Mark Caltonhill, June 2012

This month Mark (Malarkey) Caltonhill launched his sonnet challenge at Red Room

the idea is that the audience choose a place, an action and an object, and Mark has an hour (or so) to write a humorous sonnet using those words

they chose:
Timbuktu – trolling – dresser (bureau)


In this age, it’s hard to meet girls in life,
go’in on a date is like Russian roulette,
my last chance to find a potential wife
was probably best through the Internet;
I got invites from women far overseas,
in Sydney, and Moscow, and Timbuktu,
from ladies with all kinds of diseases,
and stories of hardship and bad luck too;
I suffered flaming and trolling and memes,
and people who just told lies for a lark,
finally everything is what it seems,
and I’m invited to 2-28 Park;
Where lines of men dressed as girls from head to toe,
in other words, a cross-dresser boy row.

not great art, but hopefully fun

text copyright Jiyue Publications 2012

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