CANCELED – Night of the Rose – A Mother’s Day Concert

玫瑰之夜- 為女人而唱

  • Event cancelled due to COVID-19

About this Event

“A woman is like a rose in the desert. The more difficult the environment, the brighter and more beautiful it will grow.”

On Mother’s Day 2018, I sang “Roses Concert ~ La nuit des roses” a concert for all women at the Red Room International Village. I experienced a very peculiar singing experience, singing in a small salon, and at the end, seventy people from the audience were hugging each other in tears, singing, laughter…

At that moment, I understood that music is not just music~.
We were all together on that night and got a lot of strength and comfort!
Each song of Rose Night tells a different story and mood of each woman.

As a mother and a woman, on the eve of Mother’s Day~ I use singing to express my admiration and love for all mothers and women from all walks of life.

Woman, you are a rose in the desert, blooming your beauty in difficulties!

Everyone is welcome to come and relax together~ Enjoy the night of the soul of a woman.
All mothers who come to participate on the day will have a special gift! ~

At the same time, an exhibition of Indian artist Roma is also on display. Red Room Rendezvous also offers very delicious vegan dishes. Welcome everyone!



女聲- 蘇婭



大提琴家- 張道文Annie

張道文出生於台灣台北市。以全額獎學金先後於密西根大學-安娜堡、波士頓大學完成學、碩士學位。曾於「孫運璿紀念音樂會」首演李泰祥先生作品「夢幻島大提琴協奏曲」。曾任S.H.E 2 Gether 4 ever世界巡演唱會安可場和林宥嘉神遊演唱會大提琴手,並與周杰倫、客家金曲天后曾雅君、周蕙、陳昇、韋禮安、郭靜、范瑋琪、張韶涵、袁永琳和張菲等合作專輯錄製。2014年12月初於新加坡濱海Voice-A Festival of Song 音樂節『渾然天成-布農與大提琴』演出並參與製作與音樂編曲創作。2017年2次受邀於上海音樂廳『音樂午茶』演出。2018年10月受邀於香港國際爵士音樂節演出。現任午後之樹跨界爵士團、純粹探戈樂團大提琴手。


澳洲雪梨 Australia Music Institution 鍵盤樂器演奏與編曲製作結業, 從事音樂演出, 編曲, 創作, 教學工作逾10年, 曾與黃嘉千, 李玖哲, 巫啟賢, 倪子鈞等藝人合作。配樂作品包括紀錄片『再見馬德里』, 電玩遊戲『Destiny』。目前擔任J-ter 樂團總監, KUA Worship, I’M與 101敬拜樂團常駐鍵盤手。