VDXXIII – Charlie Kim, I-Chin Liao

Charlie Kim ( S.Korea )
lives in Seoul and Taipei
BOOK published  –  Seeing comes before word
2014 – KENMOS (ITALY) as a photography educator.
SPEKTRE GLASSES  as a photographer.

Visual Dialogues XXIII

I-Chin Liao was raised in Taipei, Taiwan. She earned her B.F.A. in fine arts in Tainan Technology University in 2009. In 2013 she had graduated in M.F.A. from Academy of art university, San Francisco. She has studied Chinese ink, watercolor, printmaking, sculpture, curatorial practice, photography and oil painting. Now she is focusing on abstract painting and installation. She is the artist represented by Inno art gallery in 2015.

Throughout her life she has enjoyed traveling in lots of countries. While philosophy and psychology of art inspire I-Chin creative development, her experiences abroad interacting with different cultures, became a new type of inspiration. Combining the two inspirations helps I-Chin understand life in a deeper way through her daily practice of art. She is trying to explore and experiment more ideas to the variety of art forms. I-Chin has participated in exhibitions around Taiwan, United States and Korea. She also has attempted to have experience of artist residency. I-Chin would like to be able to show her work internationally and receive different feedbacks from this world.

I-Chin Liao

Visual Dialogues XXIII