Growing and Changing

Red Room Reflections, April 2018

Red Room Takes Flight Timelapse from Red Room on Vimeo.

Growing & Changing –

Change is coming to the Red Room. This summer we will be moving to a new location within the TAF Innovation Base, hence Red Room is currently undergoing a long-awaited spring clean! The above video is a time-lapse of us moving in three years ago. Without doubt there will be all hands on deck again this time. If you would like to lend a hand with the big move click here.

This month we will also be saying farewell to our long-time Red Roomer and editor, Ruth Giordano, as she embarks on a new life away from the Isle of Formosa. Ruth has been deeply involved with Red Room for almost eight years; as director of Red Room Radio Redux, editor of the Red Room e-newsletter, and at Stage Time and Juice. Here are a few parting words from Ruth:

Dear Readers,

There are changes coming soon in the life of Red Room and, co-incidentally, in my life, too.
I will be leaving Taiwan for the foreseeable future, so I’m turning over the editorship of the Reflections to Jessie Benjamin, a bright new face among us and an enthusiast for the written word. She has already contributed several articles to this publication and she’s excited to be taking the leadership role in collecting your reflections on the Red Room experience.
It’s been a good run! Thanks for letting me hear from you!

April has been a wholesome month in the Red Room. Our Red Room interns Jing, Jessie and Yueh-an have reflected upon the words that have been spoken, the songs that have been sung, the moments we have shared. Jing has shared with us her thoughts and impressions of creating a stunning mural for the Zhongshan North Road Art Project, a beautiful collection curated by Red Room. Jazz the taste of sangria inspired Jessie’s poem about Kind of Red.

Kind of Red 紅酒爵士夜 The last Friday of each month, Red Room welcomes you to engage in pairing wines, finger foods & social music.

Red Room intern Yueh-an has captured the essence of Stage Time & Wine in her poem 紅緣寄詩酒98

STAGE TIME & WINE (STW) is a monthly event hosted by the Red Room on the third Saturday of each month. We gather to share anything we feel the need to: words of our own, the words of others, a sound, a song, a style, an experience, a gesture, a dance, silence. We meet to respectfully listen deeply to one another. We also meet to be heard.


…scroll down and enjoy!

by Jessica Benjamin, Co-editor

Stage Time & Wine

A poem by 張悅安 YuehAn

Stage Time & Wine 98



紅色的房 是
寄放人們的行囊 寫的
詩短短兩行 緩緩
酒浸滿紙張 淚淌濕臉

Kind of Red

A poem by Jessica Benjamin

The Taste of Sangria

Deep, rich red,
Red lips brush the microphone

Mellow tone,
A sultry voice

Subtle notes,
Smooth chords

Sending a shiver,
Tingling sensation

Fruit bathed in red,
Red seeps the soul

Full-bodied spices,
Play with the palate

Frisson of flavour,
Trumpet explosion

Aromas reverberate,
Release of red


By Jing