17 April 2016, Sunday Afternoon Open Studio : 2.0

Red Room presents the second of our Sunday Afternoon Open Studio series!!
Sunday, April 17 at 2 PM – 5 PM

The flow of everyone working simultaneously in community spirit weaves beautifully, and we’d like for you to bring anything you’re working on and share in the Red Room space to create together!

Welcome all:
Writers, poets, photographers, painters, sculptors, comedians, filmmakers, juggler, musicians, song-writers, dancers, designers. All artists and creatives welcome! Develop and play with ideas, or utilize this opportunity for second opinions on your work in progresses.

If you won’t be working on something and just want to hangout, please feel free! But we would like to remind you to respect those practicing/working on their art form.

Two arts activities you we will provide this Sunday are:

– Painting abandoned water tanks in neon paint. (Anyone is welcome! Please wear something you don’t mind getting paint on, just in case)

– A 5-minute-portrait sketching activity! (We will provide some pencils and paper, but please bring your own sketchbook if you’d like. Guests will be divided up into groups of 6 or put on rotation)

We will have a PRE-LOVED table set up. People can bring their still-good but cease-to-be-necessary items to donate for members of the community to treasure hunt through (Clothing not accepted, household items only). We want to foster a culture valuing sustainability. Pricing is by donation, and proceeds go to support Red Room.

This is a free event – for you, by you. Which means that the bar and cash register will be closed – so please bring some beverages and snacks to share. Sharing is caring!

Please inbox us to ask if you are uncertain about how appropriate the art form/materials you’d be bringing would be suitable for the shared space. Of course, power tools are discouraged (safety + noise), and fire is not allowed on the premises (sorry, metal-workers!).

Hope to see you there!
Love, Red Room






– 繪畫廢棄水箱用霓虹燈的油漆。 (歡迎任何人!請穿你不介意讓漆弄髒的衣服,以防萬一)

– 5分鐘畫面相的繪畫活動! (我們會提供一些鉛筆和紙,但請帶自己速寫本,如果你願意的話。客人將被分成6組或旋轉交換)


這是一個免費的活動 。酒吧和收銀機將被關閉 – 所以,請帶些飲料和小吃分享。共享是關懷!