Artists Bridge the Gap (ABTG)

Artists Bridge the Gap is an all day event bringing together live art, music, and theatre from across the island for the purpose of bridging gaps between international communities and creating opportunities for those in need.

The first such event took place in 2009 following Typhoon Morokat. Observing the devastation Morokat had caused in Taiwan, the artistic community organized Artists Beat the Flood, a live art event to provide aid for those in need. The event was very successful, thanks to everyone’s support, raising over half a million New Taiwanese dollars to support disaster relief efforts.

The events that followed, Artists Beat the Flood II and Artists Break the Mold III, were organized to support the Red room and all the volunteers, artists, musicians, and writers who are part of the community.

Learn more by searching ABTF or ABTM on the Red Room website or on the web.