27 October 2017, Kind of Red XIII : 紅酒爵士夜 第十三場

An event of Wine & Social Music

An event of Wine & Social Music

由衷的感謝您們支持Kind of Red 活動,很希望你們會來參加這個月的第八場!

為了向麥爾戴維斯取的藍調合輯致敬 ‘Kind of Blue’ ,紅房’Kind of Red’ 提供給你們酒、美味的食物、爵士樂和魅力的陪伴。介紹酒的文化和深入傾聽爵士樂,而每年會提供舞台給精力飽滿的台灣年輕一代爵士樂團。

We are so very grateful for the support we received launching our first 8 sessions of Kind of Red.

As a tribute to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, Red Room brings you an evening of wine, good finger foods, social music and charming company. Introducing wine in culture and deep listening to Jazz, whilst providing a venue for the up & coming jazz ensembles Taiwan’s young musicians are molding and shaping each year.

Bo Bo Lin, Aidan Zhang, Vicky Sun

Bo Bo Lin, Aidan Zhang, Vicky Sun

Jazz Musicians

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入場費 Patronage Fee

Patronage Fee 購票資訊
票種A | $600 | 預約制
時間 : 7pm ~ 10pm
*預約請寄信至 <>

票種B | $400
Time 時間:8pm ~ 10pm 晚間八點到十點

Ticket A | $600NTD
Time: 7pm-10pm
*Includes the hour(7pm-8pm) of tapas and wine pairing
* 20 persons maximum
*Please RSVP with <>

Ticket B | $400NTD
*Inclusive of 1 glass of wine

Red Room is a non-profit organisation. The entirety of the entrance fee is to cover the expenses necessary to host such an event.


場地 Event Location: Red Room, TAF LIBRARY 2F No. 177, Sec.1, Jianguo S. Rd, Taipei 空軍總部「圖書館」2樓 台北市大安區建國南路一段177號

What is Kind of Red?

每個月的最後一個星期五, Red Room 與PPF House共同邀請創意主廚,調酒師,一對說故事的人,以及一組新生代爵士樂團。為您提供美好難忘的3個小時藝文時光。表演曲風多樣,有標準爵士曲、搖擺音樂與融合放克等你來欣賞。
On the last Friday of each month, Red Room & PPF House collaborate with a sommelier, and a Taiwanese Jazz ensemble. Within a 3 hour spectrum, we savour different flavours, and spend the night actively listening to jazz.

聯絡資訊Contact Information: <[email protected]>

Wine Company: SZITY WINE CELLAR 葡萄酒專賣
介紹者 Introductions made by Wayne Pu 步文鈞

BAND: Kind of Red

Bo Bo Lin, Aidan Zhang, and Vicky Sun groove in with a different mash up every month to bring a fresh take on the different forms of jazz.