ABTG4: Kate Huang

Kate Huang, was born and raised in Taiwan. A self taught artist and a freelancer, she’s always loved drawing and painting since she was little, on papers, walls, or even the textbooks. She chose to put aside the drawing pens and stepped into the business world as she considered it to be the “secured path”. But the calling from true passion lead her back when she listened to her own voice.

Spring 2016

Huang loves painting, it is the time when she feels the most real, she acts truthfully, sees the world with better clarity and knows the ultimate truth that all things on both sides of the duality, are beauty. She seldom feels the need to make a statement through art, being an artist to her is like being a translator or a converter for the universal energy. She stretches wide to let passion and inspiration roar through. Paintings are done through her rather than by her. She believes in art, in it’s healing power, and it’s ability of reaching hearts. To touch a heart with a painting, the connection happens in an instant, in the most truthful and honest way.

In recent years when she paint, she structures the picture less and less before starting to paint. Now she just breathes and empties herself. She settles into her true state at the moment, then lets the moment transform into colors, texture, and shapes. She lets the flow lead the way to find it’s possibilities and grow organically. Every beginning of a painting is a new journey, and the destination always surprises her. To me this is the best thing that painting had taught her – there is always a good possibility wherever we are!

Kate Huang

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