Fun With Recycling series


This summer camp series is postponed indefinitely in accord with Taiwan’s ongoing covid protocols for in-person events. The events will be reinstated with new dates when it is safe to do so.

Event Information


  • 15:00-16:00  for 6-9 year-old kids
  • 16:10-17:10  for 9-12 year-old kids


  • Ball Catching Toy Workshop [POSTPONED]
    • POSTPONED – Storytime/toy conceptualization/group discussion
    • POSTPONED – Toy making session/debrief
  • The Cap Animal Workshop
    • Jul. 17th – Storytime/toy conceptualization/group discussion
    • Jul. 31st – Toy making session/debrief
  • Exhibition Day
    • Aug. 14th – Preparations for exhibition – Curation session/drafting of presentation
    • Aug. 28th – Exhibition day – Toy display/presentation

Event Fees

1,000 NTD/per participant (include two monthly workshop sessions)

COVID-19 Notice:

Until further notice, Red Room will follow all government-recommended protocols for in-person events in order to maintain safe environments for interaction among participants. Furthermore, Red Room events are subject to cancellation based on either government stipulations or the discretion of Red Room or our facilitators.


About this Event


Two workshops each month for children between 6 and 12 years of age

BEducation will be guiding children in using recycled materials to make their own toys. The purpose of this workshop is to help children build awareness on environmental protection and inspire actions they can proactively take in their daily lives to make our world a better place.

The purpose of this workshop series is to teach children about the environment through interesting themes. Utilizing stories, in-depth discussions, project-based learning, and other methods, these workshops will guide children in becoming more aware of environmental issues, while also training their critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and problem solving abilities.

Please note that each participant will need to sign up for both sessions of each workshop they select.  They will not be able to sign up for just 1 week. To qualify for the Exhibition Day on August 28th, each participant must complete both sessions of either the “Ball Catching Toy” or “The Cap Animal” workshop.  During the Exhibition Day, participants will have a chance to display their own creations and share their newfound knowledge on environmental issues with their parents and the public.

Note: The images provided are for reference only.  All toys crafted will vary according to the creativity of each participant.