Artists Dream the Green

Red Room’s 12th Anniversary

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SATURDAY Nov 20, 2021 11AM-9PM

—— —— All Day Live Art & Music —— ——
紅房十二週年 ~ 純植物未來慶典 ~ 全日現場創作
RR 12th Anniversary ~ Plant-Based Future Celebration

Join us for a uniquely immersive engaging live art and music event, with:
|Plant-based food and beverage selections|
|12 Artists Live Art. Silent auction on affordable artwork |

Nov 20, 2021
Saturday ,11AM- 9PM
11月20日(六) 早上11時~晚上9時

No. 252 Section 2 Keelung Road

費用 Entry:
\ $300 \ 綠色幻夢 Green Dream
Includes 1 Drink (Alcoholic/ Non)

\ $549 \ 綠色幻夢普拉斯+ Green Dream Plus
Includes 1 Meal & 1 Drink

\ $500 \ 2 人綠色幻夢 Green Dream For 2 People
Includes 2 Drink (Alcoholic/ Non)

\ $800 \ 4 人綠色幻夢 Green Dream For 4 People
Includes 4 Drink (Alcoholic/ Non)

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About this Event


Artists Dream the Green (ADTG) is the eighth incarnation of Red Room’s recurring ABTX series, in which we bring people together around live painting and music. Previous ABTX events include Artists Break the Flood (2009) which raised money for Typhoon Morakot relief; Artists Bridge the Gap (2016, 2017, 2019), and Artists Break the Pause (2020), supporting various social and political causes, including gender equality, protection of war refugees, and school building to mention a few.

Artists Dream the Green is an all day event bringing together live art and music from across the island for the purpose of bridging gaps between international communities and creating opportunities for artists. Witness the vulnerable art of creation as painters paint from morning to late afternoon, with a Silent Auction of the paintings created that day.

Each of our programmes exemplify the Red Room’s Culture of Listening.

Artists Dream the Green (ADTG) 是 Red Room ABTX 系列的第八個顯化,我們將人們聚集在現場繪畫和音樂氛圍中。之前的 ABTX 活動包括為颱風莫拉克救援籌集資金的Artists Break the Flood(2009 年); Artists Bridge the Gap (2016, 2017, 2019) 和 Artists Break the Pause (2020),支持各種社會和政治事業,包括性別平等、保護戰爭難民和學校建設等等。



Supplemental Activity – Artists Break the Board

*Get one free drink after you break your board!!

概念 Concept: 

To create a board of the obstacles and emotional blockage that you always want to break through by drawing, writing, authorizing the board. And by physically breaking it, you mentally overcome it too.

See below for COVID-19 notice

This Year’s Artists