Lata Sita, 8-fest 2017

Lata Sita

LataSita 用一些美好的材料來再製成「零浪費」的衣物。在我們的經典系列中,您會發現經過精心挑選,剪裁和縫合的複古莎麗服(印度傳統服裝),與工廠批量生產的特性完全不同,LataSita 在每件作品中都投入了許多時間,精力和愛。由設計驅使,我們不斷受到新發現之面料的啟發。從高貴的絲綢和錦緞,到區域印度圖案的複雜手工編織,到柔軟和褪色的看似藏著什麼故事的手工棉布,這些與我們一起工作的材質布料都不斷地讓我們驚豔,讓我們感到愉快。

每一件紗麗服都是獨一無二的— 每一件都做的十分不同,你不會發現其他人有跟你一樣的樣式,創造出僅此一件,且具有為小碳足跡的衣物。這些美麗的服裝精神自由,剪裁精細,性感舒適。歡迎任何體型、大小、年齡的人來探索這些設計,帶走我們的這些具有歷史,故事的精美獨特的服裝。

我們所有的衣服都是在高度重視環境和裁縫師的加爾各答工作室所製作。加入這個行動 – 挑一件驚人的LataSita服裝,讓你的衣服成為你喜悅的來源!

LataSita creates zero-waste clothing crafted out of fabulous upcycled materials. In our signature line, you’ll find vintage sarees that are handpicked, cut and stitched in a process that is quite the opposite of factory mass production – one that puts time, effort and a lot of love into each piece. Driven by design, we are constantly inspired by the fabric we find. From rich silks and brocades, to intricately handwoven pieces in regional Indian motifs, to soft and faded handloom cottons that tell a tale, the material we work with amazes and delights us. We can’t get enough of it.

Each saree is unique – making each piece excitingly different so you won’t find yours on anyone else, resulting in a one-of-a-kind garment with a tiny carbon footprint. These gorgeous garments are free in spirit, exquisitely cut, sexy and comfortable. All shapes, sizes and ages are welcome to explore our designs and take away an exquisitely unique piece of fabric, with a history and a story.

All our clothes made with the highest regard for the environment and the tailors in our Calcutta studio. Join the movement – pick up a stunning LataSita garment and let your clothes be a source of joy!

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