Dear Red Room Friends

We are back and ready to provide opportunities for our creative community to gather in moments of self-expression.

Red Room has been on hiatus since December.  During this time we completed the process of moving out of our space at the TAF, and scouting around for a suitable new space.  We did find one, and was hoping to restart this month with a BANG! But THEN, unfortunately, the Coronavirus (COVID19) intervened, and so we are still scaled back from an “official” relaunch.

SO:  Just to let you know, WE ARE STILL HERE! We’re just keeping a low profile for now, avoiding large gatherings, and making sure that we keep everyone safe.

That said, however, we have started up a limited roster of events in March, completing our first very successful “Trash to Treasure” workshop on Sat 7th March.


We are very happy to announce that we have partnered with the wonderful 聚落山海 MATAMarket near Dongmen MRT Station, Yongkang Street for our new general-purpose venue.  MATA is a tea shop and vegetarian restaurant (the food is SUPERB), and is managed by the wonderful Ating, an indigenous woman who immediately felt aligned with the Red Room and what we stand for. There is a beautifully-decorated basement space which will be great for our workshops, Stage Time & Wine, and other more intimate events.

So:  For now, we are limiting our events like workshops to 10 people or less.

That means that we will not be doing a Stage Time & Wine event in March, but we do have a few workshops scheduled. April and May we have a full scheduled planned, but of course that will be evaluated and adjusted according to changing circumstances.  The Red Room Board of Directors considers everyone’s health and safety as our first priority.

Please take a look at our calendar and come and support our events, but of course please respect all quarantine rules that may apply to you if you’ve recently travelled, continue to practice good personal hygiene and take all necessary precautions to stay healthy.

Wishing for a speedy conclusion to this global event, and stay safe!

Tobie Openshaw
Chairman of the Board
Taipei City Red Room Culture, Education & Arts Association

(New address: 台北市大安區永康街31巷9號 Taipei, 106

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