So what is Red Room all about? 嗯? Red Room 是什麼?

Celebrate the spoken word with us as we read our own passages or those that we yearn to share. Speak. Listen. Hear. Feel. Come and share a unique experience with new and old friends. Live music and warm company. All languages desired!


Aveda’s Learning Kitchen, above the Aveda Salon:
Red Room 位於 Aveda 的教學廚房,在 Aveda Salon 的樓上:
2F #117 Sec. 1 Da-an Rd   台北市大安路一段117號2F

? Red Room 是什麼?

團體所舉辦的藝文聚會。在每次 的聚會裡,任何參與者都歡迎到台上分享5分鐘的好東西,可以是一首詩、一首歌、一段無厘頭嘶吼大叫、一個神聖寧靜的片刻、一 段舞蹈、部落格上的消息、書上的節錄、自 言自語的呢喃等,任何你可以想到且值得分享的生活藝文經驗。透過這些經驗分享的過程,我們希望發展出一個能夠「深度傾聽」的文化…

「深度傾聽」???這又是甚麼玩意兒? 聽起來似乎頗深奧!

「深 度傾聽」的意涵,其實就是藉由傾聽他人分享的過程來學習聆聽的藝術。這指的是當他人在分享的時候,在場聽眾不會分心於其他談話、手機的使用或是隨意來回走 動.所有來自你頭腦與心智的注意力都給予正在分享經驗的人。而Red Room提供的便是一個能自由分享同時培養心性的創意空間°


我 們有足夠的休息時間讓大家相處聊天、喝一杯紅酒、來一口現煮的印度奶茶、吃一個超酷餐廳NonZero 所作的美味餅乾(吃三個也可以)、嚐一些西班牙調酒sangria或是西班牙涼菜湯gazpacho.最重要的是, 好菜好酒之餘,我們也保證你會遇到超級有趣的人,同時愛 上傾聽的藝術。


Stage Time & Wine 固定在每個月的第三個周六舉行,時間是18:30~22:30。入場費用新台幣$200,現場收費。


您若想帶上一瓶紅酒或是一些新鮮食材讓駐店共有的蔬菜湯更豐富, 甚至你想要分享你的創意料理, Red Room都張開雙手歡迎!


So what is Red Room all about?

Stage Time & Wine is a monthly event hosted by the Red Room. Everyone is welcome to take the stage for 5 minutes and share anything – a poem, a song, a scream, silence, a dance, a blog entry, an excerpt from a book, a monologue or anything else you can think of. Everything is welcome to this culture of listening…

Culture of Listening? What does that even mean?

Red Room is a space to inspire others and be inspired through mindful listening: the practice of narrowing attention on the person sharing and truly engaging in the art of listening.  Red Room embraces the freedom of creative expression by any method or form of artistic communication, in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment.

The Red Room is a place for the mind and body to imbibe unique flavors. Take part in our community at our open wine bar, created by those who attend. Sip a cup of our communal ‘stone soup’. We begin with boiling water, and each person contributes a unique flavour: spice, herb or vegetable.  Sip some freshly-brewed chai. Nibble a gourmet cookie (or 3) from the uber-cool restaurant, NonZero, and meet someone new.

If this sounds good to you, meet us at the Red Room, on the 3RD SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH from 18:30 – 22:30. Entry is NT$200 at the door.

If you want, bring a bottle of wine, a flavor to contribute to our communal pot of vegetable soup, or bring your own creative dish to share.

For more information, contact us by email: <[email protected]>, or on Facebook

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