Mhi Ji Gi Me 咪基琪米老師

[Designers 設計師介紹 ]- 咪基琪米老師
太魯閣族國寶.國際選美.台灣國服設計師咪基琪米・Golden Intl 國內,國際選美造型/服飾顧問・國服專屬設計師
[ 原美學工坊 ]

[ Designer Bio ] Mhi Ji Gi Me

Truku Tribe national treasure, international competitor, Taiwanese National Clothing designer Mhi Ji Gi Me, Golden Intl Domestic and International pageant stylist/accessories consultant, Specialty Traditional Clothing Designer.

Wear your pride on your person
Express your intention as your intention expresses itself
The Eye of the Ancestor appears on your clothing, that is Aboriginal Culture
“Go with the Eye of the Ancestor, then you can find your root and recognize yourself.”

Seediq Tribes people wear mostly lighter-colored clothing with an Ancestral Eye pattern.
Truku Tribes people wear mostly white clothing that have Ancestral Eye Decorations to symbolize “purity.”
Atayal Clothing are more rich and varied in design, but mostly present with a red base which symbolizes passion, blood, and the life of connection and inheritance, which also wards away evil.

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