Words from Ping Chu, Co-founder

I wrote this for the Red Room at the beginning, almost 9 years ago.

“….we discover our similarity….in our infinite ignorance we are all equal…”

These words were and still are the philosophical foundation for me when Ayesha and I co-founded Red Room.

透過沈靜的心和深沈的聆聽,在一個充滿正向以及創造能量的空間裡,我們找到彼此相似地方。偏見與誤解都是來自無 知與恐懼。紅房是一個行動,提醒我們深沈原始人們需要和彼此連接,在無限的無知下我們都是平等。自從 2009 年,紅房成為了我們生活重要一部分,我希望更多的朋友們可以發掘紅房。離開現實世界,關閉手機,深入聆聽,感激與支持其他人,而我們就可以找到我們自己身 處的正向和創意的生態圈,一個快樂可以容易延伸的地方。”

朱平, 紅房創辦人

“Through quiet hearts and deep listening, in a room filled with immense positive and creative energy, we discover our similarity. The biases and misunderstanding come from ignorance and fear. Red Room is a movement, reminding us that the deepest primordial human need is to feel connected and that in our infinite ignorance we are all equal. Since 2009, Red Room has become an important part of our lives and I hope more people will discover Red Room. Leave the virtual world, turn off the phone, listen deeply, appreciate and support each other, and we find ourselves a member of this positive and creative ecosystem, where happiness can be easily attained.”

– Ping Chu, Co-founder, Red Room

This is the new inspiration for 100th Red Room:

“ My mentor, Horst Rechelbacher ( Founder of the Aveda , 1941-2014 ), once told me that attention is the power of the moment.

Paying attention to the here and now is one thing I learned from Horst.

Red Room is built by paying attention. This is why we require everyone in the room to pay attention to the brave soul on the stage. In order to listen, we have to be quiet inside.

This is the essence of the culture of listening for Red Room. “

「我的心靈導師Horst Rechelbacher(肯夢創辦人)曾如此提醒我,跟我說,專注是當下最強的力量。




Ping Chu
Co-founder, Red Room

Words from Ayesha Mehta, Co-founder

“Dear Lovers of Word and Sound, Humble crouching creatures, we are – approaching ourselves tentatively, in some humid hope of being understood. Sweat breaking upon our brows we step, cautious and sweet, hope to be heard.

The Red Room has been, and I hope again, continues to be, the space where I offer my hand to you, and we walk, careful, together. Where you are waiting there at the other end, we can share ourselves, honestly. I am creeping slowly, hoping to find the courage to say hello when I finally do stumble upon myself. Thank you for giving me the courage to see (ah, yes, and listen!).”

Ayesha Mehta, Co-founder, Red Room.

Words from Timothy Nathan Joel

The Red Room.

What is the red room? When is the red room? Who is the red room? Why the red room?
Back then, just over 100 months ago, how to answer these questions became simple
because our minds were being read.

Red Room was conceived
around a table
bottles of wine
pens and paper
a playlist in the background
The coming together of like minds and creative souls

Old friends were aquainted
New friends were made
and the Red Room was born.
A play on words
The subliminal game of truth
for those who do and dare.

It happened just in time
The way things always happen to happen
just at their rightful time.

Its home was found
The clock was set
Doors were unlocked
Hearts were opened
The Red Room had begun
For us and everyone.

November 2009. Taipei City, Taiwan.

Timothy Nathan Joel. English painter and poet.
Red Room Co-founder.