with local songs, it’s plan proceed with traveling.

*Synesthesia is a combination word from Ancient Greek word σύν syn, “together”, and αἴσθησις aisthēsis, “sensation, it is an idea refers to a sense induct to another sense while the first sense is happening. According to present researches, there can be few different types of synesthesia phenomenon, ex:letter v.s music, music v.s color, touch v.s color, no matter which one happened it’s all been a kind of rare experience.

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